Race to Victory with these Sports Bikes

Are you a bike enthusiast looking forward to buying the best sports bike in the market? Are you confused about which one to buy because there are many options to consider? Well, we understand the dilemma.

Nowadays, numerous sports bikes are in the market with different specifications, and picking one is not that easy. So, what to do? Who to depend on? Fret not, for we are here to help you out! Here we will discuss some of the best sports bikes which can help you race to victory! Read ahead to find out more! 

What are Some of the Best Sports Bikes to Consider? 

If you are planning to buy a sports bike that can help you ace the race and make you emerge as the winner, these are some of the best sports bikes from KTM India to consider: 

Race to Victory with these Sports Bikes
KTM RC 390

KTM RC 390 

The bike is setting the benchmark in the world of sports bikes with its performance and sheer power. The 373.27cc engine powers the bike to take over the road with ease. The race-inspired ergonomics of the bike gives complete control and freedom to the rider. 

The sports bike’s apex is lighter, stiffer, and ready to easily take over any challenge. The bike has cornering ABS. It lets the rider keep the bike under control and reduces the chances of the wheel locking up in the mid-corner in case there is any hard braking. 

The bike also has slick and clutch less ups and downshifts, which increases quicker shift times, improved wheel traction, and gives smoother acceleration. There is an all-new TFT multifunctional display and switchgear to display all the crucial information. 

The race-bred engine has revised engine mappings, and improved torque figures. The KTM RC 390 also has improved torque delivery and a ride-by-wire system, ensuring more precise traction control. Here are the key specifications of the KTM RC 390: 

  • Split-trellis frame and newly engineered bolt-on subframe 
  • 13.7 litres of the fuel tank capacity 
  • WP APEX USD Forks of 43 mm diameter and WP APEX Monoshock with 10 step adjustability in the rear 
  • Quickshifter+, cornering ABS, and MTC rider aids and SUPERMOTO
  • Available in two different colours: KTM Factory Racing Blue, and KTM Electronic Orange 
Race to Victory with these Sports Bikes
KTM RC 125

KTM RC 125

The KTM RC 125 is a true racing sports bike in all senses. The bike has a 124.7 cc engine that is liquid-cooled and DOHC. It has a 40% larger airbox, has improved torque delivery and gives super slick throttle response.

The bike’s engine has four valves, double overhead cams for precision and ultra-hard carbon-coated cam followers. All these factors play a crucial role in making it one of the best sports bikes in the market. 

The KTM RC 125 has the MOTOGP inspired bodywork, designed as per the laws of aerodynamics. Considering it a sports bike, there are adjustable handlebars, which allow the rider to take control of the bike comfortably, and the rider will not have to manoeuvre the bike uncomfortably. 

The pillion seats and rider seat are also completely redesigned, which ensures comfort all the way. The pillion seat is comfier and is not slippery as well. Here are the key features of the KTM RC 125:

  • 13.7 litres of fuel tank capacity 
  • New LCD Dash display instrument cluster
  • Halogen headlamps with LED pilot lamps 
  • 230 mm Disc with floating calliper in the rear and 320 mm Disc with radially mounted calliper in the front 
  • Available in two different colours: Silver and Black 

How to Increase the Performance of Sports Bikes? 

  1. Upgrading the Air Filter:
  • Replace the stock air filter with a high-flow aftermarket filter.
  • This can increase air intake and improve engine performance.
  1. Regular Maintenance:
  • Keep up with regular maintenance to ensure the bike is in top condition.
  • Clean and lubricate the chain, change oil and filters, and regularly inspect and adjust the brakes.
  1. Optimize Riding Gear:
  • Wear well-fitting, aerodynamic riding gear to reduce wind resistance.
  • Proper gear can improve your body position on the bike and reduce drag, resulting in better performance.
  1. Maintain Tire Pressure:
  • Ensure your bike’s tires are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Correct tire pressure improves grip, traction, and overall performance.
  1. Focus on Smooth Throttle Control:
  • Develop smooth throttle control to ensure smooth power delivery and avoid abrupt acceleration or deceleration.
  • Smooth throttle control helps maintain stability and traction and improves overall performance.
  1. Upgrade Riding Equipment:
  • Invest in high-quality riding gear, including helmets, gloves, and boots that offer comfort, protection, and better control.
  • Upgrading your equipment can enhance your riding experience and indirectly improve performance.


KTM has a vast range of sports bike segments you can explore if you plan to buy one. The sports bikes are technically advanced, reliable and worth the investment. From 125cc to 300cc and above, you can find the best sports bike, here at KTM. 

KTM’s technology is setting a benchmark in the automobile market and has emerged as a favorite amongst riders. Simply visit the KTM website and fill out the form to book the test ride. You can determine whether you want to purchase the sports bike after you are done with the test ride. Once you are done with the test ride, you can book the bike and take it home!