Benefits Of Old School Alarm Clocks Instead of Your iPhone

We live in a technology-driven world, and it is easy to overlook old-school gadgets like alarm clocks. IPhones are impressive and can do many things, like connect you with people from anywhere in the world `and use all kinds of mobile applications.

Still, they tell you the time and help plan your daily schedule. Since digital devices are versatile, finding someone with the traditional alarm clocks isn’t easy. However, people recognize the importance of using analog gadgets over your smartphone. Read on to gain insights on the benefits of old-school alarm clocks instead of your iPhone. 

A Forgotten Treasure 

Alarm clocks have been forgotten with the rapid technological evolution and innovation that happened in the past one or two decades. Despite smartphones showing time, you’ll find people wearing watches, and businesses still invest in calculators even though they can do calculations using their phones. In the same way, alarm clocks are a forgotten treasure, but they are returning to people’s bedrooms. Let us look at its benefits. 

Benefits of Old School Alarm Clocks over Smartphones 

Many people set their alarms on their smartphones because they can schedule their waking time to suit a schedule and include several entries. Others like it due to the possibility of setting a favorite music or tone as your alarm. Still, buying an analog alarm clock is worthwhile. 

Ditching your iPhone for an old-school alarm clock has numerous benefits for your sleeping routines. It improves your sleep quality, eliminates morning or night distractions, doesn’t expose you to electromagnetic radiation, and improves your bedroom aesthetics.

Unlike digital devices, an analog alarm clock gives you more control of your life and well-being. Here are reasons to use the Rest & Digest analog alarm clock instead of your iPhone; 

To Improve Your Sleep Pattern 

If you find it difficult to sleep or have a wrong sleeping pattern, you could spend lots of time on your phone before bed. When using your smartphone as your alarm clock, staying on the screen while in bed as you await to sleep is tempting.

On the contrary, you’ll be hurting yourself as it will affect your sleeping quality and pattern. Studies show that exposing oneself to bright light will make sleeping challenging. 

Placing your phone next to your bed will tempt you to check it out. You dont want to spend lots of time perusing through your iPhone at the expense of your sleep. Remember that poor sleep quality will reduce productivity and hamper decision-making capabilities. It would help to purchase an alarm clock to regulate your sleeping pattern and keep up with a schedule. 

To avoid Distractions 

Have you ever put your phone away to get some sleep, and you are bombarded by numerous notifications? It could be someone trying to chat with you or applications working in the background notifying you.

Ignoring the notifications, calls, or messages isn’t easy if your phone is nearby. With an old-school alarm clock, you can leave your phone in a separate room or switch it off to avoid distractions while in bed. Sometimes, you may not have any notifications, but you’ll check your phone frequently before sleeping. 

On the other hand, many people start their day by checking their phones, and purchasing an alarm clock will improve your mornings. Instead of accessing your phone the first thing after waking up, having an alarm clock allows you to take time and unwind before anything else.

You don’t want to bombard yourself with the happenings in the world immediately after you wake up since there will be many things on your phone. It could be replying to messages, going through feeds on your social media accounts, or accessing mobile games.

Digital devices capture a person’s mind quickly, and it is difficult to resist the urge to go through your phone if it stays close to your bed. However, an alarm clock will prevent you from the unhealthy habit. You can use the time to unwind and plan your day, which is essential for your mental well-being and productivity. 

Prevents Exposure to Radiation 

Smartphones emit electromagnetic radiation, and it isn’t advisable to place your iPhone next to you or below the pillow when sleeping to avoid exposure to the radiation. Although the amount of smartphone radiation is minimal, and people consider it safe, the traditional alarm clock has no such impact. It is a more suitable device to wake you up than smartphones.

It improves the Bedroom Aesthetics 

The old-school alarm clock helps show the time and alert you when to wake up. They are appealing and can improve your bedroom aesthetics. Alarm clocks are available in various designs and sizes. You can choose a style that fits your bedroom interior design, furniture, or other decor. It includes picking appropriate colors while multiple shapes are available according to your preferences and tastes. 

Modern alarm clocks have more features than old-school ones. They have LED lights, humidity and temperature controls, USB ports, and speakers. You can select simple to complex designs that complement your bedroom aesthetics.

People unconsciously reach for their smartphones as the first thing they do after waking up and feed themselves with lots of things, which can cause anxiety. If you can’t leave your phone in another room when sleeping, it would help to keep the device far from your bed. Also, you can turn off applications that send notifications to avoid distractions.