Evony Spiritual Beast: Everything You Need To Know!!

If you’re an Evony player, you may have heard of the Spiritual Beast – a powerful unit that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. In the envoy game, Evony’s spiritual beast serves as an ally in battles and quests. But what is an evony spiritual beast, and how can it help you in the game?

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of spiritual beasts in Evony. We’ll cover everything from what they are and how to acquire them to their abilities and how they can enhance your gameplay experience.

If you’re new to Evony or a seasoned player looking for an edge, this guide has everything you need to know. Let’s explore the world of Evony. 

What Are Spiritual Beasts In Evony?

Evony’s spiritual beasts are very special. In Evony, you can unlock Spiritual Beasts from the Pasture building. Generals can equip them to assist them in battle, similarly to Dragons. In terms of its best use, each Spiritual Beast has its own unlock requirements.

What Are Spiritual Beasts In Evony
What Are Spiritual Beasts In Evony?

Types Of The Different Spiritual Beasts In Evony

From the Pasture Building in Evony, you can access several different Spiritual Beasts. Each Spiritual Beast will bring slightly different buffs to your army when equipped with a General. We outline each one below and explain how to use them.

Thunder Scorpion

In PvP, Thunder Scorpion Spiritual Beasts are best used by Ranging Generals. This is because all of its buffs focus on improving Ranged Troops. The Thunder Scorpion will gain the following buffs once it reaches Level 20 and Red Quality:

  • Added 52% to ranged troop attack
  • Added 52% to run troop defense
  • HP for Ranged Troops is up 52%
  • +52% Speed in March

Behemoth King

Using the Behemoth King Spiritual Beast with Siege PvP Generals is best. This is because all of its buffs aim to improve Siege Machines. When you upgrade your Behemoth King to Level 20 and Red Quality, their buffs will be as follows:

  • +52% Siege Machine Attack
  • +52% to Siege Machine Defense
  • HP +52% for the Siege Machine
  • Size Capacity increased by 26% in March

 Lord Lava

Ground PvP Generals should use the Lord of Lava Spiritual Beast. Ground Troops are the focus of all of its buffs. You will receive the following buffs once you upgrade your Lord of Lava to Level 20 and Red Quality:

  • +52% for ground troops
  • Added 52% to ground troop defense
  • HP for ground troops increased by 52%
  • A 52% increase in troop load

Bird of Hurricane

PvP Mounted Generals and Monster Generals benefit most from the Bird of Hurricane Spiritual Beast. This is because all of its buffs are focused on improving Mounted Troops. After upgrading your Bird of Hurricane to Level 20 and Red Quality, their buffs will be as follows:

  • +52% Mounted Troop Attack
  • 52% increase in mounted troop defense
  • HP +52% for mounted troops
  • Monsters drop double the number of items (26% more)


Pegasus Spiritual Beasts are best used with ground PvP generals and mounted PvP generals. Mounted Troops and Ground Troops are the focus of all its buffs. Your Pegasus will receive the following buffs once it reaches Level 20 and Red Quality:

  • Mounted troop attack +78%
  • HP gain of 78% for ground troops
  • HP (Debuff) -52% for enemy ground troops
  • Size Capacity increased by 26% in March

Nine-tailed Fox

PvP generals using ranged weapons or siege machines are best suited for the Nine-tailed Fox Spiritual Beast. All of its buffs are aimed at improving Ranged Troops and Siege Machines. If you upgrade your Nine-tailed Fox to Level 20 and Red Quality, their buffs will be as follows:

  • Increased ranged troop attack by 78%
  • Attack of Siege Machine +78%
  • Mounted troop HP (Debuff) -52%
  • Size Capacity improved by 26% in March


Ranging PvP Generals and Siege Machine PvP Generals benefit most from the Kong Spiritual Beast. This is because all of its buffs improve Ranged Troops and Siege Machines. When you upgrade your Kong to Level 20 and Red Quality, they will receive the following buffs:

  • An increase of 102% in marching ranged troop attacks
  • HP increase of 102% for attacking ranged troops and siege machines
  • Mounted Troops of the Enemy (Debuff) -52%
  • Size Capacity increased by 26% in March

Burning Godzilla

Ground Defense Generals and Mounted Defense Generals are recommended for use with the Burning Godzilla Spiritual Beast. This is because all of its buffs focus on improving the stats of in-city Ground Troops and Mounted Troops. Your Burning Godzilla’s buffs will be as follows once you have upgraded it to Level 20 and Red Quality:

  • Ground Troops Attack in the City +130%
  • Increased HP for the in-city ground troop and mounted troop by 130%
  • Defense against enemy ranged troops -52%
  • +130% Archer Tower Attack


Siren Spiritual Beasts are best used with Ground PvP Generals. The reason for this is that all her buffs improve ground troop stats. Upon upgrading your Siren to Level 20 and Red Quality, you will receive the following buffs:

  • Attack by ground troops increased by 104%
  • HP of mounted troops increased by 104%
  • The enemy’s ranged troop attack is 52%
  • Troop HP increased by 52% on marching ground

How To Get Spiritual Beast Exp?

For spiritual beasts, there are several ways to gain experience. It’s important to know how to get them, but you should put less emphasis on it since you’ll get a lot from the activity and play.

The five ways are as follows:

Boss World Event

If you place in the top 100

With the Boss Monsters:

 They drop decent amounts of beast experience.

Wheel of Fortune 

Win Spiritual Beast EXP by spinning the Wheel of Fortune.

Event Boss 

They drop similar experiences to world bosses.

Black Market 

It is not worth the money; it is too expensive.

How To Get Each Spiritual Beast In Evony?

In Evony, each Spiritual Beast has slightly different unlock requirements. Others require a special item, while others only require a certain level of Pasture and Spiritual Beast Experience. Below are the requirements for each Spiritual Beast:

Spiritual BeastPasture LevelEXPSpecial Item
Thunder Scorpion6300kN/A
Bird of Hurricane11300kN/A
Lord of Lava16300kN/A
Behemoth King22300kN/A
Pegasus1300kPegasus Spirit
Nine-tailed Fox1300kFox Mask
Kong1300kSoul of Kong
Burning Godzilla1300kBurning Core
Siren1300kSiren Trident

How to Improve Spiritual Beasts in Evony?

There are two methods for improving spiritual beats. 

  1. The first step is to level them up, reaching a maximum of 20, using Spiritual Beast EXP. 
  2. The second step is to smelt them for better quality using Gems, Gold, Medals, Fox Tails, and Badges.
How to Improve Spiritual Beasts in Evony
How to Improve Spiritual Beasts in Evony?

How To Get Spiritual Beast Scale?

This is the easiest way to improve your Spiritual Beasts. By applying Spiritual Beast EXP to the one you wish to level, the Spiritual Beast’s level will increase along with its buffs. There are several ways to gain Spiritual Beast EXP, such as Boss Monsters, Event Monsters, the World Boss, and the Wheel of Fortune.

How To Smelting Spiritual Beasts?

You can improve your Spiritual Beasts by using this method, but it is also the most expensive. For this, you will need Gems, Gold, Medals, Fox Tails, and Crimson Crystals. Spiritual Beasts’ quality will improve every time you Smell them and their buffs.

Smelting Gems and Gold is required for each Spiritual Beast. A Spiritual Beast will determine the final items needed (Medals, Fox Tails, or Crimson Crystals). The following table summarizes the requirements for smelting each Spiritual Beast:

Spiritual BeastGemsGoldSpecial Item
Scorpion KingYesYesMedals
Bird of HurricaneYesYesMedals
Lord of LavaYesYesMedals
Behemoth KingYesYesMedals
PegasusYesYesCrimson Crystal
Nine-tailed FoxYesYesFox Tails
KongYesYesCrimson Crystal
Burning GodzillaYesYesCrimson Crystal
SirenYesYesCrimson Crystal

When you Smelt a Spiritual Beast to improve its Quality, the resource requirements will increase. The best place to get them is, therefore, to know where they can be found.

You will also need Crimson Crystals and Fox tails, depending on the Spiritual Beast you want to Smelt. The Spiritual Beast Event shop offers these items in exchange for Spiritual Beast Scales, found by killing Boss Monsters.

Each Spiritual Beast can be smelted up to the Red Quality. You will also need one more item at this stage: Awakening Stones. Packs can be purchased or achieved through World Boss events.

What Is The Fastest Way To Gain Power In Evony?

In general, the more expensive the equipment, the more powerful it is. Increasing the star level or refining the equipment will further expand its power.

Depending on the equipment, star levels can be upgraded up to five levels, increasing power by 3 to 10 times. When you refine for the first time, your equipment’s power increases by about 1.5 times, but it may not necessarily increase after the second time.

Since the refinement grants buffs, it depends on those buffs’ strength. Refining your equipment grants you four buffs. The more high-value buffs you have, the higher the power value of your equipment.

An important aspect of the general’s strength is the refinement of his equipment. The total number of buff slots is 24 (6 equipment slots x 4 buff slots). The equipment refinement technique has the greatest effect on buffs in Evony.

How Do You Get Pegasus Spiritual Beast?

To unlock Pegasus, you must earn x400 Spiritual Beast Scales by defeating boss monsters. In the Pasture, you can redeem Pegasus Spirit to unlock Pegasus.

You will need to build a Pasture to see the Spiritual Beast Menu. A Pegasus egg can be found there, and you can interact with your pets. You can obtain the Pegasus Spiritual Beast in Evony as a reward for participating in an event. You can redeem Pegasus Spirit with Spiritual Beast Scales obtained during this event. 

You can find plenty of interesting features in Evony, and we hope our guide helps you unlock Pegasus.

How Does The Pasture Work In Evony?

Pasture allows you to level up and strengthen your Spiritual Beasts and Dragons. Various Spiritual Beasts and Dragons become available as Pasture levels rise. When a Keep reaches level 21, construction becomes possible. It is necessary to raise the level of the Warehouse before increasing the level of the Pasture.

Is it better to use Spiritual Beasts vs Dragons?

The function of Spiritual Beasts is very similar to that of Dragons, as we discussed at the beginning of this Evony Spiritual Beast Guide. When fully upgraded, Dragons are undoubtedly a much better choice. In addition, they require much more Gems and Materials to unlock and upgrade, which makes them more expensive.

You are likely better off using Spiritual Beasts in the early game rather than feeding your Dragons with your materials. Additionally, it always helps to have a bit of each as you progress further into the game. At this point, you will have many Generals who would benefit from either of these.

Final Thoughts

Evony Spiritual beasts play a significant role. In battles and quests, they offer players powerful allies. Gaining control of them can enhance players’ gameplay experience and give them an edge over opponents. This guide covers everything you need to know about Evony’s spiritual beasts, from the acquisition process to their abilities.


How Do You Get The Fox Mask In Evony?

The Fox Mask can be purchased for 400 Spiritual Beast Scales during Spiritual Beast Events. Obtaining Spiritual Beast Scales involves killing Boss Monsters and Event Monsters or buying packs containing them. 

How Do You Activate Spiritual Beasts?

It must be activated with a pasture. To start pastures, you need Spiritual Beast EXP.