8 Things To Know Before Planning Your Andaman Trip

Planning a tour to Andaman all by yourself? Then check out some of the must-know aspects before planning to keep obstacles at bay!

Just in case the blue and clear water of the Bay of Bengal in Andaman is calling you, don’t ignore the call! Be it the exciting water activities, exotic wildlife, crystal clear sea water, or luxurious beaches — you are in for an experience of a lifetime.

However, the Andaman Islands might not seem much of a paradise to you if you somehow mess up the entire tour planning! There are certain Andaman travel tips that you need to know about before you set foot on one of the islands.

Scroll down to read about everything you should know before planning your Andaman trip!

The best time to visit 

Though Andamans is an all-year-round location, December to May is the best time to visit the islands.

The Andaman Islands share a tropical climate characterized by high humidity no matter the time. The monsoon season that starts from the end of May sometimes lasts till November. As a tourist, you must avoid this time period so that you don’t have to stay in the hotels without actually exploring anything!

Budget planning

Your budget matters the most when it comes to visiting any kind of destination. For starters, determine exactly what your budget plan is, and then sit down to make a proper plan.

Just in case your budget is not high enough to stay in a luxury hotel, you can choose a resort or a homestay. Also, make sure to avoid the peak season in case you don’t want to spend too much. In addition, search for tour packages that you can afford. 

Planning itinerary

For starters, you need to have a clear idea about the purpose of your Andaman trip. Ask yourself why exactly you’re considering this trip. Is it because you’re going on a honeymoon gateway or just want to have quality time with your family members? Someone might also be looking for a solo trip as well.

You might want to go sightseeing while visiting with kids, when on your honeymoon, you need to spend time on remote beaches while taking part in activities like Scuba diving.

Booking in Advance

When it comes to an Andaman trip, you must book everything in advance to avoid the rush. Be it hotel rooms, adventurous activities, flights or ferries — you have to book these before getting a hassle-free travel experience. 

First, you need to book a flight to Port Blair one or two months from your starting date. This way you can save plenty and remain tension free. After you book your flight ticket, make sure to book the ferries, hotels, and outdoor activities as well.

Packing the bags 

First of all, which time you’re visiting matters when it comes to packing the essentials. Most people visit Andaman during winter and summer, as it determines which things you need to carry.

In Andaman, you will always get a tropical climate which makes you pack some cotton clothes. Besides, you will need sunglasses, swimwear, beach towels, hats, flip flops, sunscreen and not to mention a good quality camera! Just in case you’re visiting in December or January, make sure to pack some light winter wear as well.

Network connectivity

Andaman is that kind of location where people visit to find something greater than their mobile network! Though in recent years, the mobile network coverage has improved, but still it’s not good enough.  However, your hotel or resort might have good network connectivity, while the remote beaches or waterfronts will not. So, don’t depend on GPS if you need to access the locations.


The Andaman Islands are safe and secure in every aspect. However, keep your mind sharp while exploring the forests. Some tribal people are there who don’t want to be disturbed by anyone.


You will reach Andaman by flight, but after that, you’ll need a ride to get around the islands. Lucky for you, these islands are all connected to the airport in Port Blair. You just need to catch ferries to access the islands. Government buses are available as well and could be your best option if your budget is low.


In conclusion, regardless of how daunting a task it seems, an Andaman trip plan is not that difficult to execute. By considering some small yet important aspects you read above, everyone can plan a memorable trip to the Andaman Islands.

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