Heather Helm: A Famous Star Wife and a Realtor

The California-born star Heather Helm; the wife of the American actor Matthew Lillard is a popular figure. It would be wrong to say that she is only known for her husband’s identity because she is a successful businesswoman as well. Apart from knowing as Matthew Lillard’s wife, she established her own identity.

Well, she obviously got popular by her husband’s name but being a professional realtor also made her popular. Including being a bisexual people are also curious to know about her for many reasons. Keep your eye on this article if you are interested in knowing every little detail about Heather Helm.

Early Life of Heather Helm (Wiki/ Biography)

Heather Helm; a 50 years old popular figure lead quite a simple childhood life with her family and friends. She came into the limelight after she started dating a popular American actor and comedian Matthew which later turned into marriage. After that, she gained an identity as a celebrity wife

Birthplace and Zodiac Sign

Born in the year 1971 in Pasadena, California in the USA, she was always a quiet and cheerful girl. As her birthdate is on the 17th of July, she belongs to the zodiac sign of cancer.

Educational Background

The celebrity wife Heather helm is a University graduate who got her degree from the University of California. She is a graduate of English Literature and was interested in this subject from her childhood.

If we talk about her school life then there is actually not that much information about her middle school. All we know is that she was in Canada Highschool of California from 1987 to 1989.

Famous Star Wife Heather Helm
Famous Star Wife Heather Helm

Religion and Ethnicity

Now, moving towards her religion, she is a Christian as she belongs to a Christian family. And talking about her nationality or ethnicity, She is a White American with blonde hair.

Real Name and Family

Starting with her real name, Heather Helm is not actually her real certified name. The full name is Heather Ann Lillard and the Lillard title was added after she got married to Matthew Lillard.

Now, coming towards her parents and siblings, she has not revealed anything yet. But the one piece of information that has been known to the media is that she has a brother.

Physical Appearance

Besides being known as a celebrity wife, Heather Helm is quite popular for her attractive look. She holds an attractive posture with a height of 172 cm and a weight of 61 kgs.

Moreover, hazel eye color and blonde hair added extra beauty to her overall appearance. Her physical appearance clearly tells why she became a popular celebrity wife.

The Professional life of Heather Helm

You will be surprised to know that Heather helm is actually a true example of beauty with the brain. The reason behind this saying is that she is a successful realtor and has been running her real estate business for a long time. She is now currently at employment under Compass which is a well-known real estate company.

But before starting her career in the real estate business, Heather worked at Walt Disney Company. She was a director of special event marketing and with this job, Heather was able to learn many things about marketing. This job brought her a huge benefit and soon she shifted to her current work which is the real estate business.

Now, her story of joining the Compass is quite interesting and her past work experience made her become Ted’s Partner. Her relationship with Ted Clark as a business partner did not start overnight.

Before joining the company, Ted was her client and was impressed with her working strategy. Soon after that their professional bonding made Heather grab the opportunity of joining the Compass company as Ted’s partner. Along with being involved with the Compass company she is also working with Pacific Union International.

Relationship Status

As we have already mentioned she is Matthew Lillard’s wife but are they still together? Yes, they are living a happily married life along with three beautiful little children. Earlier, there were some rumors about her being a bisexual.

Well, she has disclosed all the truth about that rumor and completely denied it. By seeing the happy and healthy married life it is clear that it was totally a false rumor. Furthermore, nothing about her past relationships has been known yet as she is not interested in disclosing her personal life.

Now, coming to the introduction session with Heather helm’s Husband, they have told that it was love at a first sight for her husband. Matthew Lillard was stunned when he saw her first time and did not hesitate to approach her.

Before getting married, they dated for a while and then decided to spend their life together. They are now currently at 20 years of their married life. She walked down the aisle on 12 august of 2000 and share a healthy married life along with Matthew Lillard’s children.

Heather Helm’s Husband

It is not unknown to the people that her husband is the famous Mathew Lyn Lillard. Heather Helm had no connection with the media so she is mainly known to the media for her husband. Matthew Lillard. Matthew Lillard’s wedding with Heather Helm was more like a fairy tale and people admire this couple very much.

Born on January 24, 1970, Matthew Lillard is a famous star for his work in many movies. Starting from the movie Serial Mom in 1994 to the television series Good Girls of 2021, Matthew Lillard has made a place in people’s hearts.

Famous Star Wife Heather Helm and Her Husband
Famous Star Wife Heather Helm and Her Husband

Children of Heather Helm

The result of happy married life Heather Helm and Matthew Lillard is their three children. They have two daughters and one son named Addison Grace Lillard, Macey Lyn Lillard, and the son Liam Lillard. Both Heather and her husband are really concerned about their children and never forget to spare time from their busy schedule for the children.

Social Media Accounts of Heather Helm

As a popular figure, it is obvious that she has social media accounts but she keeps her accounts private. Her Instagram account is in private mode and she does not accept followers except her family and friends.

But do not get disappointed as you will be able to see her picture on her husband Matthew Lillard’s Instagram account. Matthew Lillard often uploads pictures with his wife and openly tells the world how much he loves her.

Other Facts about Heather Helm

Heather helm, being a celebrity wife does not stop her to help society in many ways. Her social welfare work sometimes amuses people and they instantly become fond of her. Also, she became interested in a non-profit organization named Madison’s foundation and decided to join that organization. She is now the board member of that organization where she deliberately helps people.

Along with this, Heather helm has been a member of the Pasadena Children’s Guild for a long time and was a great support to them. Not only this, as discussed earlier her religion, she took her religion quite seriously. Her involvement in religious activities proves her devotion to Christianity.

Net Worth of Heather Helm

Many people seem to be curious about the net worth of Heather Helm as she is a successful businesswoman and as well as a celebrity wife. Well, there is no doubt that her husband Matthew Lillard’s net worth is quite huge but except for that, she has her own earned net worth.

Being a popular celebrity wife did not stop her from working hard and this is why she has now a net worth of $600k. Her strategies in the real estate business are quite unique and this made her popular as a successful businesswoman.


Who is Mathew Lillard Wife?

Heather Helm is the wife of Matthew Lillard who has a successful image despite being a celebrity wife. Professionally she herself has her own identity and is popular in the media for being Matthew Lillard’s wife. Her work in the real estate business is quite mesmerizing and is well known to the people.

Is Matthew Lillard rich?

The husband of Heather Helm is Matthew Lillard who can be considered a rich person for his work in several movies in Hollywood. The American actor, comedian, and producer Matthew Lillard’s net worth are $2 million and he is a self-made millionaire.

How old is Heather Helm?

Being born in 1971, Heather Helm has hit the age of 50 in the year 2021. She is a year younger than her husband Matthew Lillard who was born in 1970.

Who is Heather Helm?

Heather Helm, also known as Heather Ann Lillard after her husband’s title Lillard is a successful realtor. She holds a great personality as she has created her own identity despite being the wife of famous actor Matthew Lillard.


Everyone wants to be updated and wants to know each and everything about the life of celebrities. Along with the celebrities, their spouses also get attention. Heather Helm is one of the famous celebrity wives who also got the attention of the media for being the wife of Matthew Lillard. The biography of Heather Helm is one of the many things that people are interested to know.

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