20 Best Romantic Things To Do in Columbus for Couples

20 Best Romantic Things To Do in Columbus for Couples

You are in Columbus and you have no clue how many romantic things or romantic places you can visit over there. Well, fear not as we have brought the 20 best romantic things to do in Columbus for couples. 

We have carefully selected twenty romantic things to do in Columbus because any number more than twenty would have been so overwhelming. 

Columbus is home to some extremely fun and charming places and activities. And to get to experience them will be an experience of a lifetime. 

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1. A Romantic Stroll At The Park of Roses

If you happen to be someone who is an ardent K-Drama fan or simply a hopeless romantic, then be assured as you and your partner are going to love a lazy, romantic stroll at the Park of Roses in Columbus. (So what if you cannot have cherry blossoms from K-Drama? Well settle for blooming, fresh roses.)

The best part about the park is that it is filled with fragrant roses that transport both your mind and heart to heaven. Yes, literal heaven. 

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For the best date, you can take a lazy, romantic stroll with your partner in the park, one earbud of the earphone in both of your ears, walking hand-in-hand. The aroma of the roses will make your time even more romantic. 

And if you need more than that, there are many scenic picnic spots where you can set up a picnic. Just imagine: a sunny afternoon, you and your partner sitting under a shade, there’s a playful breeze, both of you lying on the grass and reading a book. Life is perfect. 

A Romantic Stroll At The Park of Roses
A Romantic Stroll At The Park of Roses

The park may be well-known for its impeccably beautiful roses but there are other spots such as the lovely fountains and gorgeous gardens. 

The best time of the year to visit the Park of Roses is June. It is around this month when the flowers start to bloom and continue to charm visitors until fall comes. Even during fall, the roses are mesmerizing to watch. 

And if all of that hasn’t tempted you to take a stroll at the Park of Roses, then there’s a black gazebo tower at the park that offers a breathtaking view of the city. 

A stroll at the Park of Roses in Columbus is one of the most romantic things and once you’re there, you will see that it is a favorite spot amongst couples. 

  • Address: 3901 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214
  • Time: Everyday 7 am-11 pm

2. Chill At North High Brewing 

A date at North High Brewing is the best one for those couples who love a little bit of booze now and then. But what makes North High Brewing one of the best romantic yet fun places to visit with your partner? It has a serene aesthetic vibe that you will catch within a snap of your fingers. 

The brewery is famous for some of its classic drinks such as the Gypsy Boy and Honey Wheat Ale. And they have also got the perfect food to go with the drinks. The North High Chicken sandwich is loved by all; its flavor and texture are to die for. 

Don’t miss their crispy High Times Nachos and giant Bavarian Pretzel. The food and drinks are sure to send you into a food coma. 

Their beers are to thirst for but some people do not like beers at all. Of course, after beer, there’s wine and there can be nothing more romantic than a glass of wine.

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But if you and your partner happen to be wild and want to make the best out of your time over there, you have to try out their cocktails. Their Moscow Mule is simply a stunner. 

Couples love North High Brewing as they can get as wild as possible. And the best way to get to know your partner better is when both of you get wild and carefree. 

  • Address: 1125 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43201
  • Time: Monday-Tuesday 11 am-8 pm | Wednesday-Thursday 11 am-9 pm | Friday-Saturday 10 am-12 am | Sunday 10 am-8 pm 

3. Embark On The Columbus Coffee Trail 

For coffee lovers, coffee is their ultimate booze. A coffee lover seeks and finds another coffee lover and that’s what that makes them soulmates. The ultimate soulmates. 

You’re a coffee lover, your partner is a coffee lover, and your perfect date is scouring the city for the best coffee. And Columbus is popular among all coffee lovers for the Columbus Coffee Trail. 

Once you sign up for the Columbus Coffee Trail, you visit all these amazing coffee shops and learn about the craftsmanship behind all the brewing. It’s fun to get a BTS behind all the wizardry. 

You participate in the trail by visiting 25 coffee shops. 25 whopping coffee shops!! Can you believe it? 

You and your significant other can get to have as many dates as you want while you are a part of the coffee trail. You will not only get a sneak peek of the magic behind the craftsmanship, but you’ll also get to drink as many cups of coffee as you want while you are a part of this trail. 

You get to make so many memories while you are on this trail and just imagine how many different variations of coffee you get to try. Those will be some memories to cherish. 

After the coffee trail is over you get a mug and a T-Shirt as the symbol of both you and your partner’s undying love for coffee. Years after this, both of you will thank the stars for embarking on the Columbus Coffee Trail.

4. Go Roller-Skating At Skate Zone 71

Going roller-skating at Skate Zone 71 as a date isn’t only romantic but also a spunky idea. 

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At Skate Zone 71, they have an amazingly beautiful roller skating rink, which is made even more beautiful by all sorts of lights and music. But do you know what the best part about skating in Skate Zone 71 is? 

You can book the rink for a private date if you want the place all to yourself and your partner. You can make it extra special by decorating the space for your date. 

Going skating is the best date ever. And you know why? Because in almost every single romantic movie, the couple goes out on a skating date.

The lead couple goes on a skating date, one of the leads doesn’t know how to skate and falls and then laughs in embarrassment and then the other joins the laugh and the entire scene is so dreamy to watch. 

Yep, we all have always wanted to live that scene once in our life and now you get the golden opportunity to enact that scene in your life. 

Skating as a date is one of the most fun date ideas. Fun dates are more romantic than actual romantic ones because years later, you’re going to look back to all the laughs and memories that you have made. 

Make sure to check Skate Zone 71’s calendar on their website to decide whether you want to opt for public skates or private ones. 

  • Address: 4900 Evanswood Dr, Columbus, OH 43229, United States
  • Time: Check their calendar
  • Fees: $5 rent for skates

5. Go Biking Together In Columbus

There are other romantic ways to burn calories other than…….you know……ahem, ahem. 

Back to our business. So, biking together in Columbus is one of the most romantic activities that you can do. You not only burn unwanted calories from binge eating and getting a muffin top but also get to explore the city uniquely. 

You can rent bikes from The CoGo Bike Share Program. It offers easy programs which make bike riding easy for you and your significant other. 

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Not all dates are as fun and enlightening as biking around the city. You will get to explore every nook and cranny of the city that your tour guide forgot to show you. You will also get to see and understand more about the locals of the city. 

Let’s not forget to try out the local street food that is to die for. 

The CoGo Bike Share Program has different packages for riders to pick. They have one for $2.25 per ride and one for $8 per day. To collect a bike, you can check the “Find A Bike” section on their website and they will provide you with a map and show you places nearest to you from where you can rent a bike.

6. Relax Under The Sky At The Open Sky Day Spa

There is nothing better than getting a relaxing massage with your partner under the open sky. A great idea to de-stress yourself during the holidays and towards the end of it, you are a fresh, new person. 

At the Open Sky Day Spa, they primarily focus on rejuvenating both your body and soul. Be it a soothing facial to combat all the stress on your skin or a deep-tissue massage to wind down all the stress that you have been carrying around your shoulders for so long, they have it all. 

But the best part? You get to do it with your partner. Couple massages are a thing, you see. 

Both of you, under the open sky, get the massage of your dreams and then come out as a fresh person with a new perspective about life. What elevates the services at the Open Sky Day Spa is that it is done absolutely under the roof of nature, which helps in decluttering your mind. 

The combination of nature and the spa eases your soul into heavenly comfort. One of their most famous deep-tissue massages, Ashiatsu, is a Japanese deep-tissue massage that uses feet and body weight to reduce stress by unlocking the body chemistry. 

They also have other packages that you will surely find interesting. 

P.S.: it is ideal if you get their massage by the end of your trip to Columbus as by the end, you will be more exhausted than you can imagine from all the other activities. 

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P.S.S: try not to doze off during the massage, especially if you are someone who snores. 

They have two branches in Columbus. 

The first one: 

  • Address: 1124 Goodale Boulevard Columbus, OH 43212
  • Time: Monday-Thursday 10 am – 8 pm | Friday 10 am – 7 pm | Saturday- Sunday 10 am – 5 pm

The second one: 

  • Address: 4218 Indianola Avenue Columbus, OH 43214
  • Time: Sunday-Monday Closed | Tuesday–Friday 9:30 am – 7 pm | Saturday 9:30 am – 5 pm

7. Hunt For The Best Wine For Date Night At Meza Wine Shop

Hunting for the best for your date nights is such a cool and romantic thing to do. Or more like, planning for your date night is the ultimate romantic thing. 

Meza Wine Shop has both a retail wine shop and a wine bar. From their fancy wine selection to classy wine tasting, they have it all. 

Their wine collection is insanely huge and diverse. They have got everything from fun and wild to classy and romantic. 

They also have amazing cheese and charcuterie boards to go with the wine. 

To make things easier for you, they also have curated packs, which come in a set of six bottles of wine. 

The best part about visiting Meza Wine Shop is that you get to pick out the wine and other things together. You get to plan your romantic night together. 

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As for Meza Wine Shop, they offer some really friendly services such as delivering the order to your house or to your party venue to make things easier for you.  

  • Address: 48 N State St, Westerville, OH 43081
  • Time: Tuesday-Wednesday 12 pm-5 pm | Thursday-Friday 12 pm-7 pm | Saturday 11 am-5 pm | Sunday-Monday Closed 

8. Splurge And Go For A Dreamy Floating Air Date

Do you where on earth you can have your most dreamy date? Up in the air. That too on a hot air balloon. 

Not a fancy-schmancy yacht date or a candle night date by the beach or even one at the fanciest and most expensive restaurant in the city can match the level of style of a floating air date. It is unique, quirky, and dreamily romantic. 

You can get a bird’s view of the entire city and admire its magnificent beauty. 

It is the new definition of romance. 

The view will be breathtaking and you can get a few Insta-worthy shots with your partner to capture. The best time to go for a hot air balloon ride is during sunsets or sunrises. You will get savor the unmatched beauty of the sky and your pictures are going to be dreamier than anything. 

Columbus Aeronauts helps you arrange a perfectly guided hot air balloon tour. Make a pre-reservation with them to confirm your ride and you’re good to go. 

Columbus Aeronauts: 

  • For Appointments: columbusaeronauts.com
  • Phone: +1 614-699-1492
  • Time: Monday-Friday 9 am-8 pm | Saturday-Sunday 11 am-4 pm

9. Get Crafty And Go For A Candle Making Date

Who said that going on a candle-making date isn’t romantic? Time to prove them wrong. 

The more artsy and crafty you and your partner are, the more peace and tranquility you are likely to have in your relationship. A bit of quiet, comforting time with your partner is known to strengthen your relationship. 

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While your other dates are wild and romantic, a candle-making date is exceptional. 

For your best experience, you can go to The Candle Lab, one of the best in Columbus. You not only get to make your candles but also get to create your own body lotion and room spray. 

There’s nothing more fun than creating your signature style or fragrance. And did you know that The Candle Lab is well-known for its diverse yet classy fragrances? 

But you know why most couples love going to The Candle Lab as a date? They like to make body lotions and candles based on their partner’s choices and then gift them to them. 

That’s why going on a date at The Candle Lab is loved by couples so much. It’s hitting two birds with one stone. You go on a date and also end up gifting your partner. It’s a different kind of love to gift your partner something that you have made with lots of thought and effort.

  • Address: 751 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215-1425
  • Time: Monday-Saturday 11 am-8 pm | Sunday 12 pm-8 pm

10. Gorge On The Best Hot Dogs At Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace

The best dates are the ones where you can eat at your heart’s desire and not feel bad about it because of how many calories you’re consuming. Dates where you can eat as much as you like are so soulful and fun. 

A date at Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace to gorge on hot dogs is the best one ever because a) they have the best hot dogs in Columbus and b) couples that go over there love to challenge each other on who can have as many hot dogs as they want. 

You must be wondering, “What’s so romantic about going on a date at Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace and eating hot dogs over there?”. According to research, 74% of couples that have a hearty meal together are more likely to enjoy their meal and be more emotionally satisfied with their partner. 

Such dates are known to strengthen the foundation of your relationship. Many believe that eating together not only allows the scope for communication in a relationship but also builds your social skills on a personal level. 

Back to the hot dogs at Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace. It is heaven for hot dog lovers. They’ve got vegetarian and vegan options and if you happen to go there on a Wednesday, you can get one of their deliciously special hot dogs with a side of fries for $5. How cool is that!!

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  • Address: 248 S 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215
  • Time: Monday 4 pm-10 pm | Tuesday-Thursday 11 am-11 pm | Friday-Saturday 11 am-1 pm | Sunday 11 am-10 pm

11. Have A Picnic Together At The Serenic Frank Fetch Park

There is nothing more dreamlike and fancy than a date at Frank Fetch Park. Now, what’s so special about the park?

Frank Fetch Park is set up in the German Village of the city. Although it is a small-scale park, the park is filled with multiple diverse plantations that simply soothe your mind. It is a park right out of Jane Austen’s world. 

The park is famous among artists and photographers, who love to savor the serene beauty. It is charming and visitors spend hours in the park. 

The park has many benches and places to sit for families or groups of people to enjoy a wonderful picnic. A lazy Sunday afternoon picnic in the park, with your favorite people, can help you feel refreshed. 

You can get so many Insta-worthy shots in the park as well. Its unusual, old-fashioned beauty is an excellent background and is perfect for your Instagram feed. 

The park is equally alluring in all the seasons. During the holiday season, the park is decorated beautifully and the official Village Tree Lighting is held on the first Friday in December. So, if you happen to be in Columbus in the first week of December, make sure to take part in it. 

  • Address: 228 E Beck St, Columbus, OH 43206
  • Time: Open 24/7

12. Shop Like There’s No Tomorrow At Easton Town Center

There’s no better date than a shopping date. You get to know your partner’s style and preferences better. (And you also get to know what you can gift them in the future.)

It is a ginormous shopping mall and has more than 300 whopping stores. 300!! Can you believe it?

The mall isn’t only well-known for its stores but also for hosting various events. From having a glamorous store of Victorious Secret to hosting a once-every-month concert at the Town Square, they have it all. 

Easton has access to several luxury brands such as Gucci, Kate Spade, Apple, and even Louis Vuitton. You can also get access to several affordable options at Nordstrom and Macy’s. 

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Shopping dates are the best. You can sneakily gift your partner something and also get something in return. 

  • Address: 160 Easton Town Ctr, Columbus, OH 43219
  • Time: Monday-Saturday 10 am-9 pm | 12 pm-6 pm

13. Have A Sweet Little Date While Making Pottery At The Clay Cafe Pottery

One of the best, most ingenious, and lovey-dovey dates out there are pottery-making dates. You and your partner get to learn something and you also get to spend time with each other in that process. 

At The Clay Cafe, pottery-making is as fun as you are imagining it. There’s no better date than teaming up with your partner and making pottery. 

People that go there, especially couples, swear by its calming, meditating ambiance. They get surprised by the amazing painting and crafting skills that they didn’t know they possessed. According to many sources, men have the most fun in Clay Cafe corporate events. 

If you want to spice up your date night at The Clay Cafe, you can make a reservation as a couple and also bring refreshments with you. Maybe a bit of wine, some music, and you and your partner painting or making pottery. 

You can also make something from your time at the cafe for your partner. Maybe a mug, a bunny, or a plate. Something that you know is close to your partner’s heart. 

  • Address: 1644 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Time: Tuesday-Sunday 12 pm-6 pm | Monday Closed

14. Take A Cooking Class Together At Savoir

We all love dates that help us to bond. Dates, where couples are engaged in any activity, are more likely to be relaxing and fun. 

Having a date night where you and your partner are cooking together is something that all couples look forward to. It is a good way to end your day, you are cooking together and asking each other things, what a nice way to unwind. 

 But what happens if you both don’t know how to cook?

To fulfill your ideal dream of a cooking date night, you can take cooking classes at Savoir Cooking and Wine. They offer cooking classes taught by professional chefs and curate lessons depending on the level of your experience. They cater their lessons to newbies to advanced ones. 

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If you or your partner happen to be scared because you do not possess basic cooking skills such as chopping with a knife, they are there to teach it with the utmost ease. 

The chefs go overboard and sometimes indulge in teaching fancy meals to the students. After a couple of classes, you and your partner may be an expert in making everything from sushi to roast chicken. 

Your ideal date night dream will soon come true. 

  • Address: 28 N Liberty St, Powell, OH 43065
  • Time: Tuesday–Sunday Open 24 hours | Monday Closed

15. Go Over-The-Top And Dine At Vaso

Everybody wants a romantic date night with their partner, out in the cold, wrapped in a comfy blanket, all cozy. But for how long can one bear the cold? 

To combat this situation, Vaso offers outdoor igloo spaces to rent for dinner. Their elevated style to serve their guests is simply out of the world. 

Other than their outdoor igloo spaces, they also have a spectacular rooftop bar with an incredible view of the city and the Scioto River. 

Their menu collection is one of a kind and you will not be disappointed by their food. It is savory, appetizing, and incredibly flavorsome. 

But it is their outdoor space that steals all the thunder. Be it their splendid rooftop or their snug igloo space. Vaso has a posh ambiance that is to die for. 

Make sure to spend some memorable quality time over there and get some awesome shots. 

  • Address: 6540 Riverside Dr, Dublin, OH 43017
  • Time: Monday-Thursday 4 pm-12 am | Friday 4 pm-1 am | Saturday 2 pm- 1 am | Sunday 2 pm-10 pm

16. Explore Different Ice-Cream Flavors At Jeni’s Splendid Ice-Cream 

When life gives you a partner, you take them to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. And why would you do that? Because they have some of the best and most unique ice cream flavors you will ever encounter in your life. 

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They offer some of the most bizarre flavors out there. The flavors are eccentric and beyond anyone’s imagination. They’ve got Brambleberry Crisp (bet you’ve never heard about that one before), Middle West Whiskey & Pecans (gosh, can you believe it?), Pineapple Upside Down Cake, different variations and flavors of chocolate, and much more than your imagination. 

Now, we know some of you might be health freaks and want to avoid dairy as much as possible. Be assured as they also have dairy-free flavors as well. 

Not all dates are as aww-adorable as an ice cream date. 

It is one of the best places in Columbus to have a mini-date. You’ll get to know much about your partner based on the different ice cream flavors they pick. (Yes, flavors can give a hint about someone’s personality, I believe that now shush.)

They have multiple outlets in different locations so feel free to pop into any of them that is nearest to the location that you will be staying in while in Columbus. 

17. A Classic Pizza Date At The Borgata Pizza Cafe

One of the most classic date ideas is pizza dates. Having a dull day? Go out on a pizza date. Need a good talk with your partner? You know the answer: pizza date. 

Pizzas at Borgata Pizza Cafe hit home. They are like your grandma’s cookies that she bakes every Christmas except that it’s a pizza. It’s a trip down memory lane. 

They make every pizza with love and lots of fresh ingredients to play with your taste palate. They also have other items on their menu other than pizza. They have everything from crunchy salads to fluffy sandwiches. 

But who is their bestseller? Their New York-style pizza. It is a cult favorite among customers. Once you taste it, there’s no going back. You will have to include it in order every time you go there because this pizza is to die for. 

But what’s a date without desserts? Their tiramisu and chocolate chip cannoli are drool-worthy delicious.

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A date in Borgata Pizza Cafe means being transported to Italy. And what’s more romantic than an Italian meal? It is believed that couples that go on pizza dates are more likely to be open-minded with each other. 

  • Address: 1086 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43201
  • Time: Tuesday-Wednesday 4 pm-9 pm | Thursday 11 am-9 pm | Friday-Saturday 11 am-11 pm | Sunday 11 am-9 pm | Monday Closed 

18. A Posh Meal At Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse 

A lovely date night at the elegant Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. Ahhh, that is the ultimate definition of romance. 

We all love a glamorous and fancy date once in a while. And Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse is just the place for it. 

A glass of the fanciest red wine, a medium rare steak, and some music of your liking -your perfect date night. 

The steak at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse is the best in Columbus. And their sushi? You will never choose to have sushi anywhere else after eating it here. 

You are treated like royalty at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. They go all out serving their customers and give their best to ensure that everyone has their best time over there. 

A fancy date calls for a fancy dress code. So, get a classy dress and a black tux for your posh date night at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. 

Make sure to mention your date night and you will see how they cater to everything to make it the best date of your life. 

  • Address: 89 E Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215
  • Time: Monday-Thursday 4:30 pm-9 pm | Friday-Saturday 4:30 pm-10 pm | 4:30 pm-8:30 pm

19. Go On A Date Night At Ohio Theatre

The historic Ohio Theatre is every couple’s favorite romantic destination in Columbus. You must be thinking what is so special about Ohio Theatre? 

It is a place that celebrates art and drama and the basis of art and drama is love. A celebration of art and drama means a celebration of love. How tragically romantic!! 

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There are occasional ballet shows or classical music concerts at the theatre, so make sure to watch them anytime you visit there. 

A date night in a theatre is a classic date idea. You and your partner will spend every moment in awe of the art. 

  • Address: 39 E State St, Columbus, OH 43215

20. Channel Your Inner Bookworms and Traverse The Book Loft of German Village

Introverted Booklovers!!!! We got the best romantic date place for you. 

To all book lovers, that love to snuggle with their partner and a book, the Book Loft of German Village is the perfect place for a date. If you and your partner happen to be ardent book lovers, the Book Loft of German Village is the best place for a romantic date. 

It is designed differently than any other bookstore and has over 30 rooms to accommodate its books and visitors. It is a one-of-a-kind bookstore and has the perfect amount of coziness and warmth. 

When you visit there, grab a book of yours and your partner’s choice and find a snug corner for both of you to spend time in the fictional world. There’s no better way to escape the chaos of the real world and find some comfort in the fictional world. 

  • Address: 631 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43206
  • Time: Everyday 10 am-11 pm


Now that you know all the 20 best romantic things to do in Columbus for couples, which one are you picking for your first romantic date in Columbus? 

Is it an intimate date night at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse or a roller-skating date at Skate Zone 71 or a dreamy floating air date? 

Whichever you pick, you are going to have a blast for sure because any moment spent in any of those places mentioned above, is extremely fun. 

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