Best GPS Trackers for Cats

5 Best GPS Trackers for Cats- Time to Stop Playing Hide and Seek with Your Cat

Are you a cat owner concerned about tracking your cat’s location? Don’t be fret! Today we will highlight the 5 best GPS trackers for cats.

As cat owners, we love our feline friends and strive to keep them safe. However, even the smartest cats can sometimes find themselves lost and disoriented. Unlike dogs, cats often face the challenge of finding their way back home, especially indoor cats, who are more vulnerable when they accidentally escape. This is where a reliable GPS cat tracker becomes invaluable.

To assist you in finding the best GPS tracker for cats, we have compiled a list of the top 5 options available. Each tracker on this list offers exceptional features and reliable functionality, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your cat’s needs and peace of mind!


Name of TrackersWeightBattery LifePriceAccuracy levelSpecialityIncluded App
1. Jiobit – Smallest GPS Tracker for Cats

22.68 grams10 days$130HighMost upgraded technologiesYes
2. Tractive GPS Tracker35 grams365 days$49HighLive monitoring within secondsYes
3. Findster Duo GPS Tracker
22.68 grams12 hours to 3-4 days$150MidSubscription FreeYes
4. Weenect Cats 2 GPS Tracker25 gramsOne year$110MidWaterproofYes
5. Girafus Pro-Track-tor Pet Tracker8 grams10-15 days$97LowUpgraded battery lifetimeYes

1. Jiobit – Smallest GPS Trackers for Cats 


Special FeatureLight-weight, Water Resistant
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Supported ApplicationAlarm
Included ComponentsBattery

Additional Features

Discover the whereabouts of your beloved pet at all times with the Jiobit – Smallest GPS Tracker for Cats . This GPS tracker for cats  is currently the most updated model in 2024 offering the best features for your kitty companion.

It has cutting-edge beaconing technology that accurately and reliably tracks your pet’s indoor and outdoor whereabouts through cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. 

This tracker is designed to be conveniently attached to your pet’s collar and provides an endless range of tracking capabilities, all powered by a long-lasting battery. With geofenced zones, real-time notifications, live monitoring, and location updates, the smartphone app allows you to keep tabs on your companion’s whereabouts. 

You may also see your pet’s location history for the past seven days. This monitor from Jiobit is small, light-weight, sturdy, and water-resistant; it can endure even the busiest of daily routines.

Jiobit - Smallest GPS Tracker for Cats
Jiobit – Smallest GPS Tracker for CatsBuy Now


  • It fits securely into your cat’s existing collar
  • Live GPS tracking system
  • Accurate and dependable
  • Resilient and long-lasting
  • easy to carry around


  • The battery  drastically reduces to 79% after only one day of use.
  • Costly

2. Tractive GPS Tracker For Cats


Special FeatureLight-weight, Waterproof
Connectivity TechnologyGPS
Supported ApplicationAlarm
Specific Uses For ProductActive

Additional Features

The Tractive GPS tracker for cats is the most hit and used product in recent pet markets as providing outstanding features for tracking your lovely companion.

The Tractive GPS Tracker offers live tracking to ensure you never lose sight of your cat. With real-time positioning displayed on a user-friendly app, you can easily follow your cat’s movements. The tracker even allows you to set up virtual fences and receive instant notifications if your feline friend wanders off. Its durable and waterproof design ensures that the tracker withstands all outdoor adventures.

Some key features of this tracker are-

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  • If your cat ventures too far from your house, you can set up a virtual barrier and receive a notification. Plus, in LIVE mode, you can get location updates from the app every two or three seconds. 
  • Everything you get with this tracker is an adventure-ready device that can withstand water and lasts up to seven days on a single charge—the collar attachment and charging cable for the GPS tracker. With a monthly subscription plan that includes 24/7 coverage in more than 175 countries, you can start at $6.00 monthly.
  • In addition to seeing your cat’s favorite spots on a heat map and their location history data, you can track their activity to see if they are getting enough exercise and compare their behaviors to cats worldwide. 
  • With the Tractive GPS app, monitoring your location and activities is a breeze, no matter where you are. Using a SIM card and connecting to networks all around the globe, the tracker provides continuous coverage, much like a smartphone.
  • Connected to your cat’s collar, this GPS tracker will always keep you apprised of their whereabouts. Because there is no gap between the tracker and the collar, your feline friend will never have to worry about getting stuck or tangled on their intrepid travels; it is also curved for comfort. Cats weighing more than 8.8 pounds will benefit from its 1.2-ounce weight.
Tractive GPS Tracker For Cats
Tractive GPS Tracker For Cats Buy Now


  • Uninterrupted coverage
  • 100% waterproof adventure-proof
  • It is a bit like a smartphone with SIM card availability


  • Subscription required

3. Findster Duo GPS Tracker for Cats

Getting bored to refill the subscription for your tracker? Finding a subscription free GPS tracker  for your kitty? Don’t worry! Here is the best option available- Findster Duo GPS Tracker.

The Findster Duo is a GPS tracker for cats that doesn’t require any cellular coverage or subscription fees. It uses a unique combination of GPS and radio frequency technology, allowing you to track your cat’s location without limitations. With the Findster app, you can set up safe zones, monitor your cat’s activity levels, and even share access with friends and family for peace of mind.

Remember that even though the devices have a maximum communication range of 3 miles, in practice, you won’t usually receive that much (around 5 km). Your surroundings, such as towering buildings in an urban location or weather, can reduce the range to half a mile (1 km) or less, but in open wilderness areas, it can reach up to ten miles. Even at about 600 feet (200 meters) in the forest, the tracker’s position tracking functioned admirably. You should be able to find your dog with the GPS’s accuracy of roughly 5-10 feet (1.5-3 meters).

At first glance, the phone app’s user interface appears to be simple. You can use it easily if that’s all you need it for—tracking walks and viewing the map—but there are a few other features tucked away in strange places that you might not notice until someone tells you about them. 

Otherwise, it will simply record your daily activities and not your precise location when you utilize GPS tracking; you must start and end the track within the app. Your usage pattern determines the battery life. The GPS should last 12 hours if you plan on using it continually during a full day of hiking. In most cases, the battery life of a tracking device can be extended to three or four days if your dog spends most of its time indoors, and you limit the tracking to three 30-minute walks daily.

Keep in mind that the Findster’s use case is quite different from that of other trackers we examined, so while its 3-4 days of battery life may not be outstanding, but it is still worth considering. 


PatternAnimal Print
BrandFindster Duo GPS Tracker
Target SpeciesCat
Breed RecommendationSmall Breeds
Unit Count1 Count
Findster Duo GPS Tracker for Cats
Findster Duo GPS Tracker for Cats Buy Now


  • Light-weight and small
  • Free of subscription
  • Handy
  • Waterproof Design
  • Highly durability
  • Life-saving battery
  • 6 Months of Replaceable Batteries


  • Not so accurate
  • Less Elegant looking
  • Costly than other GPS trackers

4. Weenect Cats 2 GPS Tracker for Cats


Special featureWaterproof
Supported applicationGPS
Included componentsCable, Battery
Item dimensions L x W x H13 x 4 x 18 centimeters

Additional Features

Looking for an environment friendly GPS tracker to track your pet in any weather and any location? You can try this outstanding and waterproof GPS tracker for cats.

Our Weenect Cats 2 GPS Tracker is a comfortable and easy way to keep tabs on your feline friends. It fits snugly onto any collar and will keep them safe. Your cat will hardly even notice it’s there because of its tiny and light-weight design, but you’ll be able to follow their every move and get a warning when they go too far from their secure area.

You can keep tabs on your cat’s everyday activities with the help of this waterproof tracker. Your lost cat will not go unnoticed for a second longer thanks to a state-of-the-art geolocation technology that works in real time. You may teach your cat to return when you want it to by using the safety zone function, which will notify you instantly if it wanders to an area you’d like it not. The feature also has a vibrating and ringing option. You can rest easy when you let your cat roam freely once you set up a single subscription for each tracker.

Weenect Cats 2 GPS Tracker for Cats
Weenect Cats 2 GPS Tracker for Cats Buy Now


  • Battery lasts 72 hours 
  • Charges in 2 hours 
  • The silicone case attaches to a cat collar
  • Track by smartphone app.
  • Real-time geolocation with no distance limit
  • Safety Zone alerts for straying pets 
  • Activity tracking for cats


  • Short range 
  • Absence of safety zones 
  • Reduced effectiveness in the presence of obstacles
  • Costly

5. Girafus Pro-Track-tor Pet Tracker for Cats


Special FeatureGPS tracking, sound
Size1 Tag
Supported ApplicationAlarm
Finish TypePolished
Girafus Pro-Track-tor Pet Tracker for Cats
Girafus Pro-Track-tor Pet Tracker for Cats
Girafus Pro-Track-tor Pet Tracker for CatsBuy Now

Additional Features

Girafus Pro-Track-tor Pet Tracker is one of the best GPS trackers in the market because of its battery life-length.

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There are a lot of spots where GPS trackers won’t work because cats aren’t dogs. But Girafus’s tracker is the most upgraded GPS tracker that will put your mind at ease and allow you to locate your beloved pet no matter where it goes.

An Upgraded Battery Lifetime! Use the rechargeable batteries and charger that come with it for 7 to 10 days. The battery-operated, 1.6×0.8-inch PET module weighs just 28 ounces!

Outdoor and Indoor Use of Girafus Pro-track-tor. No matter where your furry buddy goes—a cellar, a garage, a neighbor’s house—you can always find them!

These GPS trackers do not require a monthly fee. With a clean line of sight, the range can reach up to 500 meters, or 1600 feet! The range of most other trackers is less than 150 meters or 500 feet.


  • Comfortable for your pet
  • Easy to carry
  • Light-weight
  • Silicon sleeve-splash-proof case
  • High durability
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to learn about tracking
  • The error can easily happen
  • Required high patience

3 Top-Class Frequent Technologies Use in Tracker

1. Cat Locators Use Radio Frequency (RF) Technology

An RF tracker consists of a transmitter that you wear and a receiver that you attach to your cat. The receiver will begin beeping and lighting up to let you know when it detects your cat’s radio transmission, indicating that the transmitter is within range. The indicator changes to indicate that you’re heading in the proper way as you approach your kitty.

An RF tracker can pinpoint your cat’s whereabouts to within a few centimeters, in contrast to a GPS tracker that can only estimate its location to within a few yards. Whether you’re inside or out, these trackers can get their signals through any surface, including thick foliage, flooring, and walls. They have a slim design, a long-lasting battery life (months), and are light-weight.

No one will contact you in the event that your cat disappears. You won’t be able to see your cat’s position superimposed on a map. Unfortunately, they have a very limited range of detection—no more than 1,600 feet—so locating a misplaced feline will need a methodical, patient trial-and-error procedure. Around $100 is the going rate for most RF cat trackers. 

When contrasted with GPS trackers, RF trackers appear like crude instruments despite the benefits of such a simple finding technology.

2. Using GPS Technology to Locate Cats

Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers all across the world receive position data transmitted by satellites.

Cat trackers come in several varieties, but GPS trackers offer the most reliable visual location data. They show your cat’s approximate whereabouts on a map and have the longest detection range compared to other devices. You can get signals from many GPS trackers that are kilometers away from your phone.

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By linking the trackers to an app on your phone, you can do things like set up safe zones, monitor your cat’s activity levels over time, see where they are on a map in real time, and even learn more about their health with some of the trackers. You can get reports about your cat’s rest time, daily calorie burn, and more from certain monitors that double as fitness trackers.

Although GPS trackers are fascinating, they do have some drawbacks:

  • Some cats may find GPS trackers uncomfortable due to their size and weight compared to other trackers. A cat of 8 pounds or more is the standard for most.
  • If there is an obstruction in their path to the sky, they will not function because they depend on broadcasts from satellites. You won’t be able to use a GPS tracker indoors, and they may not be as accurate when hidden by foliage or even heavy clouds.
  • Furthermore, with most GPS trackers costing between $70 and $200, they are by far the costliest option for pet trackers. Additionally, a data plan is required for the majority of them, which might add $10 to your monthly bill.

3. Wireless Cat Monitors

There are a few fantastic things about Bluetooth cat trackers. They don’t cost a fortune, aren’t heavy, and their battery life is measured in months, not hours. However, those are the sole positive aspects of their situation.

The least reliable choice is a Bluetooth tracker. Even if your cat is playing on the deck or hiding under the bed, a Bluetooth tracker with a range of no more than 300 feet will help you find her. However, a Bluetooth tracker won’t be any more useful than your own eyes in the event that your cat goes missing.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

Are cats safe to use GPS trackers?

Indeed! Pets such as cats and dogs can wear any Tractive GPS tracker with comfort.

How does a cat’s GPS function?

Using information gathered from GPS satellites, the tracker’s GPS module determines the location of the gadget and, by extension, your pet. Since it can more easily obtain data from the satellites, the tracker functions best when it has a direct line of view to the sky.


Undoubtedly! When your beloved pet goes missing, you won’t have to play hide-and-seek with them anymore thanks to GPS trackers. Certain factors should be considered such as the device’s battery life, unique features, weight, durability, warranty, and apps that are included while choosing the finest GPS tracker for your feline friend.

With the selection of top GPS trackers available for cats, keeping your kitty companion safe and within reach has never been easier. Whether you prefer a light-weight tag with radio frequency technology or a feature-rich device with real-time GPS tracking, there is a GPS tracker out there that fits your needs. 

Invest in one of these top 5 GPS trackers for cats and gain peace of mind knowing your furry friend is always just a click away!

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