Limit Your Carbon Footprint As A Company

10 Ways to Limit Your Carbon Footprint As A Company

With global warming, pollution, and natural resource depletion, environmental efforts have never been more important. More and more businesses are rethinking their processes and the environmental impact they have.

Whether you’re looking for ways to make your business work or simple ideas to make your business greener, here are ten simple and easy tips to add to your company’s culture.

Opt for carbon credit

The Kyoto Protocol signatory countries established the carbon credit method to assist them in meeting their commitments to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Through a credit system, a country’s government can thus decide to impose a limit on the GHGs emitted by the most polluting companies.

If a company is able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions below the government’s limit, it can sell the remaining carbon credits.

In contrast, the most polluting company that does not reduce its emissions sufficiently will be forced to purchase credits to compensate. In short, companies that emit less pollution compensate for those that emit more.

Improve your recycling practices

The first step in reducing your company’s footprint is to install dedicated recycling garbage cans in your office. Ensure that everything is clearly labeled and that your employees are well-informed.

While reducing waste may appear to be simple and natural, knowing what can and cannot be recycled or composted is not always easy.

Turn off any appliances that are not in use

At the end of the day, computers and monitors should be turned off, phone chargers unplugged, and lights turned off too.

Setting devices to turn off after an extended period of inactivity is one solution to forgetfulness. Computers and monitors will not be left on overnight this way.

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Reduce printing, Use online services to reduce your printing

Document scanning and electronic sharing via servers or email reduce paper waste. If you must print, change your automatic settings to black and white and choose two-sided printing. For those prints you can’t live without, using recycled paper is a good compromise.

Consider alternative modes of transportation

Consider ways to reduce your employees’ reliance on automobiles. Introducing a day when employees bike to work can be a fantastic initiative.

Taking public transportation, such as the bus, subway, or carpooling, are an excellent alternative for those who live too far away.

It might be a good idea to provide transportation discounts so that your employees develop the habit of not driving all the time.

Flex offices and working from home is a good way to reduce the global carbon footprint!

Add some plants to your office

Plants can be used to decorate your office. Aside from their aesthetic value, plants can absorb air and emit oxygen into the atmosphere. More than that, it is a great symbol for you and your employees to see that the company is becoming greener.

Provide a kitchen area

Having a kitchen, complete with utensils, plates, and cups, aids in the reduction of plastic packaging. A simple microwave encourages employees to bring their own food from home rather than purchasing pre-packaged dishes.

Minimize packaging

Any effort to reduce the amount of packaging used in shipping and delivery will not only benefit the environment but will also save the company money. A simple phone call to your suppliers can help you cut down on the amount of plastic and polystyrene packaging in your deliveries.

Educate and empower your employees

Ultimately, it will be up to your staff to make an effort on the majority of these points. Make sure your employees are well-informed in your company’s responsible policies and practices.

Signs, meetings, and seminars are all excellent ways to make employees aware that they are strongly encouraged to follow these measures.

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Collaborate with other green businesses

You are not the only company seeking to improve its environmental practices.

Finding other local businesses with similar green goals, as well as joining online networks, can provide an excellent opportunity to discuss strategies and identify potential collaborations and resource-sharing opportunities.