Diamond Painting is a Cool Craft Hobby – Playing with Gems

Are you a person that loves making things? Have you ever tried painting, coloring, or cross-stitching? You don’t have to love all of those activities, but if you’ve done and liked at least of them, this topic will be very interesting for you. 

Diamond painting is a new kind of art. Unline normal oil painting, where you need to apply acrylic paint on a canvas, here the thing is to fill a sticky canvas with very tiny colored stones to create a kind of mosaic.

To make this easier for you, producers offer pre-made canvases in which you already have the picture printed there. The picture is pixelized and each little square is marked with a symbol. In total, you might get 20 – 30 different symbols used in one painting. Each of these symbols represents a special color.

diamond painting details

The difficulty lies in diligent work. If you imagine, each rhinestone, so-called “drill” measures 2.5 x 2.5 mm, which is not much. You need a lot of patience to do this. But on the other hand, it’s also what you are getting back from it. By having patience you enhance your patience, too.

What are the differences in Diamond Painting

There are different details when it comes to diamond kits:

  • 3D or 5D drills – it’s how many facets each drill has, the more facets, the more shiny look the painting gets
  • Square or round drills – it’s how the drill is shaped. Round drills are much easier to apply, however, the empty space in between them is seen later. Square drills always present a much nicer picture, but it’s also more difficult to accomplish
  • Partial, or full drills painting – means either just a part of the painting needs to be covered by diamonds, or the full painting.
round drills diamond painting

Important for you, as a beginner is to decide how much work you want to put into your first artwork. I always recommend the newcomers to pick something like 30×40 cm or 40x50cm canvas size. You can finish them in ca. 20 working hours. So that you enjoy your result quickly and can make a decision if you go on, or whether it was your first and the last diamond painting at the same time.

Painting with Diamond Suppliers

When you look for diamond art kits for adults, choose a supplier that’s proven and reliable, like Diamond Art World®. One of the most important features of a good supplier is that they guarantee a free drill replacement. It’s when you lose some drills, or your kid plays with them and spills them on the ground, the producer will send you a new set of drills without asking for money.

Another very important thing is to really choose a painting that you love. If you’re going to spend so much time with it, you actually live with the painting and it must be something you like.

I hope you liked this short introduction into the amazing world of patience playing with diamonds and creating amazing and fantastic artworks.

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