The Best Colombian Coffee: Brands, Beans, and Flavors

Colombia is the world’s greatest producer of Arabica coffee beans and the world’s second-largest coffee producer overall. At this moment, only Brazil and Vietnam are ahead of it. Most people agree that Colombian coffee is the best in the world. You’ll see how true it is if you give it a shot even once.

Colombian Coffee bean is often regarded as among the finest of their kind. Dry and wet processing techniques are both in use in the country.

Because we want your best Colombian coffee brand adventure to get off to a great start, we’ve chosen some of the most well-known and highly-rated names in Colombian coffee in this article.

Best Colombian Coffee: Overview

Best Colombian Coffee BrandsBest Colombian Coffee in the market
Don PabloVolcanica Colombian Supremo($39.99)
Java PlanetKoffee Kult Colombian Huila coffee beans($19.99)
koffee kultJuan Valdez Organic Colombian Fairtrade Coffee($22.25)
Panther coffeeColombian Geisha($54.99)
Juan ValdezLavazza Tierra Colombia($16.88)

Try out some of the best Colombian coffee brands

Many people say that Colombian coffee is the best specialty coffee in the world. Learn for yourself why Colombian coffee is so highly regarded by trying some of the top brands now on the market.

Don Pablo

The Best Colombian Coffee: Brands, Beans, and Flavors

Don Pablo Colombian Supremo was founded in 1989 by a Colombian woman and her American spouse and is called the best Colombian coffee brand by some coffee lovers.

The company imports unroasted beans, which are then sent to specialized roasteries nationwide for the roasting process. The freshness of the coffee is increased by this method.

Colombian Supremo does not have an overwhelming or harsh flavour. Its flavor has been particularly powerful since it has been roasted to a level between medium and dark. The coffee has a beautiful acidity with hints of lemon, chocolate, and walnut.

The price of these coffee beans starts from $24.95.

Java Planet

The Best Colombian Coffee: Brands, Beans, and Flavors

Since Java Planet cares about the health of its customers and the planet, they never use pesticides or other chemicals in their coffee. All of their coffee has been certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Customers love Java Planet’s Colombian Single Origin coffee because of its full body and subtle fruity notes. 

The coffee’s dark roast gives it a rich, roasted taste, full body, and just a touch of acidity. The coffee was roasted until it was very dark.

Buying their Colombian single-origin beans can provide you the confidence that you’re supporting a business who have earned a variety of certifications, including Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and Bird Friendly.

Each and every cup of their coffee begins with whole Arabica beans grown in a chemical-free environment. 

Java Planet only offers the finest colombian coffee beans since they produce the highest quality coffee and can be brewed using any technique.fromat $32.45.

Koffee kult

The Best Colombian Coffee: Brands, Beans, and Flavors

All of the coffee sold at Colombia Huila is freshly roasted on the premises, and it is only sold if it is of the highest special quality.

They start with premium organic whole beans and roast them just right. The chocolate and cinnamon add a lot of depth to the flavor. These exceptional raw beans are grown in the Hula highlands’ southern region.

The natural sweetness and chocolate undertones of coffee are better preserved when it is carefully roasted right before being served.

The coffee is excellent, smooth, and freshly prepared. For coffee connoisseurs, this is the perfect brew because it’s not too bitter or acidic.

The price of these coffee beans starts at $19.99.

Panther coffee

The Best Colombian Coffee: Brands, Beans, and Flavors

Panther Coffee uses beans grown by smallholder farmers in the Cauca region of Colombia. The coffee has a sour aftertaste and a variety of flavors, including cherry, chocolate, and lemon.

Panther Coffee and Coffee for Peace work together to create a single, well-rounded batch of coffee by combining beans of varying roasts of the highest quality.

Farmers in Colombia will gain greatly from the sale of their coffee thanks to this arrangement, while coffee lovers throughout the world will have easier access to excellent beans grown on fields in Cauca, Colombia.

The price of these coffee beans starts at $24.00.

Juan Valdez

The Best Colombian Coffee: Brands, Beans, and Flavors

The fictional Colombian farmer Juan Valdez not only served as the inspiration for the name of these remarkable beans, but also as the corporate mascot and logo.

Products sold by Juan Valdez are from some of America’s most thriving locations. Juan Valdez Coffee Organic Gourmet is the most sought-after brand in the company’s organic coffee offerings. 

It has been given organic certification from the United States Department of Agriculture, the European Union, and the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

These beans, roasted to a medium degree, offer a smooth and agreeable acidity that makes for a delightful cup of coffee first thing in the morning. 

But, the company also offers a Strong variation if you like a more robust flavor first thing in the morning.

The price of these coffee beans starts at $22.25.

Best Quality Colombian Coffee on the Market

The flavor of Arabica beans is mildly sweet, with traces of subtle undertones and a pleasant acidity. They are often regarded as the best beans there are.

If you want to grow beans in Colombia, you can only do it with Arabica beans.

If you know that all Colombian beans are high quality, how can you decide which one to purchase? 

We have compiled, in our humble opinion, the best colombian coffee beans into a handy list for your perusal.

Volcanica Colombian Supremo Coffee

All of the beans used to make Volcanica Colombian Supremo Coffee come from the lava fields in the Colombian Andes. 

They are then shipped off to Atlanta, Georgia, where they are roasted to a medium doneness. You can expect a nice start to your day thanks to the rich flavor and velvety texture of this coffee.

Yet, its powerful flavor can give the sensation of sipping a black roast. More discerning palates won’t be able to take this.

Although more expensive, this gourmet brand has earned endorsements from the Fair Trade Organization and the Rainforest Alliance, which may sway consumers who are worried about their impact on the planet. 

We have determined that the Volcanica Colombian Supremo is the finest Colombian coffee available this year.

This coffee is recommended not only for its silky smooth taste, but also for its wonderful acidity, nutty aroma, and certification from Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance. The roast, despite this, is more on the smoky side of medium.

Juan Valdez Organic Colombian Fairtrade Coffee

Because of the widespread recognition of his company and the enduring quality of his product, Juan Valdez is often credited as the originator of Colombian coffee and serves as its public face. 

This Juan Valdez Organic Colombian Fairtrade Coffee has been roasted to a satisfying medium, and its fresh, stimulating aroma is sure to brighten your morning.

If you prefer your coffee black, without milk or sugar, you may want to consider this option because of the low acidity and bitterness.

Medium roast may not be worth the money if you’re looking for something with a more robust flavor and profile. 

Even if the beverage’s flavor doesn’t wow you, at least the bottle can accommodate ten ounces of anything you like to drink.

We think you’ll like it because it’s organic, fair trade, and has a strong flavor, pleasant acidity, and strong scent. 

But the flavor isn’t nearly strong enough to justify the price, and the price is somewhat high overall.

Koffee Kult Colombian Huila coffee beans

When made into espresso, the Koffee Kult Colombian Huila has a robust flavor and alluring aroma. It’s perfect as a first thing in the morning drink. 

Its lack of harshness and pleasingly sweet aftertaste make this kind a fan favorite. This is a daring move, but the medium roast makes it enjoyable.

Beans are farmed in a Colombian province called Huila, which name derives from the hula dance if you’re curious.

A few seasoned coffee aficionados have voiced their view that this roast is too mild and lacks sufficient body. 

The higher price tag makes this a less desirable recommendation, therefore we had to put it lower on the list.

This family-run company has won praise for its dedication to gratifying its customers’ wants and needs. In spite of the fair pricing, if you sample this coffee and don’t like it, you can get your money back.

If you love both strong scents and subtle flavors, you will find this to be quite satisfying. Yet, the price is really high.

What makes Colombian Coffee so tasty

Arabica plants adapt well to the varying climates found in the provinces of Colombia. 

The region’s diversified topography and climate allow for cultivating a wide range of coffees and multiple harvest windows per year. The economic potential of the area can now be fully realized.

Unlike other coffee-growing countries, Colombian coffee plants can yield not one but two harvests annually. 

Because of its unique climate for growing Arabica coffee beans, Colombia processes the best Colombian coffee beans using a wet or washed method, making it unique among coffee-producing countries.

It should come as no surprise that Colombian coffee is considered to be among the best in the world as the country has the world’s best-growing conditions. 

Moreover,colombian coffee beans are picked and processed with great care.

A Guide to Pick the Finest Colombian Coffee

It is important to examine the grind, provenance, and roast of the beans, as well as the ethics of the supplier, while purchasing best colombian coffee beans.


The choice between buying whole beans versus pre-crushed coffee is a matter of taste and convenience. It’s best to buy whole beans and wait to grind them until shortly before brewing for the most fragrant and aromatic beverage. 

This is because ground beans quickly lose flavor when exposed to oxygen. Everything about it is brand new and different.


You may learn more about Colombia, its coffee, and the many different regions that make up the country. Altitudes, temperatures, wet and dry seasons, and harvest times all differ greatly from one region to the next.

There is a large variety of coffees available, so familiarizing yourself with the differences between them is essential to finding a mix that suits your tastes.

Check out some resources on the geography of Colombia if you’re curious. Once you’ve done that, you’re free to start looking wherever you like for the greatest coffee in Colombia.


Arabica beans, often regarded as the best variety for roasting, are grown only in Colombia. Colombian coffee is often considered superior to other types of coffee due to its less prominent bitter aftertaste, greater acidity, and lower caffeine level.

The flavor of coffee is affected not only by where the beans are grown but also by how they are roasted. You might need to do some experimenting, but that’s the case with any coffee.

Everything that is neither too mild nor too strong is considered to be a medium roast. A medium roast is about right; anything darker is too strong and harsh. To rephrase: don’t let the little things get you down, and have fun anyway!

Wrapping up

We hope that by the time you’ve finished reading this page, you’ll have a better notion of how to start drinking Colombian coffee if you’ve never done so before and would like to add a bit of cultural variety to your daily routine.

Volcanica Coffee is renowned for its robust taste and nutty scent. Since the beginning, when our company first started selling coffee, Colombian Supremo has been our go-to brand. 

Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee Beans are our favorite for use in grinders. The flavor and scent of these beans are pleasant without being overbearing.

What’s more, whatever it is you end up brewing, it needs to be done well. Bring some joy and laughter into people’s lives. We wish you the best of luck in your hunt for the perfect cup of Colombian coffee to satisfy your palate.

You should feel more confident in your ability to locate the finest currently available best Colombian coffee after reading this article. 

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