How To Dress Stylishly While Pregnant

Pregnancy is an amazing thing to experience. However, when it comes to fashion, it’s not always easy. For many women, the enlargement of the belly results in their fashion sense being thrown out the window.

As your belly grows, it’s hard to feel mightily fashionable or stylish. Even more, during the start of pregnancy, numerous women feel shapeless and unsexy, yearning to fit back into their pre-pregnancy clothes that can’t get past their hips.

If you’re in this situation, fret not. Pregnancy doesn’t mean unstylish. You can still look the part even with a growing belly. To help you out, we’ve come up with simple tips that will teach you how to dress stylishly while pregnant.

Work with a colour palette

A great way to save time and money while shopping for stylish maternity clothes at a women’s designer sale is to pick out items with neutral, contemporary colours. Selecting such tones makes it easy to mix and match your items, saving you from thinking long and hard about which top pairs well with your shorts. Consider earthy or neutral-toned clothes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with a few patterns for a pop of colour.

Wear supportive underwear

Wear supportive underwear

Besides external clothing, you need to ensure that your underwear is just as stylish but, most importantly, comfortable. During pregnancy, your body changes and so you need extra support in some areas to manage the added pressure. Consider getting measured for new bras during this time. Choose underwear that offers immense support, as it also affects how well your clothes fit and the amount of confidence you feel whenever you look at your appearance.

Also, choose underwear made from natural fibres as these offer better comfort during all seasons. Natural fibres are also hypoallergenic. This way, you won’t experience reactions that can cause discomfort.

Buy a few handy extenders

Let’s be real. Not many pregnant women get excited about maternity clothes. Some of us still want to fit in old clothes for as long as possible to avoid investing in new things. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if you decide to go this route, you’re going to need a lot of help from extenders.

These little gadgets allow you to enjoy your existing wardrobe with better comfort. A typical example is the bump band. It’s used to help you manage those skinny jeans you can still get into but can’t close up. Bras also have extenders that allow you to wear your old bras comfortably. No doubt, clothing extenders are a cheaper way to enjoy old pieces. They offer you style and savings, which is a breath of fresh air when you’re expecting.

Look for adaptable styles

In choosing a maternity wardrobe that is functioning but stylish, you need to think more about quality than quantity. Opt for pieces that can be with you over the length of your pregnancy. These clothes retract and expand with ease as your body changes, right up to the first few months after birth.

Adaptable styles don’t have to be a lot. Pick out staple pieces made with the best quality and within your budget range. Some of the best options include clothes with empire lines, drawstrings, and wrap clothes. Wrap tops, for instance, are great for nursing after the baby has arrived.

Buy your usual size—in the maternity section

Here’s something we struggle to do while pregnant: shopping for clothes in our actual size. It sounds wrong—criminal even—but hear us out. Buying clothes that are several sizes too big to accommodate your growing bust and bump doesn’t help your body image during this period. These clothes often don’t fit properly and will usually look tight on your arms, back, and shoulders. The result is you look bigger than you are. Maternity clothes are made with major bump and bust considerations. They’re made in your size and provide you with more than enough space for your growing baby and bosom.

These tips are meant to get you started on your stylish pregnancy journey. With comfort and beauty at the front of your mind, you are sure to make awesome clothing choices that will improve your appearance and lift your mood.