Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding Photography Styles – Which style suits you?

There are several directions in wedding photography, which differ in the nature of the shooting, the prevailing color palette, and image processing. So, before you start looking for a photographer, find out which wedding photography styles are right for your couple!

Film or digital? Which Wedding Photography Styles to Choose

The first question to decide before choosing a photographer is whether you want photos on film or on a digital camera? They vary in terms of color, style, and cost, each type of shooting has its pros and cons.

Pros of digital photography

  1. More popular than film, most photographers shoot digital.
  2. You can immediately see the result and, if necessary, reshoot some moment if the photo failed.
  3. Gives better results in low light conditions (at a banquet).
  4. Cost: Generally, shooting on film is more expensive, but the price largely depends on the photographer.

The main advantage of film photography is more natural color reproduction; many people love the film precisely for its unique light, airiness. Therefore, such shooting is ideal for fine art and classic style, for a photoshoot in sunny weather, if you want to get the most natural and tender pictures.

And for all these reasons, present wedding photography trends show their inclination to digital photography. For examples of the latest wedding photography trends, please visit this website.

Pros of digital photography
Wedding Photography Styles


The traditional style of wedding photography is romantic and elegant shots, natural photo processing, emphasis on classic portraits, and exquisite decor. In its mood, classic shooting is calm and elegant, you should not expect bright, emotional shots and any noticeable color correction from it: the colors will be as close to natural as possible, and the newlyweds’ photo session will be more staged.

This style is for you if

  1. You dream of simple but beautiful photographs that will look stylish and elegant even after 20 years.
  2. The style of your wedding is classic, kept in a discreet palette, with an emphasis on lush floristry and elegant table setting.
  3. You are rather restrained in showing emotions and understand that running, jumping and showing some kind of excessive activity in the process of shooting is not for you.


The purpose of reportage shooting is to capture the moment, to show the real emotions and feelings of all the heroes of the day. Features of the reportage: random and very emotional shots, a lot of black and white shots, unexpected angles, play with light and hard shadows. It is important to understand that shots can be very non-standard – for example, strange expressions on the faces of guests, photos in motion, very close-ups, etc.

Wedding Photography Styles

This style is for you if

  1. You are not shy about showing emotions, kissing, hugging, laughing in front of the camera.
  2. You do not like to pose, it seems boring and unnatural to you.
  3. You don’t put much emphasis on the decor; “live” photos from the banquet are more important for you.

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Fine art

Fine art is not just a photograph, it is a real art that combines the tenderness of the moment and beautiful staging. A photographer who shoots in this style is a bit of an artist. And on the one hand, this means that each frame will be like a small work of art, thought out in terms of composition, color palette, and mood, and on the other hand, the style of a professional will be “read” in the photo to a greater extent than the unique style of your couple.

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This style is for you if

  1. You are calm, not very emotional, not used to expressing your emotions vividly.
  2. You are art lovers, and your favorite direction is impressionism.
  3. Beautiful staging and ease of film shots are important to you.
  4. You are not chasing an original concept and, looking at photos from other weddings in this style, you understand that you want just such photos – the same angles, poses, colors.

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Something between classic and reportage. From the classics, this style borrowed attention to detail, from reportage shooting – more direct and “live” shots. The result is a kind of “peeping” effect: no photos where the bride and groom look directly into the camera, and group staged portraits, but you should not expect such brightness and contrast of pictures as in the report.

This style is for you if

  1. Your wedding will take place in a relaxed and easy atmosphere with an emphasis on live communication and without long feasts.
  2. You think that the coolest photos are always random.
  3. You want to spend a cozy morning together.
  4. You do not like to pose and want the wedding photographer to be as invisible as possible.

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Wedding Photography Style

Dark tones

This is not really a shooting style, but rather a photo processing style that combines dark and warm tones, light haze, and a mesmerizing atmosphere. But such shooting requires a well-chosen location, decor in deep, rich colors, and even the right weather. It is impossible to shoot such an atmospheric story in a blooming park on a sunny afternoon.

This style is for you if

  1. You do not strive for naturalness and naturalness of the pictures, but you want the wedding shooting to be as cinematic as possible.
  2. You are planning an evening wedding, and the ceremony will take place at sunset.
  3. You are close to modern boho.
  4. Your wedding color palette is warm, dominated by rich greens, greys, dark browns or beiges.


This is the style of glossy magazines and fashion shoots, which combines sensuality, sexuality, and elegance. Wedding photography in this style implies a “magazine” retouching of portraits, an emphasis on decor, rich tones.

This style is for you if

  1. Your wedding will take place in a trendy hotel in the city, and most of the shooting will be done under artificial lighting.
  2. You love gloss and fashion, you are aware of all the trends and your image will match them as much as possible.
  3. You are not shy about candid and sensual photos.

Street style

A new style of wedding photography that combines the spontaneity of the “lifestyle” and special processing – in darker colors, with high contrast. This is a lively and modern style for couples who don’t want to pose in the truest sense of the word. This is necessarily an urban story, so other people, architecture, taxis can get into the frame. But thanks to this, the rhythm of the city is felt.

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This style is for you if

  1. You are close to the style of “urban chic”.
  2. You are planning an elopement wedding , but your element is not nature, but a metropolis.
  3. You want to save iconic places for your couple in the photo: favorite cafes, streets, establishments.
  4. You want to feel natural in the process of filming – not to pose, but just walk around your favorite city and enjoy communication with your loved one. And you will not be shy to walk in wedding attire among the running crowd.

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We hope now you guys have a clear idea of wedding photography styles. We hope it will help you a lot. If you have any other query, we can definitely help you.

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