Choosing and Buying a Hands-Free Breast Pump

Choosing and Buying a Hands-Free Breast Pump

When you are selecting a breast pump, the number of choices can seem overwhelming. There are lots of breast pumps available, in all different price brackets.

However, not all of them are worth buying, and not all of them are going to help you make your breast-pumping journey easy and memorable (for the right reasons).

Hands-free breast pumps are often a popular choice as they give the mother the flexibility to carry on with other tasks at the same time as pumping their milk.

When it comes to choosing a hands-free system, take your time; establish what you need and want before committing to a purchase. Here is a guide on choosing and buying a hands-free breast pump.

The benefits of hands-free pumping for mothers

Breast pumps have evolved over the last few years, and now they are more convenient than ever. A hands-free breast pump is convenient to use, and it is discrete, too.

Hands-free pumping allows moms to carry on with their daily routine, while still providing their baby with the best start that they can.

Hands-free pumping gives you flexibility, especially if you are returning to work as it means you are not restricted or tied to pumping at home (or wherever there is a power outlet).

Choosing a model and brand

There are various models of hands-free pumps that you can choose from. The newer models are quieter, and often easier to use. Some models will feature cups that fit within a bra, while others feature shields that are fitted within a bra or brassiere. 

When you are choosing a model you need to look at the brand as well, as not all brands are specialists in breast pumps, and this can have an impact on the quality of the product.

Also, you will find that not all brands come with a warranty or guarantee. This may not sound like much, but if your pump should develop a fault, you will want it sorted out as soon as possible.

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Without a warranty or guarantee in place, you then you must also factor in the inconvenience if it was to break.

Buying from a reputable site

Once you have decided on a brand, and have narrowed down which models you like, you then need to commit to purchasing. It is at this point that you must ensure you purchase from a reputable site. 

If a site is not reputable you may be purchasing counterfeit products, or you may be producing dupes and copies that are not safe to use.

Therefore, looking at sites that are safe and well-known is important. If a site has a poor reputation, or poor track history with customers then take your search elsewhere to avoid disappointment.

Looking at reviews and recommendations

It is often easier to make the right purchase the first time around when you have reviews and recommendations to utilize.

Reviews that are real will feature trustworthy information and recommendations for specific brands and models that will help you narrow your list down.

When looking for recommendations and reviews it is important to look at the reliability and honesty on offer.

Look at the content featured in the review and establish what you are learning from the review. If it reads (or sounds) vague, and it doesn’t feature comparisons or real experience, then see it as fake.