Canned Water VS Plastic Bottled Water

As you all know, Canned water is a slightly new variation of water packaging that was introduced in the market in the early 2000s but is still not so prevalent as beverages have been since then.

Initially, canned water found its place during civil defence practices, used for the US military, as the portability and pureness of water remained intact, especially during emergency scenarios, cans of different sizes would contain water for up to a decade long time.

But this all got even more revolutionized when a few canned water companies experimented with flushing nitrogen gas for the eradication of any left bacteria from the cans, extending the timeline from a decade to 3 decades or even longer than that, which is what made canned water for sale a highly substantial option for many.

The important factor is that canned water can very easily be recycled into other aluminum items without any problem, which is why overall, it costs fewer governments than to try to recycle plastic or get their cities cleaned from plastic.

The taste and temperature are also controlled in a canned aluminum type of packaging, where it does not inject any particles into the water, changing its chemical composition or the PH value and at the same time maintaining the water temperature at a constant when outside surroundings.

At the same time, plastic bottled water fails to achieve all of these things; plastic bottled water is an attempt by money-hungry giant companies that try to cut their costs by producing cheaply made bottles; neither can be recycled or reused safely, which is why it hurts the economy as well as the environment, during the covid lockdown the islands of bail had to be closed down as they required restoration attempts because of the plastic injected into the ocean hurting further tourism avenues or fisheries.

Plastic bottled water also tastes terrible, an acidic taste that accounts for most acid reflux cases we see these days, but i. Still, it does not stop there as the small particles are induced in water, which causes problems like cancer, diabetes, etc., to our human bodies.

These plastic water bottles also have begun to overtake our natural environment by filling and polluting them; the oceans, like our Pacific Ocean, have a full-blown island of the years of plastic being collected in one area that shows that the problem is far from sorted.

It is time we choose our sides and think like responsible citizens of a global village we live in today that has a ripple effect. To do that, we need to switch our water intake to canned water immediately going forwards, which would not only support canned water brands to join the ethical way of doing water-related business, but that business that transcends the leading cause at hand here, canned water bottles are the safe future which is the secure way moving forward. We must invest both emotionally and financially.