Find the Best Manitou for Sale Wichita Falls Tx Area

Pontoon boats are very handy when you are planning for an outing with your friends and family. The large, spacious boats can seat anywhere between 6 to 12 people depending upon the model and make. Of the many pontoon boat manufacturers in the country, manitou remains the best brand in the business.

They make the most classy, versatile models available in the market and their prices are reasonable too. So, if you have been thinking about buying a pontoon for yourself, head out to the nearest dealer with the sign, Manitou for sale Wichita Falls Tx. They will be able to help you find the right model for your taste.

Lightweight Pontoon Boats for You

Manitou is currently offering a series of models under various titles. Their categories include, Value, Recreation, Sport, and Luxury. Each of these categories come with their own set of models with unique features and designs. The Value segment has a unique model by the name, Cruise.

Starting at $63,995, this pontoon is ideal for a low budget and has features like garmin digital display, low-back helm chair, bimini, and a fusion stereo. The Recreation category has the Explore model which comes with two options, a single engine option and a dual engine one with increased power.

The price starts at $101,817 and can reach up to $167,149 for the dual Rotax engine one. The Sport category comes with the LX model which starts at $146,396. This has a sleek design which allows it to perform better in any kind of water.

The XT model comes under the luxury category and it starts at $188,046. This model is equipped with luxurious details, and all the tech upgrades there are. The renowned craftsmanship of XT makes it stand out from any other luxury pontoon.

Experience the Best Stability for Your Boats

The major advantage of a pontoon boat is the stability it offers. The wide base along with the hollow cylinders allow the vessel to float comfortably over any water, be it the rough rivers, or shallow lakes.

The cylinders allow for easy gliding over the waters and this makes the boat ideal for fishing, parties, and even a lazy glide over lakes with your family and loved ones. You can head over to your nearest Manitou for sale Graham dealer and get the best offers available there.

Reach Amazing Speeds with a Manitou Boat

With a Manitou Henrietta pontoon boat on your side, you can never worry about taking your children for fishing trips in summer. You can even take your friends with you and engage in sports. The pontoons are ideal for all kinds of water activities.

Get a Worry-free Package for Maintenance

A major advantage of dealers of Manitou for sale Gainesville is that they provide service to your boats too. They are authorised by the manufacturer and their technicians are certified by the company itself. Therefore, you need not worry if your precious boat is in good hands or not.