Should You Buy Elevator Shoes

Should You Buy Elevator Shoes?

In a world where appearances matter, height has always been associated with confidence, success, and attractiveness. Tall individuals are often perceived as more powerful, commanding attention wherever they go.

Fashion trends are constantly changing. New things come into style that we’ve never seen, while other trends come back around from the past decades to make a more modern debut. Perhaps the most understated fashion statement that has been a constant through trends is the appeal of being tall.

Women have been wearing heels for centuries, as they are looked at as more elegant, proper, and classy with a pair of heels on. What is the men’s equivalent? Elevator shoes! There are so many benefits that come with wearing elevator shoes for men.

Women find taller men more attractive, business associates find taller men more influential, and society accepts taller men more often, whether we want to admit that or not. Aside from the obvious, what are some other benefits of wearing elevator shoes? First, the basics.

What Are Elevator Shoes?

An elevator shoe is a type of shoe with thicker soles to add height to whoever is wearing the shoe. Elevator shoes can also have a raised heel to wear a taller insert. There are many different kinds of styles of elevator shoes, from business loafers to lifestyle, to sneakers.

Elevator shoes are becoming more prevalent in fashion. Celebrities wear them in movies to be taller on screen, and businessmen wear them in the meeting room to be more assertive. Should you invest in wearing elevator shoes? The benefits are as follows.

Noticeable Height Difference

This seems like an obvious benefit, but maybe not as apparent as people may think. Since elevator shoes are discreet, it comes as a surprise when people see how much taller they look when wearing elevator shoes.

People who wear elevator shoes demonstrate a significant height difference from their original height, making it worth the investment. Height is a valued trait in today’s society, and elevator shoes are the solution. With these shoes, you get the benefit of comfort and increased height without being so obvious. 

Improved Health Benefits

Wearing elevator shoes does not just increase your height, but also improves a lot of health benefits you never considered. The first health benefit is that the shoes improve posture and alignment of your spine.

Aligning your spine with better posture will also relieve back pain and alleviate pressure on unwanted areas. Wearing elevator shoes also helps with balance and flexibility in your feet. By default, this can help with scoliosis and flat feet. 

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More Comfort

Elevator shoes are a lot more comfortable than you might think. Contrary to the high arches of high heels, elevator shoes have a platformed surface rather than arches to give the allusion to a taller appearance. This means you are still walking on the full soles of your feet rather than just your toes. It’s basically like walking in regular shoes, just with the added height! 

Sticking to the theme of improved health benefits and comfortability, elevator shoes are good for walking long distances or standing for a long period of time. The platformed shoes offer relief of pressure on your feet and legs, making distance and time not a threat anymore. Some elevator shoes are even designed for running and hiking! 

Fashionable and Affordable

Elevator shoes are made well and offered at an affordable price. You would be surprised at how many brands offer elevator shoes at a competitive price range.

Since these shoes are made to last, elevator shoes will last a long period of time, making them a good investment on top of an affordable price. Elevator shoes also do not need any special care to keep them lasting for a long time. Just treat them like regular shoes. 

As stated before, elevator shoes are made for all different kinds of purposes like running or lifestyle shoes. Functionality is important when buying shoes, but style is equally as important when picking out the perfect pair of shoes.

Being able to feel confident significantly relates to how we feel and how we look. If you feel confident wearing elevator shoes, they are already performing their magic. With a wide range of styles, uniques designs, and brands to choose from, you can easily find a pair that is fashionable and suits your taste. 

Elevator shoes are perfect for anyone wanting a confidence boost with increased height. Not only do elevator shoes help boost your appearance, but they also provide plenty of health benefits to the wearer.

Elevator shoes are increasingly becoming more popular in today’s society, and have been flourishing in the fashion world in recent years. With so many new designs and options being made available, finding an attractive pair of elevator shoes is no longer the hassle it used to be.