Romantic Roses And Sunflowers

10 Romantic Roses And Sunflowers Bouquet Ideas To Gift Your Loved Ones

Flowers are the most ideal gift you can give to your loved ones. They’re immaculate; they’re classic, and they’re adorable! You can gift someone with flowers on any occasion. It will surely make them so happy.

But before gifting a flower bouquet, you need to know how to make a beautiful combination of flowers, such as Calgary flowers. You just can’t hand over flowers without a beautiful combination. It will be unethical. Consider selecting a variety of calgary flowers that complement each other in terms of color, texture, and fragrance to create a visually appealing and harmonious bouquet.

Roses and sunflowers are the best among all flowers to make a combination with.  The color of both these flowers just goes together smoothly, So if you’re thinking of gifting someone a flower bouquet, consider using roses and sunflowers.

Now let’s talk about some ideas to make a beautiful romantic combination of roses and sunflowers. You can’t just put some roses and sunflowers together and call it a bouquet.

It would help if you aesthetically combined them. That’s why to help you out; I’ll give you some romantic roses and sunflowers combination ideas.

Make a Love Shaped Bouquet

It’s always better to make a bouquet in a particular size. You can make a round shape bouquet or a triangle shape bouquet. But for romantic interest, a heart-shaped bouquet would be the best option.

Make a Love Shaped Bouquet
Make a Love Shaped Bouquet

Pick out some small roses and make a heart shape with them. Take some bigger sunflowers and border the heart-shaped rose bouquet. Putting the roses in the middle will create a great dimension.

Add Different Flowers

Making a bouquet with only roses and sunflowers may look dull. To add more details to the bouquet, you can add more flowers.

Find out which flowers will go best with roses and sunflowers. In my opinion, tuberose would be a perfect option.

Add Different Flowers
Add Different Flowers

They’ll not fade the beauty of roses and sunflowers. Instead, it will increase the beauty of the bouquet. Little daisies might give the bouquet a soft look.

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Lesser Is Better

Don’t overcrowd the bouquet with too many flowers. Keep it simple and only add what you need to make a beautiful bouquet. Putting too many roses and sunflowers together will make the bouquet look like a freak show.

Simple Flower Bouquet
Simple Flower Bouquet

Avoid making this mistake, and don’t throw every flower you can find in the bouquet. Create a pattern with fewer flowers. Simple-looking bouquets are comparatively more soothing to look at.

Wrap It Up With A Beautiful Paper

Wrapping is a crucial step when making a bouquet. But don’t use any dull-looking paper to wrap the bouquet. Wrap the roses and sunflowers bouquet with coloured paper that synthetically matches your flowers.

Wrap It Up With A Beautiful Paper
Wrap It Up With A Beautiful Paper

You can use tissue paper to give the bouquet a ductile look. Patterned papers will look good too, but if you use patterned paper to wrap the bouquet, make sure to put fewer flowers in the bouquet. Otherwise, it’ll not be soothing to look at the bouquet.

You Can Décor The Bouquet With Pearls

Adding some pearls to the roses and sunflowers bouquet will surely boost its beauty. Pearls are already very classy and elegant décor items. When added to a bouquet, it will work its magic and make your bouquet look extra elegant.

So if your bouquet looks like it is missing something, add some beautifully polished pearls to it and watch it shine. The person you’ll give the bouquet to will be absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the bouquet.

Décor The Bouquet With Pearls
Décor The Bouquet With Pearls

Use Fresh Flowers

A bouquet will only smell exquisite when the flowers are extra fresh. Pick out the freshest flowers from any floral shop to make your bouquet. Doing these will really show how much effort you’ve put into making the bouquet.

The color of fresh flowers is also brighter than the old ones. Brighter-looking flowers will look very soothing in your bouquet. So go fresh and make a bouquet that will impress your loved ones.

Hide Cute Notes In The Bouquet

Hiding cute handwritten notes in a bouquet is the most adorable gesture. Adding notes can make the bouquet a really touching gift. When you give a bouquet to someone in which you’ve hidden cute notes, it’ll make them jump with joy.

But make sure you put beautiful notes instead of plain-looking notes. You can design the note yourself or pick an aesthetically designed note from the market. You can write personal messages there using colored pens.

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Add Small Lights

You can put pretty little convenient lights in your bouquet to make it look marvelous. Colored lights will be a better option for it.

Make sure of safety in this case. Add lights that can function with a charged battery instead of those that use a direct electricity supply. It’ll be more convenient for you. Ensure you add tiny lights, or else it’ll look bizarre. Large lights may also take away the beauty of flowers.

Add Green Leaves

Adding some greenery to your romantic roses and sunflowers bouquet will make it look color-coordinated. You can add the leaves that originally came with roses and sunflowers or artificial ones.

In my opinion, adding the real ones will give the bouquet a fresh look. Green leaves go amazingly with yellow sunflowers and red roses. Adding leaves might be a game-changing idea for your self-made bouquets.

Mix Different Colored Roses

If you think ordinary red roses won’t look that special in your romantic bouquet, then you can change them with different colored ones. There are white roses, pink roses, and yellow roses. You can choose any color among them to add to your bouquet.

You don’t have any alternatives for yellow sunflowers but more than one alternative for a red rose. Make sure to pick the rose that matches with sunflowers perfectly. White roses may look very charming with sunflowers.


Next time you brainstorm about what to gift your loved ones, just go with romantic roses and sunflowers bouquets. It is an effortlessly adorable gift for anyone.

When you hand-make a bouquet, it becomes a very special present for your family or friends. So you can take the ideas that I’ve given you and make your own bouquets with roses and sunflowers.