How to Use Keywords to Find Dropshipping Products in TikTok's Ad Library

How to Use Keywords to Find Dropshipping Products in TikTok’s Ad Library


TikTok ads library can be an ocean of ads. Finding relevant dropshipping products takes forever scrolling randomly. But with the right keywords, you can filter the ad library to surface dropshipping product ads quickly.

In this post, I’ll share the top keywords for identifying dropshipped products on TikTok. I’ll also reveal my number one performing niche keyword that uncovers hidden gems. Let’s get started!

Accessing TikTok Ad Library

First, go to TikTok’s ad library at I’ll link it below.

When you open it, don’t filter by objective or country. More data gives more options and prevents missing products.

Keyword #1: Free Shipping

“Free shipping” is a generic dropshipping keyword used widely. Searching this displays many product ads touting free shipping.

The text style and offers are distinctly different from branded company ads. This filters out irrelevant ads.

Keyword #2: 40% Off

Dropshippers leverage scarcity discounts like “40% off” year-round. Real brands reserve huge sales for holidays.

Try searches like “20% off”, “30% off”, or “50% off” too. Different percentages bring up new products.

Keyword #3: Get Yours Now

The urgent call-to-action “Get yours now!” is common in dropshipping ads. This phrasefilters to relevant product ads.

Scarcity demand generation tactics are core strategies for dropshipped merchandise.

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Keyword #4: Buy Now

“Buy now” is another generic dropshipping slogan. It signals impulse purchase behavior, perfect for lower priced items.

This keyword surfaces even more potential products in the ad library to analyze.

Keyword #5: Amazon Finds

Searching for “Amazon finds” displays products labeled as sourced from Amazon. Many are likely dropshipped from China.

While not all are from Amazon, branding something as an “Amazon find” is a known dropshipping tactic.

Keyword #6: Take My Money

This niche keyword has uncovered unique golden nuggets for me. Products begging you to “take my money!” are highly engaging.

The urgency conveys strong value. And the videos seem to be unbranded, making them reusable.


In summary, using targeted keywords filters TikTok’s ad library to quickly reveal relevant dropshipping products. This saves endless scrolling through irrelevant ads.

For me, “take my money” consistently surfaces fresh, high-performing products and ad video creatives. Test these keywords and find your own magic dropshipping research term!


Should I target a specific country in TikTok’s ad library?

I recommend not filtering by country to get more data and product options. But you can select a country to focus on if preferred.

How often should I search for new dropshipping products?

I’d suggest searching daily or every other day for latest trends and untapped products before they become oversaturated.

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What makes a product a good dropshipping item from the ad library?

Look for engaging videos, urgent call-to-actions, and unique products that solve problems creatively. Those indicate high buyer interest and demand.

Can I legally reuse TikTok ad videos found through these keywords?

Exercise caution reusing any content. Some videos may be unbranded and reusable or editable, but verify first to avoid legal issues.

Do these tactics work for e-commerce platforms besides TikTok?

The specific keywords would be different, but the concept of filtering by phrases common in that niche applies to any platform.