How to Edit Your Ideal Home Checklist Effectively

How to Edit Your Ideal Home Checklist Effectively

Whether you’re buying your first home, your dream home, or your retirement home, finding a space that’s perfect for you is what we all want to achieve. Of course, most of us are realistic, we know we won’t get the huge swimming pool on our first home budget, or a magical mature garden in the center of New York, but are you really being honest with yourself about what you need?

Would you be instantly put off your dream home just because it didn’t have double pane windows? Many of us have a house checklist in order to help us narrow down which will be the most suitable properties to view, but yours might be stopping you from visiting the property that’s perfect for you. Here’s how to edit your checklist to ensure you don’t miss out on something special.

Be Realistic in Location Dreams

For those who dream of finding somewhere in the city they grew up, or where they’ve been living for a while, it’s understandable for this to be a high priority on your list. You know the area, you like it, and you want to stay in it.

The problem arises for you when this area is particularly in demand, or, expensive. If this is the case, then consider if you’d be willing to move a half-hour drive out of town. You’re likely to get more property for your money, so if it wouldn’t drastically affect your lifestyle; it’s certainly something to consider.

If you can’t move further out of town then why not consider a fixer-upper? People who are young, fit and ready for a project often get the most satisfaction from seeing the transformation of their own home. 

The other kind of buyer is the dream buyer. Are you fantasizing about starting a new life? If for example, you’re a big fan of online casinos and you’re dying to dream house hunt in Vegas for the world-famous casino scene, then take a pause to reflect.

You can play high limit slots games at platforms like Wildz with very little outlay. The background music is whatever you want and, when you’ve had enough, you can switch your computer off and carry on with the rest of your life.

If you move to Las Vegas, then you will get none of those luxuries and, not only that, the Nevada real estate market is booming at the moment, so it won’t come cheap. Sometimes the things we dream of need to be thoroughly investigated before laying down a lot of money. Spend a couple of weeks, or longer, in the town you want to relocate to and then decide whether it’s really for you.

If you’ve got big gardening ambitions then go for it, but for some of us, a balcony is more than sufficient.
If you’ve got big gardening ambitions then go for it, but for some of us, a balcony is more than sufficient

How Much Outside Space Do You Really Need?

With location out of the way, the search becomes an awful lot easier. Some people are absolutely happy with apartment living, don’t have a single green finger, and would rather go to the park for fresh air than sit at home.

Those people are incredibly lucky, because everybody else wants a garden. Amateur gardeners or those who can take it or leave it could consider joining up to a community garden scheme. It’ll save you a whole lot of money and if you’re new to the neighbourhood then it can be a great way to make friends.

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However, if you’ve got a growing family, or a large dog, or a real penchant for gardening, then clearly this is an area that you can’t remove from your checklist. However, there are some plots that are currently without gardens, but that have the scope for one. 

If you’re looking in a rural area then you might find a property that backs onto farmland or woodland. Similarly, if you’re looking in a suburban area there might be a lot next door that doesn’t appear to be in use.

Do some snooping around and find out if there’s the possibility to purchase and make it your own. It could add serious value to your purchase and, even if not, it’ll add a great deal of value to your life. Filtering out properties without gardens could make you miss out on the perfect opportunity.