4 Things to Know Before Starting Massage Therapy Training

Are you considering going to school for massage therapy? Getting a massage therapy certificate and becoming an LMT can be an incredibly rewarding career path. Not only can you help people deal with acute pain and stiffness, mental health, and relaxation, but you can also choose a variety of ways to run your business. You can join a physical therapist or chiropractor in their office, work with other massage therapists, or even visit people in their own homes to provide massage services. 

Before you choose massage therapy training, keep the following in mind.

How Long You’ll Be in School

Depending on which state you live and are becoming licensed in, the requirements will be different. In New York, for example, you need 1,000 hours of massage therapy training and education. There are many colleges that offer massage therapy courses on nights and weekends so you can continue to work or take care of your family. In most cases, you will be able to finish your schooling and get your license after 12 months. 

How Much Massage Therapy School Costs 

Though getting a massage therapist certificate will certainly cost you less than many other college degrees, you’ll still need to plan for the financial aspects of your education. The average cost to obtain an LMT certificate is between $8,000 and $11,000. You may also need to buy books or other equipment to fulfill the course requirements. Depending on the school you attend, you may be able to qualify for scholarships, grants, or loans that will help you pay for your course

The School You Choose Matters 

Finding a massage therapy school that fits your needs, personality, and requirements is important to your overall experience. To find the right school for you, ask other massage therapists in the area where they did their training and if they would or would not recommend it. You can also do online research to read reviews from past or current students, visit school locations, or even ask to speak with instructors to see which school is the best fit

What You’ll Do With Your Certificate

Although you don’t need to make a final decision on what your career will look like, it’s advantageous to have an idea of what you want to do once you graduate. This will help you choose the right classes and equipment and might lead you to mentors who are already doing the work you plan to do after you graduate. For example, a job working in a high-end spa will look much different than one working in a physical therapist’s office, and knowing your preference will help you tailor your education to your future needs.

Getting Your Massage Therapy Certificate 

Ready to embark on the exciting path to becoming a massage therapist? When you find the right school for your needs, you can easily fit schooling into your busy life and take the first step toward starting a new career.