Oranum Psychics Review

Oranum Psychics Review [Everything You Need To Know in 2023!]

Need help? 

You’ve always had a successful method of solving issues. Usually, you talk about the problem with a person you trust and consider your options before making a decision on the next course of action. But this particular issue isn’t going to end up causing you to feel. 

You’re worried. Maybe a psychic might be able to help, you think.

Perhaps you have heard from a co-worker that her life had improved after meeting a psychic expert. Do you think her claims are real? You’d like to know the truth, and as most people would, the best option is to do an online psychic reading at a well-known website.

It is important to make this as discrete as you can. If you conduct a search online, Oranum is among the top websites that show up.

Oranum is focused on creating a real connection between psychics and customers through their psychic readings.

Have you come across a lucrative marketing strategy on a fraudulent site? Are you sure that Oranum offers genuine psychic readings or perhaps more deep spiritual advice?

We have every drop of hot tea in our unbiased Oranum psychics review.

What is Oranum

Oranum is a social network for spirituality that lets users communicate with psychics and spiritual advisers from their homes. It has a huge variety of psychics who are accessible through live video chats or traditional chat rooms. Users can filter psychics and locate someone with experience in many different areas.

Oranum provides new members with a welcome package that includes $9.99 credits free to be used for calls or chats with psychics. The website is available in 19 different languages and boasts numerous multi-lingual psychics, making Oranum one of the best psychic service providers across the world.

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Feature of Oranum

Psychic Selection Pool

Oranum has a rigorous screening process to select the psychics who are featured on its website. Before they can offer the services they offer on Oranum, psychics go through an extensive test process and are then able to provide readings. But, just like any other psychic or clairvoyant service, clients must take their time about which psychic to contact.

If you’re having trouble picking a psychic who’s best suited to your needs, Oranum lists the Top 100 Live Psychics on the right-hand side of their website. The ranking is made by actual customers and gives you the top of the most effective psychics Oranum can offer. 

When you click on a psychic’s picture, you’ll be directed to their profile page, which gives more information about their qualifications as well as reviews from former clients.

After you’ve picked the psychic you want to work with and have completed the reading, you are able to help others by writing a positive review about the psychic you went to which will help to increase their standing in the eyes of Oranum users.

Method of Communication

One of the most important aspects that separates Oranum from its competitors is its live psychic readings. On the ‘Live Psychics’ page, which is located by clicking on the toolbar on top, You’ll find a huge listing of psychics who are in real-time via video chat.

It is easy to chat with any one of them using the webcam on your computer to engage in an actual face-to-face chat. If you don’t have a camera, you can use your computer’s microphone to engage in a conversation live with the psychic you want to talk to.

Through video calls, customers can see live readings for free or invite psychics to a private chat in which users can inquire about their readings or seek advice. There’s a chatroom at the side of the page where users and psychics can chat.

Because they heavily rely upon video chat, Oranum is one of the few psychic reading sites that do not provide readings via telephone. If you’re not comfortable using a video chat and prefer a call, you’re better off contacting any of our top psychic websites.

Confidentiality & Security

Before you get your reading, you may speak to your psychic over video chat so that you can be more familiar and at ease with them before purchasing an appointment. The readings are protected and private.

Prices are based on the psychic you select. Prices vary between psychics, so ensure you know the cost per minute prior to signing your card. Sometimes, Oranum will offer seasonal sales. 

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If you’re unhappy with your reading experience, you can reach customer support anytime during the day by live chat, phone, or email. You could receive credit for a subsequent reading at their discretion.

Customer Support

There is always support from the customer on Oranum because it allows you to connect to the customer support staff through chat, email, or the number you have chosen to call. Although the site offers readings in a variety of languages, it is important to remember that the Oranum customer support team provides assistance only in English.

Additionally, you can find an extensive FAQ section. It covers the most frequently asked problems that you may encounter while using the website. Personally, I found it generally helpful and simple to comprehend. 

I attempted the live chat service for myself and received an answer within two minutes. Then, I tried to reach the customer support team three times. They responded to me within three minutes on each occasion, and that is very remarkable.

Oranum Pros & Cons

A trial for free only for signing upA sloppy screening process
Chat with psychics online free through chat roomsThe website may be a bit difficult to navigate 
A vast selection of psychics to pick fromIt is only possible to purchase blocks of credit, not to minutes per minute
Accessible all in a variety of languages
Connect with psychics on the internet at any time


Oranum is among the most affordable sites. But the cost you pay will depend on the psychic advisor you choose to use for your reading. For access to this site, you will need to buy Coins that can be used to pay for numerous services, including live video readings or live streams with psychics. To do this, you need to create an account on the website.

Oranum only accepts debit and credit cards. It does not accept PayPal cryptocurrency, bitcoin, etc. But you can get 10,000 coins for free credits, which is roughly $10 when you verify your debit or credit card. Then, you are able to purchase additional Coins to use towards Oranum’s products.

Pricing StructuresBundle PackagesBundle CostsWelcome Discount
Price per minute, starting at $0.39YesCoin packages from $28-$98$10 worth of coins when signing up


Is Oranum Worth It?

By and large, yes. Oranum is a top psychic reading site that gives a wide range of reading and a number of readers. It is among the few websites for psychic reading that offers video chat and free live chat rooms for its users. 

The site is highly user-friendly, interactive, and suitable for people who love live chats with friends. Users also have the opportunity to meet their followers by posting selfies, photos, and story reels on social media sites.

Is There a Mobile App? 

Oranum used to have an application for mobile that was accessible on iOS and Android. However, it’s no longer available by either operating system. Oranum was determined to “provide the best possible service a streaming platform can,” and since the mobile application was not able to accommodate streaming features.

The positive thing is that Oranum is currently working on a new application to be released for iOS and Android, but they’ve not announced a release date. However, the attractive and well-designed website makes up for the lack of an application. The information on the website is easy to find and understand on both desktops and mobiles and makes navigation easy.

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Is Oranum Safe? 

Yes, Oranum is a safe psychic network in a variety of ways. First, the security of your personal data is their main concern.

Oranum is in compliance with the applicable national and international lawful data protection regulations when collecting, storing, and disseminating information. The site also offers secure private readings that are backed by amazing psychic mediums.

Does Oranum offer horoscopes?

Yes, Oranum offers horoscopes. Oranum has a separate section that is updated every week.

The gifted psychics on Oranum will connect with your soul and offer answers to your queries.

Additionally, the extensive list of advisors allows it to offer a wide range of services, including readings for love and relationships, financial and career advice, and dreams analysis.

What’s the process for becoming a reader?

Anyone is able to offer readers’ services (Oranum refers to them as Broadcasters). There doesn’t appear to be any method to check the psychic abilities of any individual. Potential readers must prove their identity before signing up with Oranum. 

Do Oranum psychics work for the company?

No. Oranum is basically an online streaming platform that serves as a mediator between readers and users who are all independent contractors.

What types of readings does Oranum offer?

There are numerous types of readings at Oranum. The filters near the bottom of the homepage will allow you to determine which readers are the most suitable for you. You can choose a type of reading, such as numerology, tarot, or Astrology. You can sort psychics by subject, such as love, career families, love, or even pets.

How Oranum Compares to Other Online Psychic Sites

Oranum is most likely to be the cheapest service on the market that offers readings beginning at $0.39 for a minute. There is no other psychic reading website that can compete with Oranum in this respect.

Readings can be accessed through video chat, phone chat, or email. Most other services provide only two or three choices. The special offer offered by Oranum for new customers is unique. You will receive $9.99 in credits for free after confirming your credit card, which you are able to use as you’d like.

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What payment methods are available? 

You can use the following payment methods on Oranum; 
Master Card 
Diners Club International


We hope you got the helpful info from our honest oranum review 2023. All in all, Oranum is a great site to obtain insight from. There are psychics from all over the world working in several languages. Each adviser has their own board on which they can share information, show their talents, and engage with their followers. Oranum also provides the social media website and gives an intimate feel to psychics.

Additionally, you can connect with psychics using the Oranum app and chat with them. Oranum can help you establish a level of confidence before you go ahead with a psychic reading. With  free credits, there’s really no reason to overlook Oranum.

Take a look at the psychics suggested in this review of Oranum and try them out for yourself.