How To Move into The New Year Stress-Free

If you’re hoping the New Year means a new you, you may be searching for tips to help you get through the yearly smoothly and with minimal stress. Although you may still keep homeopathic anxiety relief pills in your cabinets just in case, there are several habits you can commit to adopting from the start of the year that can set the tone for a low-stress, or even stress-free, year ahead. Dropping bad habits, picking up fascinating new hobbies, or simply going outside more could all help you move into the New Year with as little stress as possible. Here’s your simple New Year’s guide to having your best year yet without breaking a sweat.

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Go Outside

Whether or not you’re currently on otc calming meds, one easy and enjoyable tip for starting off the New Year in a low-key, low-stress way is pledging to get outside more. Although you may not realize it on a day to day basis, this one simple change could help regulate your hormones, improve your mood, and help you maintain an optimistic outlook throughout the year. You may discover it’s particularly useful to:

  • Spend at least ten or more minutes in the sunlight every day to boost your vitamin D levels and lift your mood
  • Start each day with a quick outdoor walk or workout
  • Find local outdoor activities to enjoy on the weekends, including canoeing on nearby lakes, hiking on regional trails, or simply holding a picnic in the park
  • Take your lunch breaks outside and take brief outdoor breaks throughout the workday
  • Vacation in a temperate climate at least once during the colder months of the year to give your body a break from chilly temperatures

Pick Up A Hobby

Even if your schedule is currently pretty full, making space for some personal hobbies can help you relieve everyday stress. Consider:

  • Taking steps to ease yourself out of bad habits or potentially harmful hobbies, such as smoking, gambling, or drinking too much
  • Researching healthy hobbies that can support your new lifestyle, such as biking, training for marathons, swimming, and jogging
  • Picking up one or more social hobbies that can allow you to connect with your friends, such as joining a book club or volunteering at a local organization
  • Adopting relaxed hobbies that allow you to practice daily self-care, including doing your own nails, reading books or magazines for fun, taking bubble baths, indulging in aromatherapy, or snuggling with your pets
  • Keeping essential supplements, such as anxiety supplements for kids, on hand in case you suffer a panic attack while transitioning into your new hobby routine
  • Turning necessary and sometimes stressful everyday chores into fun hobbies, such as putting on dance music while you clean the house or chatting with friends and family as you landscape your yard

If the coming of the New Year to you means a prime opportunity to hit the refresh button and get rid of stressful baggage from the prior year, this easy guide could help you reach your resolutions. Getting outside more often, kicking bad or damaging old habits, and picking up relaxed, fun new hobbies are all top ways you can move into the New Year as stress-free as possible.

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