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Pawn Stars Chumlee Wife: Net Worth, Bio, Social Profile, Relationship & Controversies!!

Austin Lee Russell AKA Chumlee Russell is an American businessman & reality TV show star who’s now 41 years old. He starred in a reality TV show called “Pawn Stars” which was telecasted on the History Channel. Chumlee is the stage name that he got from this reality show and later on he became well-known to people as Chumlee.

Chumlee got married to his girlfriend Olivia Radmann in 2019 and in this article, we’re going to unveil more info on Olivia. Olivia Rademann has a net worth of $1 million whereas her husband Chumlee has a net worth of $5 million. In 2020, she got indulged in a controversy when she and Chumlee both started showing signs of splitting. Let’s dig deep into Olivia’s bio and other details.

Overview Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife

Full NameOlivia Rademann
Date Of BirthLate 1990s
Place Of Birth USA
Years Active Unknown 
OccupationsFutures Day Trader, Photographer
Nationality American
Net Worth $1M

Pawn Star Chumlee Wife Personal Info:

Chumlee’s wife, Olivia Rademann is currently a university student who’s really focused on her studies. Olivia is known as a celebrity wife but she’s not that big of a celebrity herself therefore there’s not much information available on her personal life but here’s some detailed personal info about Olivia Rademann that we could gather-

Pawn Star Chumlee Wife Personal Info
Pawn Star Chumlee Wife Personal Info
Sun SignUnknown
AgeEarly 20s
Current Residence Nevada, Las Vegas
Religion Christian
Sexual Orientation Straight
Siblings Unknown
Marital status Married

Physical Appearance Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife:

Olivia Rademann has a very attractive appearance that can surely leave anyone in awestruck. Beside being a student, She also works as an influencer on Instagram and she promotes bikini brands on her Instagram profile. Here are some details on her physical appearance –

Height5 feet 3 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Waist SizeUnknown 
Hair Color Blonde
Body Measurements Unknown 

Online Presence Details Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife:

Olivia Rademann is known to many people as Chumlee’s wife and they are very much interested in knowing about her day to day life and they can do so by following her on her social media profiles. Olivia is known to be active on her social media handles. You can follow her on – Instagram (9k followers) , and  X (Twitter).

Early Life Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife:

Olivia didn’t come out in the limelight until she started dating famous reality show cast Austin Russell AKA Chumlee. In 2016, when Chumlee started dating her was when people started to pay attention to her and her personal life. But unlike Chumlee, Olivia successfully kept her personal life out of the public’s eye. Information about Olivia’s early life was ever disclosed by Olivia as a result, we don’t know anything about her life before marrying Chumlee.

Olivia was brought up in the USA along with her siblings. She was a studious girl from a very young age. She’s currently studying hard at university and also has started her eyelash business on an online platform. Although we know very little about Olivia’s childhood, one thing that we can estimate is that she was a very dedicated and optimistic child.

Education Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife:

Olivia completed her high school degree in Las Vegas. Currently she’s a student of University Of Nevada, Las Vegas and she’s planning on obtaining her degree with high scores. She’s determined to complete her education and settle a fruitful career for her.

Early Life Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife
Early Life Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife

Family Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife:

Olivia Rademann never talked about her parents or siblings in public or posted any picture with them. So it’s needless to say that details about Olivia’s family is something we don’t know about. 

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Career History Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife:

As Olivia is still a running university student, she doesn’t have any well set profession or career as of now. She’s giving her full energy into completing her degree and her total focus is in studies. However, she’s using the fame of being a celebrity wife by marketing bikinis on her Instagram and earning as well. She has also announced that she’s soon going to display her eyelash collection and increase her financial wealth through the business.

On the contrary, her husband Chumlee works at a golden and silver pawn shop. Chumlee got casted in the reality show of History Channel for being a pawn shop worker. Later, he also got known as an actor.

Relationship History Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife:

Olivia is married to Chumlee Russell whom she first met in 2013. However they started dating in the year 2016 and until then they were each other’s friend. Despite being 10 years younger than her husband, Olivia Rademann seems to have a very strong connection with Chumlee. 

This couple got engaged in 2018 and their engagement party was held in The D Casino & Hotel Detroit’s Ballroom. It is believed that Chumlee proposed to Olivia with a 1.5 carat diamond ring. They were supposed to get married in 2019 but there wasn’t any update regarding their marriage ceremony.

Controversies Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife:

As Olivia isn’t a celebrity herself she’s rather known as a celebrity wife, she don’t have any public controversies that surrounded solely around her but in 2020 when Chumlee and Olivia Rademann both deleted each other’s pictures from their respective social media accounts, people started to spread the rumor that they both might have been splitted. Although there was no public confirmation on this topic from either of them, people believe that this couple got separated for good.

Controversies Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife
Controversies Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife

Business/Income Stream Of Pawn Star Chumlee’s Wife:

Olivia Rademan doesn’t have a fixed job yet as she’s a student but she’s earning her well-being by marketing bikinis on Instagram and she’s also about to start her eyelash line. But the exact amount of her income is unknown. On the contrary, her husband, Chumlee is earning $25,000 per episode for his work in the History Channel show and he has a net worth of $5 million.

Conclusion: Pawn Star Chumlee Wife!!

People often opt for exploring everything about their favorite celebrity and their family members. Knowing all the details about their beloved public figure lets them have a better perspective of their favorite celebrity. So if you’re a fan of the famous cast member of History Channel’s show Chumlee, then I hope you loved to read all about his wife Olivia Rademann.