How Japan Developed Its Rich History with Gaming

How Japan Developed Its Rich History with Gaming

Japan has been responsible for some of the biggest gaming franchises in the whole world. Both Sony and Nintendo came from Japan, as well as Sega.

They have been massively influential, and it has contributed massively to their economy, especially during the boom of the 80s.

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Arcade Game to Consoles

Gaming started to come out of Japan in 1973 with the first arcade game, Astro Race, being released. In 1978 Space Invaders came to market, and this was an instant hit.

They also developed Donkey Kong and Pac-Man that year, both of which have become some of the most iconic games ever released.

Such is the impact on the industry that Blake J Harris, a video gaming industry expert, was once quoted as saying, “without the contributions of Japan, we wouldn’t have a video gaming industry”.

They also played their part in consoles when Nintendo released the first entertainment system in 1983. Sega released its first offering, the SG-1000, in the same year.

In 1988 Sega Genesis was born in 1990, and the Super Nintendo hit the shelves. Finally, the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation were both introduced in 1994.

Such was the popularity of the Japanese video gaming market that in 2002 it’s held about 50% of the industry’s worth.

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Booming 80s

The biggest explosion of gaming from Japan was definitely seen in the 80s. Everything started to gain in popularity, and such was the demand that their employment figures were at an all-time high, and there was virtually no unemployment in the country.

It’s had a very positive impact on the economy, and this era was dubbed the golden age of video games. Even when Japan did not create the game, but it was developed in the West, their influence was clear to see.

Dragon Ball Z and Tekken have a massive Japanese influence. However, shortly after this, things went wrong with companies taking too much time to develop new games, and the offerings they brought to market did not appeal to the global audience.

During the 90s, gaming in Japan was not as profitable and is considered five years behind everyone else. Their market share reduced, dropping off to a displeasing 10% of the gaming industry’s worth by about 2010.

Some of the difference was thought to be down to player preferences, with a lot of Japanese players finding appeal in strongly influenced Japanese games that did not catch on in the West.

However, things boomed in 2016 when Pokémon GO was released. It is one of the earliest examples of augmented reality and created a nostalgic resurgence of many of the older Pokémon titles such as Pokémon sun and moon.

It seemed to propel Japan back to its former glory, and both Apocalypse and World of Final Fantasy were released in the same year and flew off the shelves.

Modern Gaming

In most recent history, online casinos have become popular in Japan as these are not strictly prohibited. As long as players stick to a trustful casino, they can enjoy all the benefits of online gaming.

You will also see some Japanese influence in some casino games, for example, Sushi slots. In 2017 they were also responsible for Gravity Rush 2, Persona 5, and Yakuza 0, all of which were award-winning and incredibly popular in both Japan and across the rest of the world.

Now, Japanese game developers are putting a lot of time and resources into virtual reality gaming and mobile phone gaming, as these are the next two significant areas of development.

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There is little doubt that Japan will continue to be influential in the gaming industry and add to its rich history for some time to come.