Cracking The Code: Strategies For Boosting Your YouTube Comment Game

Cracking The Code: Strategies For Boosting Your YouTube Comment Game

YouTube is one of the most used applications in the digital world. Millions of people want to start their journey on YouTube with the hope of becoming successful. Content creation plays a big role when it comes to YouTube, the more you invest in it more you will gain from it.

The key factor to attract subscribers on YouTube is to make interesting videos. If you stay consistent with your niche and target the right audience, then nothing can stop you from boosting your game on YouTube.

You have to build connections by interacting with the YouTube community. Try to reflect on YouTube comments as it is the most powerful way of making a relationship with your audience or followers. It also helps in increasing visibility and making your presence stronger on YouTube. In this article, we will explore strategies to boost up the YouTube comment game and how it has a positive effect on the channel.

  • Strategies To Gain More Comments
  • Be Responsive To Comments

Comments play a vital role in spreading your videos to a wider audience. YouTube algorithm is a process that pushes videos with a higher number of comments to more people. No matter how busy or successful a YouTuber you become, you have to take some time to reply to comments under your YouTube videos. When you comment under your videos and try to engage with them, you will attract more people to comment. Try to use a friendly tone with them so that they feel like a family.

  • Plan a Q/A session To Answer Comments

It is the most fun and interesting way of interacting with the audience. What you can do is tell them to ask you questions regarding your content or interest and plan a whole new video to answer all of those questions. You can also go live to answer them but in case you want to upload a video, you can screenshot those comments and answer them one by one on your video. This will make your audience realize that they are important to you and an essential part of your YouTube world. As a result, they are going to engage with your videos more.

  • Arrange Giveaways Every Now And Then

It is one of the successful tactics to gain more YouTube comments. You can ask your subscribers to comment below your video and tag as many people as they can. The best comment will be selected and get a reward or incentive. You can sometimes choose 2 or 3 winners to give them confidence to try again next time. By doing this, your channel will reach new heights in no time. Try to plan giveaways according to your niche or style so that it maintains the interest of people who follow you for what you do, sell, or offer.

  • Initiate In The Comment Section

You can always break the ice. When If you post a video be the first one to comment under it. People would like to engage with you and will start commenting on your comments. It is one of the best ways to make the YouTube algorithm active. Comment and pin your comment to the top of the comment box. When you have so many comments under your comment, the algorithm will help your video reach a wider audience. This is one way to attract more subscribers and comments.

  • You Can Tell Viewers That You Will Be Replying to All Comments For Next 20Minutes

Let the audience know when you will post your video and ask them to comment within the fixed time frame to interact with you. This is how you will not only gain YouTube views but also so many comments. When hundreds of people start commenting madly on your video, the algorithm will help it to reach a the broader audience of your niche. This will help your audience get a chance to talk to you and in return, your purpose will be fulfilled.

  • Take Suggestions

When your audience feels like you treat them like your own family, then they feel free to ask stuff from you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking their suggestions. You can ask them what sort of content they want you to make or what different you should try. You can also post a video and ask them to comment below to tell you their thoughts and views about it.

  • Engage With Fellow Youtuber’s Videos

There is always someone whom we admire and follow. Find someone in your niche and comment under hid videos. You will be noticed right away and in return, they would also like to return this favor. This will attract their viewers to watch your videos or visit your channel as well.

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Cracking The Code: Strategies For Boosting Your YouTube Comment Game

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With smart planning and continuous effort, one can think of building an engaged and trustworthy community on YouTube. You have to make your channel comfortable for your viewers so that they can frankly come and share their opinions and thoughts. This will greatly boost your importance and visibility on YouTube. By following this strategy, you can boost your comment section game to another level. Gaining viewer engagement through comments is the key factor of success on YouTube.