Shaheen Shah Afridi’s Wife, Ansha Afridi: Biography, Remarriage, Career, Appearance, Age, Hobby!

Shaheen Shah Afridi is married to Ansha Afridi, a famous Pakistani person best known as the daughter of former cricket player Shahid Afridi. Ansha is a medical graduate student with a degree from a well-known university. They are a newly married couple but do not have a child yet. 

As her father, Shahid Afridi, and husband, Shaheen Shah, are famous cricketers, people now want to know about Ansha Afridi, who has married her husband, Shaheen, for the second time. Therefore, we will discuss Shaheen’s wife, biography, remarriage, career, appearance, age, and hobby today. Let us get into it! 

Shaheen Shah’s Wife, Ansha’s Biography

Full NameAnsha Afridi
Date of Birth6th December 2002
Birth PlaceKarachi, Pakistan
SpouseShaheen Shah Afridi
Source of IncomePublic Speaker, Social Activist
Social Media PresenceFacebook
Net WorthUnder Review

Shaheen Afridi’s wife, Ansha Aridi, is the 2nd eldest daughter of retired Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi and Nadia Afridi, born on 6th December 2002 and grew up in Karachi. She is from a Muslim family and holds the Pakistani nationality. She completed her school in Pakistan and then went to the UK to pursue her higher education in medical science.

On the other hand, she is frequently spotted cheering on her husband, her father, and the Pakistani national cricket team at various cricket events.

Shaheen Shah’s Remarriage With His Wife, Ansha Afridi

The news about Shaheen Afridi’s second marriage with his wife has quickly spread over the Internet. After hearing about his second wedding, many people who like and follow the Pakistani bowler are interested in his personal life.

According to some news sources, Shaheen Afridi married his wife, Ansha Afridi, again on September 19, 2023. It was again the same place, Karachi, where Shaheen Shah Afridi and his wife Ansha Afridi married.

Shaheen and Ansha’s wedding party was in Islamabad with many guests on September 21, 2023. 

But, earlier, they got married using methods from the Afridi tribe.

Shaheen Shah’s Wife, Ansha’s Career

Annsha is known for her family ties, but she has made a name for herself as a sports reporter. In 2019, she became a sportswriter and began writing stories and reports for cricket matches with her unique style. Her new writing style and sharp insights have helped her gain the respect and love of the readers.

Besides this, being a medical student, she is working to improve people’s lives through an NGO that she promoted named the Shahid Afridi Foundation. 

Shaheen Shah’s Wife, Ansha’s Appearance

She is a pretty lady with 5 feet 5 inches in height and a perfect weight of 55kg. Do you know what makes her much prettier? Well, that’s her light brown eye color and blonde hair, which increases the beauty of her fair skin color.

Height5 feet 5 inches
Eye ColorLight Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
Skin ColorFair

Shaheen’s Wife, Ansha’s Age

As of 2023, Shaheen’s wife, Ansha Afridi, will be 21 on 6th December.  

Shaheen’s Wife, Ansha’s Hobby, And Favorite Things To Do

Ansha loves to spend quality time with her family and always stays with and supports her father and husband in the games. Besides this, she is a foodie who loves eating Biriyani and Vegetable Curry!

HobbySpend Time With Family
Loves To DoSupports Her Father And Husband
Favorite FoodBiriyani And Vegetable Curry

FAQs About Shaheen Shah’s Wife, Ansha Afridi

What Does Shaheen Shah’s Wife Do?

Shaheen’s wife, Ansha, is a sports reporter and speaker for improving people’s lives.

Why Did Shaheen Shah Marry His Wife, Ansha, For The Second Time?

They both married for the second time, as their first marriage was done as per the Afiridi Tribal rituals.

How Old Is Shaheen Shah’s Wife?

Shaheen Shah’s wife, Ansha Afridi, will be 21 this year on 6th December.

Conclusion: Shaheen Shah Afridi’s Wife, Ansha Afridi

I hope you liked reading this article about Shaheen Afridi’s beautiful wife, Ansha Afridi, and got to know her better.

Ansha is an essential part of the Afridi family, even though she is not as well-known as her husband or father. She prefers to avoid the media limelight but is always there for her family and friends and supports people through her NGO.