Husband Beater, Wife Beating Husband [Everything You Need To Know]

Wait….Husband beater? Wife beating husband?

Yes, these are the terms you are probably unfamiliar with, but people like these do exist. When it comes to domestic violence, both women and men are victims. What I am about to share with you today may leave you bewildered, as you may be completely unaware of what some men have to put up with from their wives.

Marriage is one of the most delicate relationships that needs patience, trust, and adjustment. Unfortunately, when some couples have disagreements, it leads to domestic violence. And any form of abuse should not be taken lightly, regardless of gender.

And if you are a victim of a husband beater, then this write-up should help you out. As we have talked about abuse rather extensively, along with mentioning what can be done in such situations,

Different Forms Of Domestic Violence

If you are under the impression that domestic violence refers solely to physically hurting someone, then you’re wrong, as there are many forms of violence listed below.

Physical Abuse 

This is the most common form of domestic violence carried out by one’s partner. Physical abuse involves wives beating up their husbands and vice versa causing injuries by slapping, kicking, punching, choking, etc.—basically, anything that involves using force to harm the victim.

Sexual Abuse 

Sexual abuse does not only refer to rape or assault. Many of you may be unaware of the fact that this form of abuse also includes unwanted touching and stimulating behavior that causes the victim to feel emotionally unstable.

For example, there are times when men come home from a hard day of work and just want to put their feet up and relax. But some wives have high sexual demands that need to be met on a regular basis. If, by chance, the husbands disagree, then abuse in the form of unwelcoming touching or forceful sex may occur.

Even if your partner doesn’t allow you to use protection such as condoms, this is also a form of abuse identified as reproductive coercion.

Financial Abuse 

Financial abuse is a type of domestic violence that is ongoing in many households, but it is least obvious because some societies consider it normal. It could occur when wives are overly possessive about their husbands and do not allow them to step outside to work and earn, which eventually creates financial problems.

Another common form of financial abuse occurs when couples open joint bank accounts and only one person has the authority to control it. In such cases, husbands do not have access to the account and have to depend on their wives for financial assistance as there is no other backup to help support the family. And in situations like these, only one person in the relationship usually deals with all the monetary issues, leaving their partner empty-handed.

Emotional Abuse 

Emotional abuse is something most couples unknowingly face at some point in their relationship, especially if it is an unhealthy one. Basically, this form of abuse involves bringing down the victim and hurting them mentally through constant criticism and humiliation regarding minor issues.

Also, emotional abuse cannot be categorized as physical domestic violence, but it affects the victim’s mental state, possibly leading to regretful and dangerous actions. But yes, at times other forms of abuse do lead to domestic violence, which involves physically injuring the victim.

Psychological Abuse 

If your partner threatens you and their behavior always causes you to fear, then this can be identified as psychological abuse. But it can only be listed as domestic violence if this type of mannerism continues on a regular basis and eventually leads to physical harm.

These are some of the behavioral issues that can be categorized as physiological abuse:

  • Stopping the victim from stepping outside
  • Not allowing the victim to communicate with others unless permitted
  • Constant emotional blackmail
  • Showing threats of violence to the victim

Signs That Identify A Husband Beater

1. She always calls you names in front of others and insults you, thinking it’s not a big deal.

2. She is overly possessive, hot-tempered, and highly suspicious of your whereabouts. Which leads to her accusing you of being unfaithful and cheating on her without any legitimate reason.

3. Your wife starts quarreling about the smallest issues and throws household items at you with the intention of smashing them.

4. She has no respect whatsoever for other men, even if they are family members, and always abuses them either emotionally or psychologically.

5. Your wife tries to keep you under house arrest by restricting your movements, which include going to work or even meeting friends and family.

6. She thinks it’s something to be proud of when hearing about wives beating husbands, and hence she threatens to do the same with you, sometimes even with the help of a weapon.

7. She decides how you should spend your money, where you can go, and what you should wear.

8. Even if you fall ill, she may restrict you from visiting a health care provider as you would have to go outside.

9. If your wife believes that it’s not okay for real men to beat women but okay for women to insult, physically injured, and abuse husbands. Then she is definitely a husband-beater.

10. She may force you into having sex with her against your will and threaten to harm you if you tell friends and colleagues about her actions.

11. Husband beaters never take the blame for abuse; instead, they will put the blame on you, telling you that you deserved the beating.

How To Protect Yourself From Abusers

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when you are a victim of regular domestic violence. Hence, these are a few safety measures you should keep in mind.

1. Stay out of small spaces at home, especially the kitchen, as a husband beater may find many weapons to harm the victim.

2. Use your mobile phone very carefully, as your abuser can easily track who you communicate with and your location with the help of technology. She can also get a hold of your phone bill to assess your text and call history.

Hence, it’s safer to use a prepaid phone where there will be no record of whom you have contacted.

3. Always keep the gas tank filled in your vehicle while leaving the door unlocked so that you can make a quick escape. 

4. Let your friends know about your wife’s harmful behavior so that they can support you. And also memorize their numbers to contact them in times of emergency.

5. Try to avoid using a computer at home, as your possessive wife may monitor all your emails and go through your browser history to create an issue that may lead to abuse.

6. Use a computer at your workplace and delete everything before you bring it home. Also, change the password on a regular basis so it will be tough for your wife to guess.

Why Do Men Continue With Abusive Relationships?

No matter what the gender is, one may be forced to stay with the abuser to avoid the possibility of causing harm to others. Nonetheless, these are some of the main reasons why men feel obliged to stay with wives who are husband beaters:


Your immediate family may force you to continue with the relationship for the sake of reputation in society. As divorce is still discouraged in some cultures and religions.


A lot of men feel ashamed to tell others that they are abused by their wives and are unable to take a stand for themselves. Some become so emotionally damaged that they start to believe that they have failed to be good husbands and fathers and that they deserve the abuse.


You need to seek professional help for your wife so that she can admit her wrongdoings and take treatment to help her with her behavior. Because if you think she will change on her own then you are in denial.

Law and Order

Unfortunately, in many countries, domestic violence against men is not taken seriously. Instead, people tend to find it funny and laugh it off by teasing the victim about having to face beatings from their wife.

When it comes to law and order, many authorities won’t even believe the male victim, let alone write down a legal complaint. Hence, abused men are often not able to seek professional help.

Protecting Children 

You may be restricted from seeing and talking to them if you leave your wife. Although it is difficult to get custody of children for fathers, if you can prove that you can raise them properly, then the law may favor you.

How To Stay Mentally Strong When Facing Abuse?

In order to stay strong and try to overcome the situation, here are a few things you must always remember:

1. You deserve a peaceful life and to be treated with respect.

2. An abuser can only change once they admit their actions and seek professional help, so don’t believe them if they say it will not happen again.

3. Being abused is not something anyone should tolerate, regardless of gender. Although many victims feel reluctant to seek help, they think that the abuser will change and the situation will improve.

4. Unfortunately, the frequency of domestic violence slowly increases day by day. It may start off with verbal abuse and threats and then slowly escape into physical abuse, rape, and, in some cases, murder. Hence you need to get out of the situation as fast as possible.

How Domestic Abuse Affects Adults

The effects of domestic violence can lead to severe mental and physical harm. In some cases, victims remain traumatized for the rest of their lives.

1. Loss of confidence; the feeling of shame and embarrassment to face others. This in turn leads to isolation from family and friends and, in some cases, no contact with the outside world.

2. Getting beat up by your wife will affect your concentration and may also result in you taking frequent leaves from work due to depression. 

3. Some people tend to start using drugs and other substances to cope with the situation. In some cases, many victims become suicidal and eventually, end their lives.

4. Adults who are abused may suffer from panic attacks, long-term depression, hypertension, and increased stress levels. This mental imbalance may prevent them from taking care of themselves.

5. Husbands may no longer be attentive to the children and unintentionally behave badly with them due to the effects of domestic violence.

6. The repetition of physical abuse when it comes to a wife beating her husband could result in him facing health problems like broken bones, cuts, loss of hair and teeth, problems walking, or even deafness. 

Real-life Stories Of Wives Beating Husbands

Here are a few stories of husband beaters that we have gathered together from different sources. Read these, and you will realize what some men have to put up with from their wives.

1. Wife Beating Her Husband Until He Bled

A happily married couple who had been married for 13 years with children had no such problems between them. Until one night, the wife decided to come home from work and left immediately to go out again. That’s when the husband became suspicious and confronted her about having an affair.

As a result, she got violent and started scratching him and throwing things at him until he bled. This continued whenever he would confront her, and eventually, he called the police. Unfortunately, they did not take any action, saying it was a private matter.

Later on, he hired a personal detective to gather proof of his wife having an affair and also set up hidden cameras at home to capture the abuse. After several months of putting up with domestic violence and bleeding, he finally had evidence that she was sleeping around with multiple men and decided to take matters to court.

Luckily, he got custody of the children, as the mother doesn’t want them anyway.

2. Wife Beats Husband With A Bat

In India, a certain case went viral a few years ago regarding a school principal being beaten up by his wife with a bat at home. Luckily, he went to the police and sought advice on how to prove that his wife was carrying out the heinous acts. They suggested he install CCTV cameras at home, which recorded the attacks and eventually went viral on social media.

Once the videos caught the eye of the law, they took legal action against the husband-beater and detained her according to her crime.

3. College Professor Gets Beaten Up By His Wife.

In the USA, a college professor who fell in love and married his girlfriend after dating her for 5 years witnessed a completely different story after marriage.

Due to his being overweight, she would often criticize him and compare him to other men, saying how attractive they were. Eventually, she started kicking and throwing punches at him since he was not losing weight. As a result, he decided to walk out of the marriage after realizing that his wife would not mend her ways.


1. Can husband-beaters face criminal charges?

Yes, if the victim has solid proof of the attacks, meaning injury marks such as cuts and bruises along with visual recordings of the attacks taking place, then the law will intervene. This may lead to the husband-beater facing a short prison sentence or other form of punishment.

2. Why do male victims of domestic violence stay quiet?

Well, men often find it embarrassing and degrading to tell others that they are being beaten up by their wives at home. Hence, they tolerate domestic violence and suffer silently both physically and mentally.

Final Word

Husband beaters are dangerous to society and need to be dealt with. Men who face domestic violence are usually very reluctant to share what happens at home. If you know a victim, please support him and tell him how he can get help and leave the relationship.

If you yourself are a victim, then seek help from friends, family, and professionals. Do what you can to protect yourself from the abuser. Because believe it or not the situation you are in will only worsen as time goes by I’ve you need to save yourself from long-term effects.

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