Five best online services for Treating Depression

Five best online services for Treating Depression

Depression is like feeling sad or uninterested in things you usually enjoy for a long time. It’s a serious health issue that can change how you feel, think, or do things, making it hard for you to do your usual tasks at home or work. 

The advent of telehealth has revolutionized healthcare by introducing online therapy. This allows patients to receive treatment for conditions like depression, schedule follow-up appointments, and even get prescribed medications, all from the comfort of their home or anywhere in the world.

Online therapy is great for people with depression. It’s easy to use, safe, and works well. Some services are even free! Choosing the right online therapist can be tricky. So, to help you, we made a list of the five best online therapy platforms. These are based on cost, ease of use, and the therapist’s experience.

Brightside: best overall 

(Price $95-$349/month)

Insurance accepted: Yes

Brightside is known for providing quality online therapy as well as medication management for those suffering from depression.

The services they provide, both through sessions and the additional resources through their user portal are of a consistently high level.

Their in-depth questionnaire helps in making an accurate assessment and the automatic therapist matching process makes the sign-up extremely easy. Appointments can be booked in as little as 24 hrs.

Their competitive pricing plans are impressive and no matter what your symptoms, Brightside provides  a hands-on approach to assist you in seeing improvement at each stage by providing virtual dedicated support all the way.

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Open Path Collective: best for budget


($30 for student interns)

Insurance accepted: No

For a one-time membership fee of $65 you can search the expansive Open Path network to find a therapist in your area and access their affordable session plans..

Their non-profit service is tailored for those people who cannot afford the current high rates of online therapy or others with a low socioeconomic status,hence no insurance is accepted.

Apart from depression,Open Path offers child therapy, couples therapy, teen counseling, group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, psychiatry and medication management.

Open Path works by providing users with a list of care providers who offer services on a sliding scale.This low-cost therapy option is good for those seeking therapy on a budget, with nearly half of the users seeking services in Open Path mainly for depression.

7 Cups: best for free


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Insurance accepted: No

Apart from affordable individual therapy 7 Cups offers free peer-to-peer support, seven days a week,24 hours a day by mental health professionals who are very much adept in treating the symptoms of depression.

Their chat sessions are led by volunteer listeners,which makes it easily accessible to those struggling with bouts of low mood and depression.

They also have private chat rooms where one connects with peers having similar mental health issues, via web browser or app.

7Cups,in addition,boosts the mental well-being of adults and teenagers,apart from providing a community for users to understand the nuances of depression.

Teladoc: best with insurance


Insurance accepted: Yes

Teladoc has some of the widest ranges of insurance plans which makes virtual treatment for depression readily accessible , anything, anywhere.

After filling up a brief medical history(just as you would do in a doctor’s office) and getting connected with the right medical care,their specialists will help you with depression, anxiety,skin conditions,flu and other medical conditions,no matter what from anywhere via video,app or phone.

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With Teladoc not only can you choose your own therapist who specializes in treating depression, couples can seek talk therapy and in-network medication management with a range of insurance companies.

Make sure your insurance is accepted,else you will be charged $99 per visit and $299 for a psychiatry intake session.

Sesame: best for same day availability

($60-$300/ session depending on therapist, type of sessions and geographical location)

Insurance accepted: No

Quick access is important for those with severe symptoms of depression.This is where Sesame helps users in getting same day appointments for both mental health and medical care.

As soon as you enter your zip code, a row of providers with same day availability will be displayed as well as the expected amount of time you will have to wait for.

Users seeking treatment for depression need only to search the directory to find a therapist that fits their credentials. No lengthy questionnaires and care is provided without having to book multiple follow-ups.

Bottom Line

When you are experiencing symptoms of depression,you will find it challenging to maintain your previous levels of functioning. Once this is noticed, consider seeking treatment. Online therapy can be an effective mode of treatment for depression in certain individuals. If none of the platforms above are to your liking, check out’s list of therapy sites that treat depression for more options.

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But before you pay for a platform, determine whether the technology offered suits your needs and you are comfortable using it. Consider the insurance aspect and a brand that focuses on treating depression

Keep in mind

Online treatment for depression is not a substitute for emergency service.If you have any suicidal tendency,suffer from any severe symptoms of depression,or thoughts of hurting yourself,seek professional help immediately.

For those experiencing thoughts or feelings of suicide call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or text 998 to speak to connect through someone for support through SMS 24×7.

You can also text HOME to the Crisis Text Line at 273-8255. For those not in the United States find a suicide prevention helpline in your country with Befrienders Worldwide.