A Sneakpeak Into The Fragrant World of Dossier Where The Magic Happens!!

Dossier seeks inspiration and insights from all across the globe to produce the most sensual perfumes that tingle the nostrils with an enchanting fragrance. Based in New York, we operate across three continents. France being the world’s capital of scents lies at the heart and soul of Dossier.

Specifically, Paris and Grasse are the heartbeats of the French perfume industry. Therefore, with the vision to make premium perfumes accessible to everyone at a modest price, we have our evaluator residing in Paris and five perfumers in Grasse.

We work as a unit to manufacture brand-inspired perfumes, for instance, our lively Aromatic Ginger which is inspired by Louis Vuitton’s lv l ‘immensite, and many more.

The Pillars of Dossier

We live by the motto that Dossier is a force for good. To ensure our respect for the motto, we stand on the resilient pillars of transparency, craftsmanship, acceptance, and lastly, perfume for all. Taking an alternative route from the typical scenarios of the perfume industry, Dossier is a place of total transparency.

Transparent about what you ask? About the ethically sourced ingredients, inspirations, and of course the price tags. It caught our attention that perfumes are being sold at a much higher price range than the manufacturing price, making it an out-of-reach investment item for millions of buyers worldwide.

To help perfume lovers break through this obstacle we are always on the adventure of producing inspired versions of the most famous perfumes at a wallet-friendly rate. This welcomes people who are overlooked by the perfume industry or people who want to step into the fragrant world of perfumes wholeheartedly to embark on this sweet journey with Dossier.

However, that doesn’t have any impact on the quality of our perfumes. Our perfumers in Grasse have high standards when it comes to combining the best top notes, heart notes, and base notes.

To ensure the perfect sense of the notes we use higher concentrations than many established brands. This extra care is what makes Dossier’s perfume long-lasting and high-end.

While talking about brands, let’s not forget that perfume represents who you are. It’s your aura that can enchant your surrounding. So, while selecting your perfume we at Dossier highly encourage you to dictate with your senses, don’t just go with the trend.

Dossier doesn’t only strive for the best fragrance but also encourages sustainability. We believe in going green to leave a long-term positive impact on the world.

We proudly state that we have mastered the perfect environmentally friendly packaging which is 100% recyclable. Not only that, but our glass packagings are also 100% recyclable.

We at Dossier are willing to avoid the unnecessary use of plastic from our production line. As a result, our packagings are plastic-free. Our craving for producing good products doesn’t only limit to our purchasers but also expands to the world. We desire good for our clients, and the planet.

As an outcome, Dossier houses 100% non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan fragrances. Our ethical, and sustainable products are manufactured by strictly following the U.S. and E.U. cosmetic safety recommendations. Now, you can indulge in the luxurious world of perfumes without any self-guilt.

The Workings In Our Perfumes

At Dossier we maintain 15 foundation olfactive families to appropriately section all the compositions we formulate. The 15 families consist of ambery, aquatic, aromatic, citrus, floral, fougere, fruity, gourmand, green, musky, powdery, spicy, and woody. Each of these categories has its unique personality.

You can vividly explore the characteristics of each of these families from Dossier’s website for a better understanding. Currently, we have 80 brand-inspired perfumes under our belt divided into men, women, and unisex categories.

To put it in simple words, the composition of these perfumes is formulated to produce something close to the original branded fragrance but more concentrated. In a sense, our perfumes come out to be better than the original version. Hence, Dossier can keep its promise of providing high-end products in a minimum price range.

With that being said, let’s talk about some of our best-selling perfumes. Let’s start with Amber Saffron which is inspired by MFK’s Baccarat Rouge; this unisex perfume offers a sizzling cedarwood and sultry amber tone alongside the deep and intoxicating saffron spice.

Not to forget, our Citrus Green Apple which provides overall natural, and joyful energy. Like these two there is a wide selection of perfumes in Dossier’s list, with their unique personalities which makes it timeless.

The Rise Of A New Era For Dossier

Although Dossier is known among its buyers to only replicate famous brands’ perfumes, we have now launched our very own Dossier originals. These involve scents that you have never experienced before. But our policy of cruelty-free and vegan product production remains.

With the new launch of Dossier’s original perfume line, we are more than grateful to be able to bring our distinctive and luxurious fragrance to the table at a fair and accessible price range.

Shopping With Dossier Is All About Confidence

Not only will be shopping guilt-free but also risk-free. Now, online perfume shopping is not a hassle anymore, all thanks to Dossier’s 100% risk-free shipping.

Anyone can place an order of up to 5 bottles which will be accompanied by 2 ml samples. If the scent doesn’t trigger your olfactory system then within the next 30 days we will accept your returns.

As we strongly believe in sustainability, Dossier gives the returned products a second life. It is then given off to a non-profitable organization named Give Back Box. Then these perfumes are shared with 60+ charities all over the US.

Apart from the lucrative price tags, Dossier also gifts offers like free delivery and rewards to their beloved customers to make their entire perfume-collecting experience better than ever.

Dossier: A Force To Recon

When it comes to perfumes Dossier doesn’t cut any corners. Our main focus is to keep high-quality standards consistent, and the price at your arm’s reach. While achieving so, we make sure to leave as little negative impact on our plant as possible.

Our vegan, and cruelty-free perfumes will not only have you smelling good but also feeling good. So, we proudly state that Dossier is indeed a force of good.