3 Types of Physical Therapy Treatments

Have you ever gotten injured being involved in a sport? Sports injuries are extremely common among all groups of people of all ages. When a muscle is injured or pulled, it should be addressed immediately to prevent further uncontrollable damage.

When the body goes a long period of time without the correct use of these muscles, it causes them to relearn a new way to function within the body, which in turn can actually make the pain much worse and uncontrollable over an extended period of time.

In order to maintain or regain a sense of relief if injured, there are answers through sports medicine Rexburg that are worth getting an opinion on.

Suction Cupping

Suction Cupping therapy is a deep-tissue massage that can help with pain and inflammation. It has been around since 1550 BC but has recently become popular again. It is exactly as it sounds.

A 2-3 inch rubber suction cup is used on the targeted area with some type of lubrication first applied. The suction cup is pressed to the skin to create that deep suction and moved around a bit in a massaging motion.

3 Types of Physical Therapy Treatments

Once the suction has strengthened, it is typically left in one spot for up to 3 minutes and is meant to really pull from beneath the skin. In most cases, it is used as a nice massage treatment.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical Stimulation is a small, sticky patch that is placed on the area in which the pain has intensified. The electrical current is used to block any pain signals and strengthen muscles. It pulsates an actual electrical current through the skin to the target area.

It creates an electrical impulse that elicits an involuntary muscle contraction. Electrical Stimulation can retrain the muscles that have been previously injured to actual contract when the body signals for that certain muscle to contract.

3 Types of Physical Therapy Treatments

When a muscle becomes injured, it trains itself to stay where it is most comfortable and will not contract like it normally should. Creating somewhat of a monster that has to literally be retrained.


Traction is a very interesting form of treatment and is often referred to as seeming a little medieval. It is a way to decompress pressure that has built up over time within the spine. It is another way to alleviate pain from pinched nerves and joint pain in the back.

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One would lie down on the table and get strapped in and connected to a mechanical device. The device then pulls with a certain amount of weight; typically around 45-50 pounds of pressure. It will pull and eventually increase the space between the vertebrae and create much more movement within the joints.

3 Types of Physical Therapy Treatments

All-in-all there are plenty of treatments meant for those that have been injured. But studies have shown that coupling sports medicine Rexburg with daily exercise can greatly increase the potential for getting much more relief than that of a person that chooses to only do one or the other.

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