What To Expect Upon Arrival at A Recovery Center

If you are thinking of using Pinnacle Recovery Center to help you beat an addiction, you have chosen to step out and get the help you need to live a better life. You may have questions about what to expect when you first arrive at the recovery center. There are some things that you will need to do upon arrival. But here is some information that will make the entry process easy as you begin to change your life.

What You Can Expect on Your First Day at a Recovery Center

There is a lot of pressure when you choose to seek help for an addiction, and some people find that checking into a recovery center is hard enough. But by knowing what to expect, you can keep your stress level under control as you make the journey to an addiction-free life.

Arrival at A Recovery Center
Recovery Center
  • When you first arrive, you will be asked questions to help the staff and doctors develop a plan to help you break the addiction. The new plan will be communicated to you during this initial interview.
  • Depending on the nature of the addiction, you will be asked to take a detoxification test. This will help the doctor determine the level of toxic substances in your body and what it will take to get them out.
  • Once the interview session is complete, you will get a room and be allowed to settle in. You may be required to unpack in front of your counselor. This step helps them know that there are no drugs with you or any weapons. You will only need to pack what you need to stay at the center. You may be instructed to bring only a week’s worth of clothing because you will be able to wash them while living there.
  • You can expect to have a period to look around the facility and get accustomed to your new environment. It is a good idea to find where rooms are located and what your schedule looks like so you can show up on time to all your appointments.
  • You can expect to be given a daily schedule for you to follow. The schedule is provided for you so you know when you will need to be at specific meetings. You will have the freedom to make sure you show up. If you cannot attend a meeting for a particular reason, you must communicate the problem to your counselor.
  • You can also expect to be fed three meals a day while at the center. Depending on your program, you may have to stay at the center until a specific time in your program. Take the time to reflect and start growing into the person that can beat the addiction cycle.

If you are getting ready to check into Pinnacle Recovery Center, there is a certain amount of stress that you may be feeling. But by knowing what to expect, you will find the transition to be easier than expected. Take the time to ask more questions when you call the center. It will help the path to recovery to be an effective one.