Pamper Yourself In Bratislava With Best Shopping Places And Authentic Outlets

Bratislava, the capital and largest Slovakian city is home to large shopping centres, malls, designer shops small antique dealers, and shops that sell local folk art.

Most of the shops are open on Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm. Large departmental stores and Bratislava shopping malls stay open till 9 pm and some remain open on Sundays. During the tourist season, most prominent shops remain open on weekends also.

Shopping centres

The main shopping street in Bratislava is Obchodna which remains lively and popular with tourists. There are shopping centres with traditional Slovakian crafts, fashionable clothing stores, jewellery, and perfumery salons.

In addition to the popular and branded garment stores, you will also find many interesting souvenir shops and a large number of restaurants and cafes to suit your taste buds.

You cannot afford to miss the Nivy shopping centre in Bratislava located at the Mlynske Nivy street, in the Ruzinov suburbs. It has some of the latest branded retail stores, cafes, amazing dining outlets, and a marketplace that is built in Barcelona style where you can savour different kinds of street foods and seasonal stalls throughout the year.

Visit the Polus City Centre on Vajnorska Street for the latest fashionable garments.

Mileticova’s market is worth mentioning among the urban markets in Bratislava where garments, bags, and swimwear begin at just 10 Euros. Chic dresses for women are available at 20 Euros.

Local centres

If you are not keen on visiting the Bratislava shopping malls then visit the Eurovea Galleria, a popular trading centre which is near the Old Town. Though it is small, you will get shops selling all European brands at affordable rates.

For modern clothes and shoes, head straight to the Tesco complex located on the central street. You will get quality household goods at affordable prices, clothing, and a popular supermarket.

Taste the excellent Czech beer and buy the popular Czech Becherovka drink, clothes, and shoes at huge discounts.

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The market for original gifts and souvenirs

Visit old Town for buying local Slovakian folk art, traditional pottery, and woodcarving from all over Slovakia. You can buy traditional and authentic locally made jewellery, Slovak wines, spirits, tokens, and cheese from the many local shops located here.

Visiting the flea market located in the territory of Devin Castle will offer you a huge choice of antique pieces, luxurious paintings, statuettes, and various collectibles. There are many counters with classic souvenir items. Vintage jewellery is again a specialty of this market.

If you are interested in artwork and wish to carry it with you from Slovakia then visit the Dielo store. It has the best collection of unique antique paintings. Although the prices are high, they are carefully selected for the best collections.

The Slovakian city has options for even those who are running on a budget. Visit the 70 years old chain of ULUV stores that sells souvenirs for every taste and budget ranging from classic magnets, tiny figurines, handmade chic jewellery, and men’s jewellery.

If you can spend more, you can pick exquisite hand-sewn Slovakian national costumes and luxury ceramics.