How to Get St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment

The opportunity to get a second citizenship is attractive to investors. Foreigners can easily find advantageous options due to the availability of programs with various conditions. When choosing, it is worth considering not only the size of the investment, but also other characteristics.

As for attractive offers, the option of investing in the development of St. Kitts deserves attention. Loyal conditions, many benefits and the opportunity to retain citizenship in the home country speak in favor of the choice.

You can get Saint Kitts citizenship with a modest investment, so it is worth familiarizing yourself with the features of the offer. 

Characteristics of the program for investors in Saint Kitts

The investment program remains beneficial for those foreigners who want to get citizenship for the whole family. Unique conditions are prepared for such citizens.

For example, not only children and spouses but also parents and brothers and sisters can be included in the list of applicants. You should not miss such an opportunity, so St Kitts citizenship is often the only right decision. 

Several features that are attractive to interested investors speak in favor of the choice of the program:

  1. Size of investment. You can get official status by making an investment of $150,000 or more. The amount depends on the number of applicants and the relationship to the investor. 10 thousand dollars is paid for a child, and for a spouse – 35 thousand dollars.
  2. Several investment options. Investors themselves decide which type of investment they prefer. So, the choice is between buying real estate or making a contribution to the country. The amount remains the same.
  3. List of benefits. The acquisition of the citizenship of investors makes it possible to pass it on by inheritance. Children who are born after official status is secured become citizens of St. Kitts.

The pandemic has not affected the level of interest and loyalty conditions. The efforts of foreigners make it possible to use the opportunity to the maximum. Due to the simple processing of documents and non-strict requirements, it is not difficult to become a citizen of the islands. 

How to join the program  

Using the offer requires the fulfillment of several obligations. First of all, you should determine the number of applicants, and then calculate the cost of participation. So, it is possible to obtain a St Kitts and Nevis passport for: 

  • $150,000 for an applicant + $25,000 for a spouse + $20,000 for a sibling + $10,000 for a child;
  • $175,000 for an applicant or family of up to four + $20,000 for a sibling + $10,000 for a dependent;
  • 200 thousand dollars for the purchase of real estate or 400 thousand for resale after 5 years.

When choosing an option, it is worth considering the requirements for the applicant. If you plan to buy real estate, pay attention to the period of ownership.

The sum of expenses during this period is not included in the cost of the application. Additional fees and commissions are not included, so the amount of investment is known in advance.

Contributions made to the country are not refundable. To process the application, it is necessary to confirm the financial situation, prepare documents to include dependents in the application and make the selected amount of investment. Only after that, you can obtain official status, bypassing the receipt of a residence permit.

Citizenship processing procedure

One of the advantages of the program is the ease of obtaining a passport for citizens who are in immigration. It takes about 6 months to process the application, and a personal visit to state authorities is rarely necessary. St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment is usually accomplished in several steps:

  • providing documents to establish credibility;
  • making a payment for the purchase of real estate or making an investment;
  • reporting the decision of government agencies.

Finding inaccurate information or false information will make it impossible to obtain citizenship. Employees thoroughly check the information that was provided by the applicant, and the process takes from 3 months to six months. Once the registration is received, the investor can apply for a passport. 

Advantages of citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis

Passport holders are able to travel without problems to 155 countries. No visa is needed to cross the border, so the opportunity is one of the most attractive. The unique tax system also makes you think about getting a second citizenship.

According to the evaluation of the Immigrant Invest specialist Svetlana Gorchakova, there are other advantages to be considered:

  • permission to have dual citizenship;
  • no need to reside in the territory;
  • the possibility of including relatives and children;
  • no additional fees;
  • good air service.

Since the final St Kitts CBI cost is calculated based on family composition, the program allows all dependents to be taken care of. Parents, children, and siblings can move with the applicant. The minimum list of St Kitts citizenship by investment requirements is also an advantage of the offer. 

Application processing takes minimum time, so listed options are available in a short time frame. Verification of the information about the investor’s status is done remotely. A personal visit is required after receiving a positive decision and obtaining a citizen’s passport.