Top 5 Ways to Manage Hypertension Away From Home

Everybody deserves a great holiday. People work hard, and getting the chance to kick back and unwind somewhere different is always a fantastic way to find inner peace and recalibrate a busy mind.

However, for those with hypertension, there may be increased anxiety around being away from home in an unfamiliar environment and even concerns about traveling. These five ways to manage high blood pressure away from home will put your mind at ease.

Plan Your Travel Carefully

There are lots of ways you can travel from train to plane. Whatever you decide will depend on prices, location, and accessibility. If you do decide to go by airplane, make sure you are fully prepared for what flying with high blood pressure means. You may have to speak to your doctor and takes steps to ensure you are allowed your medication on the plane with you, especially for longer flights. 

Don’t Forget Your Medication

Medication is an essential management tool for people with hypertension. It is a direct line of support for your body as it tries to bring your blood pressure under control, and if you forget it, it can wreak havoc. Make sure you have enough to last the duration of your trip and know where the local pharmacies are in case you misplace it or miscalculate what you will need. 

Don’t Let Your Diet Slip Too Much

It is completely normal to want to let go a bit when you go on holiday. However, if you go too far you could seriously compromise your health. Therefore, staying aware of and away from trigger foods is the only way forward. It may not sound much fun, but it makes sense so that you are well protected. You are still allowed a few treats here and there! 

Try to Maintain a Gentle Exercise Schedule

One of the best ways to counteract high blood pressure is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and bring your weight to a healthy range. If you can, take some time to do some gentle exercise while you are away so that you are maintaining health-focused practices. You can make this into an adventure by opting for a hike in your holiday destination or taking part in a pool session. 

Don’t Forget to Monitor Your Readings

Lastly, make sure you take your blood pressure monitor with you! It is one of those essential packing items that you will need every day. You have to be able to know what your readings are so that you can continue to manage this very serious condition away from home.

If your readings are alarming, then a quick call with your doctor will put your mind at ease. Knowing the warning signs is a good place to start, and being actively involved in what your body is doing will help too. 

Going on holiday with high blood pressure may feel daunting, but it is completely manageable with the right strategies and knowledge execution. Take care of yourself, regardless of the setting, and above all else do not forget your medication.