What makes Audio City USA one of the most trusted retailers of wheels and tires?

According to many studies, The United States of America is by far the biggest consumer of custom rims. The country also buys most of the world’s biggest tire brands, some of which have been in vogue for many decades. These are just two reasons why the United States is considered the automobile capital of the world.

If you are a fan of custom tires and wheels, Audio City USA should ideally be your favorite tire and rim shop

This establishment has been located for over 30 years in California and they have always been a profitable company. Unlike other retailers, they only stock the very latest models of rims and tires which you will appreciate.

There are several reasons why people choose Audio City USA over other well-known establishments including USA wheel and tire. While the latter might be the bigger name of the two, it is no secret that Audio City USA has its own captive audience which relies on it to provide the best products.

Audio City USA was one of the first major establishments to store the now famous range of Vossen Wheels. Vossen is one of the biggest names in the custom wheel market and is recognized all over the world, especially in the custom aficionado circles of the United States.

 This is another region where his outlet triumphs over American wheel and tire.

If you’re wondering why Audio City USA should be your destination for the best brands of automotive accessories, do read the next section!

Why is Audio City USA so popular?

There are several reasons why this is the right tire and rim shop for you. Let us quickly walk you through some of the major ones.

  • Highly trained staff: Audio City USA employs some of the best-trained professionals who love the concept of custom wheels themselves and who would love to cater to every demand and every doubt that you might have.

While this is also true of most other major retail outlets like American wheel and tire, there is a different energy and a certain level of innovation in the retail model that Audio City USA demonstrates. It is pretty difficult to explain but that spark is surely there.

This is one great reason why it has grown to become one of the most recognized tire and rim shops.

  • Superior inventory: Besides the latest models of Vossen Wheels, Audio City USA also stores all of the biggest names in this market segment which are currently making news. All of these items are bought directly from the company which ensures that you get pretty attractive discounts on all of them but without losing out on the accompanying bells and whistles.

Audio City USA is one of the very few retailers who boast of a well-maintained and intuitive online store from where you can easily purchase your next set of custom wheels without breaking a sweat.

All you need to do is to visit their official website. Fill in some blanks with data, and the screen will automatically be flooded with selections of superior quality rims which are absolutely new and are perfect fits for your vehicle.

Audio City has worked on this technology to ensure that people do not have to drive all the way down to California to procure a set of custom Vossen Wheels or any other leading brand.

You can think of it as your friendly neighborhood tire and rim shop!

  • Financing options aplenty: Like major retailers including USA wheel and tire, Audio City USA understand that financing is an essential factor which deserves its own separate department. It is not a very big secret that custom rims can often be very expensive. This is true for Vossen Wheels and many other major brands.

Keeping the customer in mind, Audio City USA has introduced a series of financing options including ‘Lease to Own’ which is a very popular plan.

Additionally, the showroom promises the most budget prices on a wide range of models. These price tags are seldom found in other prominent retailers across the United States.

If pricing has been your pain point and has prevented you from investing in a set of fantastic aftermarket and custom rims, look no further than Audio City USA. As mentioned, this rim and tire shop helps you buy those rims you have always dreamt of without a single hassle.

For more details, you will have to contact the store.

  • Centrally located: If you wish to drive down personally and check out the goods before you buy them, you will be surprised by how easily accessible the store is. Currently based out of La Puente, the 30-year-old veteran has witnessed the rise and fall of custom rims and is still going strong.

In a way, it is rather similar to USA wheel and tire even though the scale is vastly different!

Else, you can simply order online. The products will be shipped to any part of the United States for extremely reasonable fees.

Wrapping up

Before you purchase your favorite custom wheels, ensure that you have the correct dimensions with you. You will find them in the owner’s manual which came when you bought the vehicle. It is not a good idea to buy oversized rims.

Happy motoring!