David Miller Wife Camilla Harris: Net Worth, Bio, Social Profile, Relationship & Controversies!!

Famous South African cricketer David Miller recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend Camilla Harris on August 31; even he made a sealing moment by surprisingly completing the engagement at the same time. So, let’s know more about David Miller Wife Camilla Harris.

By this step, he kinda ensured that Camilla Harris would be David Miller’s Wife. This cricket star’s net worth is estimated to be around 16 million USD. Considering his relationships he is engaged with Camilla Harris an entrepreneur and fortunately, there are no controversies about the young killer Miller told ctricker. 

The entire incident took place in a very intimate and private moment at a romantic location of Mpala Jena in Zimbabwe. 

The South African cricket star is popular for his dynamic and action batting style, moreover, agile fielding has helped him to gain this popularity and love from the worldwide cricket freaks. 

The cricket star was dating Camilla for a long period of time. The engagement news went viral with some romantic photos. Finally, after the engagement, while expressing such a happy moment, the couple posted some lovely pictures on their social media profiles. In one of those photos, we can see David and Camilla celebrating the incredible moment with a kiss.

In this article, we have tried to provide you the details information about the future wife of David Miller, Ms. Camilla Harris.

David Miller Wife Camilla Harris: Net Worth, Bio, Social Profile, Relationship & Controversies!!
David Miller Wife Camilla Harris

Overview of David Miller Wife

FULL NAMECamilla Harris
DATE OF BIRTH17 December
YEARS ACTIVE 2018 to present
HOBBYPolo Playing
Overview of David Miller Wife

David Miller Wife Social Media Handles Details 

Social MediaProfile ID (link)Followers Count
InstagramCamilla Harris (@camillaharris__)13.8K
David Miller Wife Social Media Handles Details 

Career History

David Miller’s girlfriend, Camilla Harris started her career as a 9 AM to 5 PM traditional corporate work life. But in 2019 she started a side hassle, an online business that is her full time job now. She sells clothes on a ecommerce website. Moreover, she is now an online business coach, you can follow her Instagram bio for more details or take business consultancy from her.

What is David Miller’s Net Worth

Approximately 16M USD.

There is not enough information that can make us confident about the net worth of Cricketer David Miller. But our analyses have come to a conclusion that by 2023 the net worth of David Miller will cross 16 million dollars.

Relationship History & current relationship

David Miller’s girlfriend Camilla Harris has a very clean track record about her dating history, she has been seen to date cricketer David Miller for such a long time.

David Miller Wife Camilla Harris: Net Worth, Bio, Social Profile, Relationship & Controversies!!
David Miller And Camilla Harris Relationship


There is no controversy about Camilla Harris. 

As far as the information of our sources there was no major controversies about Camilla Harris the girlfriend, and would be wife of David Miller.

Business/Income Streams

Camilla has her own online business, and also she provides online coaching for young entrepreneurs. These two are her main income streams for now.


Does David Miller’s Fiance Camilla Harris Play Pool?

Yes, Camilla Harris who has been girlfriend of the famous cricketer Devid Miller for a longtime is fond of playing pool. Like her boyfriend David Miller, Camilla Harris is also an athlete.

Is Camilla Harris an Entrepreneur?

Yes, though Camilla started her career as a professional corporate but from 2020 she is a full time entrepreneur also an online business coach.

Conclusion: David Miller Wife

Popular cricketer David Miller, also known as Killer Miller is not married yet but he got engaged with her longtime girlfriend Camilla Harris on this 31 August. So there is no Devid Miller wife but his fiance is Camilla Miller, who is an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial coach.

We hope this couple has a very happy and charming life together, and whenever they get married you will get the latest updates on our website.