Best Colombian Coffee

Colombian Coffee is the most favorite coffee among the coffee-lovers due to the production process of the Colombian coffee beans, which are famous across the world. But as it is famous, it has the greater chance to get faulty. And for this reason today we have prepared this article of 5 best Colombian coffee.

What is the reason behind the high recommendations of these popular brews? You will be surprised to know that the unique flavor and aroma make this Colombian coffee a fan’s favorite. Best Colombian Coffee brands use original Arabica beans. Usually, these are high-quality coffee beans. I hope you have read our article on ultra green coffee; there we have discussed why Arabica beans are special and how they benefit our body, mind, and soul.

The most exciting fact is that the whole country is behind coffee production because of its suitable geography. Coffee is technically their identification. Colombia has special attention from people all over the world due to the best Colombian coffee brands. Learn more about weight lose ultra green coffee.

Colombian Coffee Beans

Production of best Colombian coffee

Colombia is the 3rd largest coffee producing country in the world. They have a long history of coffee production. According to some reports, production of coffee started in Colombia on the year of 1835. From then, climate and technology have played hand in hand and made Colombian coffee brands world famous. Their soil and weather play a vital role behind chocolaty taste of the best Colombia coffee.

Colombian Coffee beans are famous for their rich, mild flavors and various tastes with sweet aromas. Colombia is a famous exporter of coffee beans because coffee production is carried out across the whole country. What a great combination and collaboration of heat, moist, and trace elements Colombia has! This combination also paves the way towards a dynamic taste and engaging aroma.

The coffee plants thrive under shady places of banana trees in the tropical climate. The high altitude of Colombia helps coffee beans to grow in various ways. About 12% of the whole world’s coffee is produced in Colombia. It meets the shortfalls of coffee in Brazil and Vietnam. More than 500,000 families in Colombia are directly producing coffee beans for their livelihood. 

Key facts behind the production process of the best Colombian coffee

  • The coffee plants are planted in high mountain areas; at least 1200 metres above the sea level. And taller trees are planted adjacent to these coffee trees so that they get shed from the taller trees and protection from bright sunlight.

A combination of shed and high land is a must to grow high quality coffee. And to get best Colombian coffee prominent brands maintain this combination very well.

  • The grains go through a wet-processing method which has a duration of about 24 hours. For this method, continuous water flow is maintained and this method causes a partial fermentation.
  • Then comes two very crucial yet critical steps:
    • Picking berries
    • Sorting grains

Both of these steps are done manually.

  • Then the beans are categorized not only via their variety but also according to their size. Because it is believed that, the quality of coffee beans not only depends on the variety but also the size of the beans.
  • The government of Colombia is very strict about the production of coffee and so the procedure is very strict and there is the scope of quality compromise.
  • And, most importantly Colombian coffee brands mainly rely on Arabica beans for the special aroma.

These overall procedure results in a fantastic aroma and a mild, yet very expressive taste. This will fulfill your morning with a heart-warming taste and gorgeous aroma.

Which features of makes Colombian coffee beans make it the best Colombian coffee

The best Colombian coffee beans are mostly dark roasted, though a medium roast also brings high profile Colombian Beans. It is favored for its espresso brewing and gaining a unique flavor every time. 

Arabica Beans

The most important factor which makes Colombian Coffee the most unique in the world is their exclusive production of Arabica Coffee beans. Some specific variants are named Bourbon, Maragogype, Caturra, and Typica, etc. However, Arabic beans are considered superior quality beans. Thus it dominates the production in Colombia as a whole. Colombia is considered the most precious country across the world in producing this superior type of Arabica beans, and it is a really impressive attribute to possess such a vast production scale.

Supremo Beans

Supremo is actually concerned with the size of beans obtained in a production batch. The “Supremo” label is often seen on Best Colombia Coffee Brands to show superior size, high-quality beans. They believe that larger beans pack more flavor to coffee lovers, so the Supremo beans are sold separately under a specified label.   

5 best Colombian coffee

The Don Pablo Supremo Coffee

It was founded in 1989 by a Colombian woman with the assistance of her American husband. It accounts for its coffee quality and freshness in the region. The coffee exhibits a sweet, rich flavor along with a buttery taste. Though you will taste some type of syrupy or acidity in a small amount. They offer a mild, small-batch roasting coffee; however, you can demand a medium-dark roast with a citrus taste on occasional notes. 

Blackwelder Coffee’s Bucaramanga Coffee

It is one of the most popular brands in the Northern region of Colombia, situated in Santander. It is famous for the medium-dark roast of beans, offers Supremo coffee. They also offer some pretty top-quality beans to customers on demand. A mild acidity taste is followed by some Vanilla, nuts, or chocolate flavor aftertaste. It was really an amazing one found in my whole tour of Columbia with the head of cheap essay help.

The Supremo Dark Roast Coffee

It is one of the most famous Colombian traditional coffee flavors providing service in the region. Their specialty is in two dominant flavors, one is known as earth, and the second is cherry. These are medium-dark to dark roast beans, having Supremo quality beans complemented by sweet honey taste with mild acidity. All the features go for a delightful complex cup of coffee. If someone is looking to try something different and good in taste, he should go for this indeed.   

Juan Valdez Premium Selection

It is a famous Colombian Coffee company, named after a farmer whose face and logo were associated with high-quality coffee beans. The company offers a wide range of precious products having unique and lovely tastes individually. You can check what suits your taste by checking their Gourmet, Premium, and Sustainable lines, these are flavors they offer. All the flavors possess mild acidity. They also offer a Bold option if you are willing to try something more robust for your taste.

Cubico’s Nariño Coffee

It is Narino based best medium roast coffee company, recommended by many coffee-lovers. Narino is a part of the Southern area in Colombia, known for its special coffee beans. The coffee beans are rich, volcanic, and grown at high altitudes resulting in the incredible production of high-quality supreme beans. They offer a complex coffee cup filled with lime, lemon, and a sweetness loaded with a maple tone. You can check their citrus flavor for your demand. 

Regional Variations in coffee beans

Some identifiable features are seen with the variations in regions of Colombia. However, Best Colombian Coffee always tends to be mild and well-balanced in taste. All the flavors note for fruity tastes, ranging from tropical to apple and red berry flavors. The other famous flavors are chocolate, sugar cane, floral, caramel notes. While aroma also varies among different bean variants, you can enjoy the citrus aroma, fruity aroma, and some spices aroma also there.

The bright acidity brews are also served there on demand from a customer. Colombia contains 22 different regions for best coffee production, taste and aroma vary as you move from one region to another one. However, the whole coffee industry bears the coffee crisis occasionally due to different reasons. The most crucial problem is farmers’ low wages who work hard for the whole year to produce enough amounts of coffee.

Future Outlook of the coffee industry in Colombia

The Colombian authorities are taking necessary measures to improve the coffee crisis in the world. They are trying to shift the whole trade process to a fair and direct system, which will help the farmers to improve their livelihoods. It will result in increased coffee production in the country, ultimately providing more exports to the country. The 4 million people directly rely on the coffee industry to earn their daily life wages. Thus the Government is trying to improve this industry for the welfare of both the country and its people.

We hope now you have a clear idea of the best Colombian coffee which will help you decide whether you should buy Colombian coffee or not. And if you buy Colombian coffee which brand will be the best fit for you. Visit now to discover the benefits of drinking coffee.

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