Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ex-Wife, Clarisse Mouratoglou

Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ex-Wife, Clarisse Mouratoglou: Biography, Career, Net Worth, Age, Children!

Patrick Mouratoglou, a French tennis coach, was married to Clarisse Mouratoglou, a French businessman and philanthropist who started and runs the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. They have two daughters together. However, they have not been together since 2012 and moved on with their lives. She has earned a net worth of $1 million.

People are interested in learning about the famous tennis player Patrick Mouratoglou’s wife and her details, which have all been covered in this article. So, if you are eager to know everything, stay till the end of this piece.

Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ex-Wife, Clarisse Mouratoglou

Patrick Mouratoglou is a French tennis coach who was married to Clarisse Mouratoglou, born as Clarisse Baux, who works as an interior designer.

Patrick also started the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, Europe’s most prominent tennis teaching school. After his retirement from tennis, she has been working as a coach.

Unfortunately, in 2012, Clarisse and Patrick split up. There was a rumor that Patrick was in a relationship with famous tennis player Serena Williams, which is why they broke up. However, Clarisse is loving being single right now. 

Surprisingly, she kept working with her ex-husband’s business and the tennis school he owned after they got divorced.

Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ex-Wife, Clarisse Mouratoglou’s Biography

Clarisse Mouratoglou was born in 1973, but her birth date and month are still unknown. She was born in France in the family of Jaque Baux and Michelle Junique. Though she is now divorced, she was famous for her former husband, Patrick. 

Clarisse completed her degree in International Business from the EDHEC Business School in 1996.

Full NameClarisse Mouratoglou
ProfessionInterior designer
Known AsThe ex-wife of famous Tennis Coach Patrick Mouratoglou
Age51 years old
Date of Birth1973
Estimated Net Worth$1 million
FatherJaque Baux
MotherMichelle Junique

Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ex-Wife, Clarisse Mouratoglou’s Career

After completing Clarisse’s degree in International Business for Clarisse from the EDHEC Business School in 1996, she was an account manager in 1997 at the sports marketing firm IMG for four years. Then, in 2001, Clarisse and her tennis coach husband, Patrick Mouratoglou, opened the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in Sophia Antipolis, France. 

Clarisse started the Champagney Foundation in 2008, a charity that helps poor kids by giving them sports and school programs, and in 2012, Clarisse and Patrick Mouratoglou began the Tennis Pro Academy. This program provides training and tools for people who want to become tennis coaches. 

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However, Clarisse Mouratoglou’s work with the Champagney Foundation and the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy is essential to education and sports. Many people in the sports world know and admire her for wanting to help young people reach their full potential. 

Moreover, along with her charitable work, Clarisse is also a great businesswoman who has helped make the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy a top-notch place for tennis players worldwide to train.

Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ex-Wife, Clarisse Mouratoglou’s Net Worth

Clarisse Mouratoglou has an estimated net worth of $1 million, but it is known that her former husband, Patrick Mouratoglou, has a net worth of $5 million.

Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ex-Wife, Clarisse Mouratoglou’s Age

Patrick Mouratoglou’s ex-wife, Clarisse Mouratoglou, was born in 1973, which makes her 51 years old as of 2024. Though we know her birth year, we could not find the exact date and month. 

Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ex-Wife, Clarisse Mouratoglou’s Children

Clarisse Mouratoglou and her ex-husband, Patrick Mouratoglou, have two children, Charlotte and Juliette. Their eldest daughter was born in 2001, and their youngest, Juliette, was born in 2003.

Patrick Mouratoglou’s Current Wife, Ada Obilu

Patrick Mouratoglou is married to Ada Obilu after his divorce from Clarisse Baux. He immediately starts dating Ada, and as Ada does not want to be in the spotlight, not much is known about her. Ada, who is younger than her husband, is from Nigeria.

Patrick Mouratoglou’s Current Wife, Ada Obilu’s Children

Partick and Ada Obilu have two beautiful children. Their first daughter was born on September 13, 2016, and their second daughter was born on June 20, 2019.

FAQs About Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ex-Wife

Who Is Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ex-Wife?

Patrick Mouratoglou’s ex-wife was Clarisse Mouratoglou.

What Is The Age Of Clarisse Mouratoglou?

Clarisse will be 51 years old in 2024.

Does Patrick Mouratoglou And Clarisse Have Any Children?

Wrapping Up: Patrick Mouratoglou’s Ex-Wife

Patrick Mouratoglou, a famous tennis coach, used to be married to Clarisse Mouratoglou, with whom he has two children. However, Clarisse is not dating anyone and is not active on any social media sites. 

We have tried to cover up available and updated information, so we hope we have satisfied your search results.