Komiktap: Home of Webtoons and Comics 

Komiktap: Home of Webtoons and Comics 

The growth of the webtoon and the digital comics industry in recent years is skyrocketing. The demand of the fans is also increasing with the fast-paced creative world. Besides accessible streaming platforms, they want to connect with like-minded webtoons and comics lovers to exchange opinions.  Understanding this stipulation, the concept of ‘Komiktap’ is brought to … Read more

Hazbin Hotel All Characters You Should Know About

Hazbin Hotel All Characters

Hazbin Hotel is full of intriguing characters. As the storyline is about rehabilitation arc, every character has its own depth and significance. The fun fact is every character is different from the other character. Fans love it as it shows the good and bad side of the same character. Each character is crafted meticulously.  Keep … Read more

“Me Core” The Anime Trend Is Taking Over TikTok – And It’s Delightfully Cringeworthy

“Me Core” The Anime Trend

“Me Core” is a new TikTok trend where users make videos about their most embarrassing or cringeworthy moments. But for many anime fans, it’s also become a way to proudly showcase their niche interests and obsessions with their favorite Japanese animated shows and movies. “Me Core” can be a fun way for people to connect … Read more