Heart and Mind Institute

Heart and Mind Institute: The Ideal Approach to Live a Balanced Life

Heart Mind Institute provides life-changing classes, programs, and a Community of Practice that empowers you to create possibility, abundance, and genuine relationships in your life. 

The most advanced form of meditation, known as Fleet Maull, is taught and practiced at the Heart and Mind Institute in an effort to enhance both physical and mental well-being. Under the guidance of Fleet Maull, the meditation expert, you may liven up your life with a smorgasbord of wholesome courses. 

Additionally, this heart and mind institute offers you a variety of distinctive meditation classes that can improve your physical and emotional health. With Fleet Maul in charge, you can complete your courses with all the vigor and benefits.

So let’s get the details about this authentic institute!

What Is Heart and Mind Well-Being?

The balance between intellectual and emotional development is what we mean when discussing heart-mind wellness. Research has shown the benefits of cultivating our hearts – how we “sense” and “relate to one another” – even though our culture significantly emphasizes academic accomplishment. There is a link between intellectual and emotional learning. 

You will be the happiest person in the world if you have achieved mental and emotional tranquility.

The five qualities behind the peaceful heart-mind strategy-

1. Safe And Serene 

Feeling safe and at ease means you can go about your regular life and take on new challenges without getting overwhelmed by negative emotions like worry, despair, or anxiety. Being resilient and stress-free implies you can pick yourself up after being knocked down. It’s a way of being that comes from within yourself.

2. Social Competence

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Having good social skills means being able to connect with other people, both young and old. Children who are better able to control their feelings and actions are more popular and have more enjoyable social interactions with their classmates.

 3. Aware and Participating

Maintaining one’s emotional and mental equilibrium requires being mentally present and vigilant. In a broader sense, the capacity for mindfulness and self-control. 

4. Caring and Sympathetic 

Having empathy is intimately linked to exhibiting compassion and kindness. Charity goes beyond simple empathy by actively seeking to understand and alleviate the suffering of another. Having compassion means wanting to do everything you can to ease the suffering of others. 

5. Establishes Tranquil Resolutions 

The key to good conflict management is to foster an environment where hostility and physical confrontation are uncommon. Empathy, problem-solving skills, understanding other people’s perspectives, and creatively finding a way to set things right are all necessary for conflict resolution. 

There is more to peace than just the absence of war and bloodshed. In other words, it’s valuing oneself, others, and our shared humanity and acting accordingly.

Heart and Mind Institute

Heart and Mind Institute is the life-saving organization that can heal your trauma, change your self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, find true personal freedom, and realize your most significant potential and contribution to life. These transformational skills and practices integrate modern neuroscience with age-old wisdom.

Being virtuous of mind and heart is also essential to becoming well. This American’s well-being institute offers several resources to help you live healthier.

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We are all aware of the enormous importance of meditation in our lives! It improves both our emotional and physical well-being and makes us happier.

Under the guidance of the meditation teacher Fleet Maull, everyone wants to practice the most up-to-date and genuine medication technique available: Fleet Maull meditation.

This center provides various meditation techniques to help you become healthy and fit. The host of this institute, Fleet Maull, is a meditation expert and can assist you in leading a healthy life.

The Heart & Mind Institute’s Facilities

  • The Heart and Mind Institute provides tried-and-true methods for adjusting the electromagnetic field of the body to maximize well-being on all levels—physical, mental, and emotional. Our approach is straightforward and scientific, and the effects are genuinely transformative.
  • The Community of Practice and transformational courses and programs offered by Heart Mind Institute are geared towards enabling you to build genuine relationships, abundance, and possibilities in your life.
  • We are a nonprofit organization under section 501c3. Our work is mainly concerned with the electrical and magnetic fields of the heart and mind and how they affect the individual and the larger society.
  • In order to help special needs individuals in schools, hospitals, and correctional facilities enhance their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, we provide practical applications of our research. 
  • We support and empower your journey to self-mastery and true fulfillment by increasing your capability for deeply embodied presence, being resilient, and living in a heart-centered and earth-conscious way.
  • We also operate directly within the electromagnetic field of individuals with specific health conditions, offering energy treatment sessions with skilled practitioners that primarily target the heart and mind.
  • With the help of transformational skills and practices that combine modern neuroscience and age-old wisdom, you can heal from trauma, change self-limiting thoughts and actions, achieve true personal freedom, reach your full potential, and make a positive impact on the world.

Heart And Mind Institute’s Fundamental Theme

The coherence between one’s physical and emotional states is the central preoccupation of this heart and mind institute.

Have you ever had the experience of feeling as though your intellect and your heart aren’t on the same page? Your feelings are telling you something different than what your brain is telling you.

On the other side, you presumably also know what it’s like to be completely at ease, both emotionally and mentally, and to be in a condition that might be described as “flow” or “harmony.”

This conflict between the heart and the intellect is a genuine and essential component of who we are. It is now widely accepted in the scientific community that both the brain and the heart possess some form of “intelligence” and that we can achieve a state of harmony via the use of appropriate techniques.

This type of harmony is referred to as “coherence.” “What exactly is meant by a brain and heart coherence?” When your brain is working in harmony with your heart and body, you have coherence. It is a state in which your mind, body, and soul are all in harmony with one another.

You are able to be more present and aware while you are in this condition of harmony. When you are in a coherent condition, your body has the ability to heal itself and perform at its highest possible level. 

Coherence between the brain and the heart can be thought of as a state in which the brain and heart cooperate effectively with one another. This takes place whenever the electrical activity of the heart is in harmony with the brainwaves.

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Being in a condition of coherence offers a variety of advantages, including the following:

  • Increased imaginative capacity
  • Enhanced ability to make decisions
  • Clearer thinking and more emotional composure are two benefits.
  • A boost in one’s physical vitality
  • Reduced levels of stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced levels of restful sleep

Your heart and mind will become more coherent due to the work done by the many meditation and mind reader professionals who are members of our organization. This institute will assist you in being physically fit in both your head and your heart, and it will also help you lead the healthiest life possible.

Courses Offered By Heart And Mind Institute

For the benefit of their clientele, this genuine organization offers a plethora of both online and offline courses. This institute helps people who are unbalanced in life by teaching them “how to live a happiest and healthiest life ever.”

Expert in meditation- Fleet Maull and numerous other meditation teachers conduct classes or sessions aimed at improving citizens’ physical and mental well-being.

Here are the details of this institute course:

Course-1: Radical Course in Responsibility

It’s about realizing your inherent goodness, changing your psychology, and rewiring your brain to become successful and capable of self-leadership. Acknowledge the power of choice, let go of guilt, and live courageously in alignment with your highest purpose. 

 Fleet Maull- the meditation specialist leads you through 8 transforming modules in this course intended to set you on a self-sustaining road of abundance, connection, and freedom. Each week, you will get access to one module. Alternatively, you may move more slowly and at your own pace. 

Module-1: An Introduction and General Overview

An introduction to the Radical Responsibility® concept, as well as its framework of fundamental goodness, living blame-free, practicing mindfulness, and developing mindfulness-based emotional intelligence (MBEI).

Module-2: Introduction of Mindfulness and the Foundation for Fundamental Virtue

Investigating the practice of meditation as a fundamental method for bringing about lasting change. Meditation practices based on mindfulness and awareness that have been shown to rewire our ever-evolving brains.

Module-3: Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence, or MBEI

Increasing one’s ability to quickly recover from emotional triggers and strengthening one’s emotional intelligence are two important goals. How to get command of your mental and physical state and use it to your advantage.

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Module-4: The Drama Triangle

Taking part in less harmful drama would be beneficial. Determine what the drama triangle is, the negative and debilitating impacts it has, and how to get out of its cycle.

Module-5: Shifting from a Position of Victimhood to One of Empowerment

Discovering the empowerment that lies beyond complaining. Changing your perspective from the idea that life is something that is happening “to you” to one in which you have control and choice.

Module-6: You Have the Power to Choose

An innovative approach or framework for leading a life free of drama.

Module- 7: Developing Authentic Relationships

A fresh approach to avoiding conflict in everyday life. Learning what it means to take full ownership of your life will help you establish genuine relationships and long-lasting change not only in yourself but also in others around you.

Module-8: Course Closing and Supporting Materials

This is the ending session of your meditation practice. It includes a concluding meditation, an integration, and the necessary resources for moving forward towards a life of Radical Responsibility®.

You will be served by helpful staff that will assist you in future.

Course-2: Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness Course with Monthly Live Q&A Sessions

This is one of the most important meditation courses taken by this authentic human welfare institute.

This course includes an approach to the practice of mindfulness-awareness meditation and the path of reawakening that is deeply embodied, heart-centered, and trauma-informed.

This approach is grounded in current neuroscience and the advanced techniques of eastern nondual meditation traditions, and it includes live monthly practice and Q&A sessions with Fleet Maull, Ph.D.

Module1: An Introductory Session 

It is the starting part of this course. It provides an overview of the Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness® Meditations and instructs students on how to get the most out of the training.

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Module-2: Interoceptive Awareness

The process of becoming more wholly embodied, heart-centered, and earth-connected through exploring your body’s innate wisdom and capacity to feel itself from the inside out. Healing, emotional management, and effective self-leadership are all supported by cultivating interoceptive awareness.

Module-3: Skeletal system and interoception 

You are developing the ability to sense yourself in every part of your body, from your skin to your bones. The entire human body is sensory; this includes all living tissue with neuronal cells related to the central nervous system. The exterior white hard coating of the bones and the bone marrow both contain sensory cells.

Module-4: Musculature System and Interoception 

Develop a wholly immersed presence that you can carry into action to strengthen your kinetic awareness. This can be accomplished by learning to feel and embody your entire muscular framework, which extends from your head to your toes.

Module-5: A Review of the NSM and a Deep Organ Scan

Utilize the capacity of interoception to become familiar with your complete body. The skeletal structure, the muscles, the connective tissue, the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and the essential organs are all included.

Module- 6: Questions & Answers Sessions and Live Training with Fleet Maull, Ph.D.

You will discover the recordings of every interactive training we have provided for participants right here. These recordings include additional exercises and questions that are very enlightening.

Course-3:  An Online Version Of The 7-Day Resilience Challenge

Dr. Fleet Maull will be your course teacher and host during this 7-Day Resilience Challenge Course. Tara Brach, JoAnna Hardy, Rick Hanson, Richard Davidson, Dan SiegelRon Siegel, and David Treleaven will also assist Dr. Maull.

Day-1: The first day will begin with an introduction to neuro-somatic mindfulness (NSM).

Discover how to practice mindfulness and awareness meditation in a way that is genuinely embodied, heart-centered, and inspired by neuroscience. In addition, NSM practice will be incorporated during Days 2 through 6, serving as a foundation for the other abilities and techniques.

Day- 2: Practicing self-compassion to build resilience and maintain adequate hydration.

Learn how to utilize profoundly embodied self-compassion practices to build your resilience and stay calm, centered, and compassionately engaged in the face of hardship by learning how to employ these practices.

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Day- 3: Breathing for the purpose of self-regulation.

Learn three easy yet powerful practices for regulating your breath to manage emotional triggers, maintain appropriate vagal tone, and keep your body in a physiological balance while widening your zone of resilience.

Day- 4: The crucial role of a growth mindset in your success.

Discover how to cultivate an unshakeable growth mentality that will not only promote well-being and resiliency but also facilitate the letting go of toxic negativity and past trauma.

Day-5: The fifth day of the resiliency diet.

Figure out how to make some easy changes to your diet that will give your immune system a boost while also helping you maintain emotional equilibrium and enhance your cognitive function.

Day-6: The resistance training program is on its sixth day.

Discover three easy measures that everyone can take to increase their physical fitness and resilience, which will also contribute to their mental and emotional toughness.

Day-7: Finding meaning in adversity, the topic of the seventh day of embodied sensemaking.

You may retain the alignment of your values compass and find meaning even in these times of immense uncertainty and adversity if you learn an embodied and mindfulness-based three-step strategy for making sense of the deluge of confusing and misleading information coming our way.

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Bonus Day:  This is your chit-chat or bonus day after your seven day sessions.

Learn the lesson that your teacher Fleet Maull is drawing from this extremely close election, which is that we all need to collaborate and meet one another halfway to establish some sort of middle ground. The notion that “the one who wins gets everything” and “my side is in the right” is clearly not functioning and is rather detrimental.

Additional Online Courses Offered By Heart And Mind Institute

Course-4: Online Course with Dr. Andrea Pennington on the Top Ten Characteristics of Resilience

It is a very important additional course taken by the heart and Mind Institute. Learn to develop the critical traits of resilience with Dr. Andrea, a master teacher, and leading trauma and resilience expert.

You can grow and develop your resilience by constantly working on your skills to deal with stress, recover from burnout, and do well even when things are very hard.  

Course-5: A Community of Heart and Mind Online Course with Personal Meetings

This course is also essential for caring for your heart and mind. It includes a transformational Community of Practice devoted to the personal evolution, well-being, and resiliency of its members, including live monthly group coaching with Dr. Fleet Maull, monthly coaching videos, weekly guided meditations, and access to Fleet’s exclusive Membership Library containing over 140 hours of transformation video and audio content.

Course-6: A Mediterranean Approach to Self-Acceptance: An Online Course — Now Available!

Nothing is more essential to happiness and health than improving your self-acceptance and creating a warm, pleasant, self-compassionate connection with yourself. Nothing else is as critical to happiness and well-being as increasing your self-acceptance. 

In this course, a strategy focused on mindfulness that helps you become more accepting of yourself.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Do We Mean When We Talk About Heart-Mind Wellness?

– When we talk about heart-mind wellness, we are referring to the significance of not just concentrating on growing the cognitive components (our minds) but also all of the traits that make us human (our hearts) and ultimately give our lives purpose.

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2. Why Is Having a Healthy Heart And Mind So Important?

People who build their Heart well-being and their social and emotional abilities have better views about themselves and others and enjoy better social interactions. This is the conclusion drawn from a growing body of research that has been conducted. 

They exhibit lower levels of emotional distress, are less likely to engage in violent behavior, and can manage challenging feelings. In addition, evidence suggests that these people have achieved success in their lives.

3. Does Fleet Maull Run the Heart and Mind Institute?

-Yes, without a shadow of a doubt, Fleet Maull, the meditation expert in the United States, is the principal course teacher of your life practices and the primary host and owner of this remarkable heart and mind institute. 

4. What Is the Connection Between The heart and mind?

A two-way street exists in the relationship between the heart and the mind. More information is sent from the brain to the heart than vice versa. Emotions are also regulated by the limbic system, which is impacted by the heart’s electromagnetic field. 

This explains why emotions exist in both our hearts and thoughts. Depression, anxiety, and stress result from an unbalanced mind and soul. However, clarity, attention, and tranquility are enhanced when the mind and heart balance.

Wrapping Up: Heart & Mind Institute!!

The Heart & Mind Institute is a chain of comprehensive mental health centers all across the country (U.S.) that focus on integrated, holistic psychiatry and cutting-edge treatments for mood disorders and chronic pain.

We are committed to reorienting American mental health services from exclusively relying on pharmaceuticals to a more integrative, person-centered approach.

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One of the state’s best projects to ensure its residents’ well-being and tranquility is the Heart and Mind Institute. Fleet Maull, a Ph.D. holder, and highly sought-after meditation specialist, is the primary host and draw of this exceptional meditation center.

Don’t worry if you feel down or like your mind and heart aren’t working right. We’re here! Please visit our center and meet the meditation specialist, Fleet Maull. Trust me! You will be promised the healthiest and best life of your life ever!