Bedroom Kit Homes

3 Bedroom Kit Homes | A Detailed Guide!

A 3-bedroom kit home is a type of prefabricated home. These DIY (do-it-yourself) homes are pre-cut, packed, and delivered to you to build by following the instruction manual that comes with the package.

Kit homes do not offer the same experience as properly constructed houses. But the homes are very convenient, especially if you are not financially well off.

If you are considering buying a home kit, you have landed in the right place. We have all the details you need, from the cost of 3-bedroom home kits to the pros and cons of purchasing these homes and more.  If you are looking for the best building material, check Wickes discount vouchers at Latest Deals. 

1. How Much Is A 3- Bedroom House Kit?

A 3-bedroom house kit may cost anything from $14,000 to $200,000. It depends on the size, materials, and also what is included in the package. House kits cost a lot less than traditional built on-site homes in general.

A house kit will cost you $40 to $80 per square foot. But you might get it at a cheaper rate depending on the material used and where you purchase your prefabricated home. Some home kits do not have all the necessary materials, so you will have to spend extra to buy these elsewhere.

The cost of purchasing a 3-bedroom home kit is only a fraction of the total cost. This is because you need to spend money on the land you intend to build your home and pay the builders who will assemble it (if you are not doing it yourself).

2. What Do I Need To Evaluate Before Purchasing A 3 Bedroom  Kit Home?

The following factors must be evaluated to determine whether purchasing a 3-bedroom kit home will be wise.

1. State And Regional Requirements

Make sure to apply state to state and region to region, along with getting checked at your local council in order to get clearance to build your 3-bedroom house kit. Do research bushfire regulations, wind/cyclone possibilities, and water issues in the area in which you plan to construct your home.

2. The Construction Site

The appearance of your land will determine the method you should use for construction. Building your home on steel posts will be easier if there are flat blocks. But if the site slopes, you may need to consider a stumped home, which will be less pleasant to live in.

You can always level the construction site if permission is granted. However, doing so will incur additional expenses, and you will also need a  plan for the sloping site to evaluate the changes needed to level it.

3. Vegetation

Before building your 3-bedroom house kit, ensure your construction site is clear of vegetation. If trees are in your area, they may make it challenging to build your home, in which case you need to remove these greeneries. 

4. Adequate Dimensions 

The dimensions of your land must be adequate for the size of the home you decide to build. Do consider boundary clearances by maintaining the correct distance from the external walls of your home to the front and side rear boundaries.


Before deciding on the placement of your 3-bedroom house kit, it is essential to consider the soil of the land to determine whether to build a slab or stumped home. You should also visit the site at different times, especially in the morning and afternoon. Doing so will help you get a clear view of the shaded positions and the midday sun’s impact on your home.

6. Services

Whether you build your home in a town or a rural area, check whether the necessary services are available nearby. Confirm whether your site is connected to the supply afterward or if you need to purchase a pump.

Since you are building a 3-bedroom kit home, it’s evident that your family will be staying with you. That’s why the area you decide to stay in needs to meet the requirements of the family members. If kids are involved, you must remain in an area with schools and parks nearby. Also, try to build a home where you can easily reach doctors, use transport facilities, and do your regular shopping without traveling long distances. 

7. Sufficient Space

Purchase a site with sufficient space, as you need access to deliver the materials. Since large vehicles will provide the materials from the sellers to you, sufficient space is required for the delivery.

You also need room to store the materials and cover them to prevent damage from the sun and water before constructing your home.

8. Soil Conditions

Check the soil carefully by walking over the land to search for rocks or stones, which could indicate large rocks or stones under the surface. Large rocks and visible cracks in the soil may cause problems with construction, which will increase the foundation cost of your home. Get a soil report done to determine the position of your home kit.

9. Construction Specifications 

Some sites, especially town blocks, may have specifications or restrictions when constructing homes. The specifications include the size of the house, building materials (for example, only brick can be used), specific roof colors, height restrictions, underground water tanks, and also a time limit may be set within which you have to finish building your home.

10. Solar Installation 

Solar installation is a great way to reduce power costs. The best time to install solar in your new home is when constructing it rather than leaving it till later. Do decide whether you want your whole house powered by solar or just a few rooms.

11. Gas

Check whether your site is connected to gas lines; otherwise, you may need bottled gas to cook and boil water. Note that most domestic blocks do have line connections.

What Do I Need To Evaluate Before Purchasing A 3 Bedroom  Kit Home
What Do I Need To Evaluate Before Purchasing A 3 Bedroom  Kit Home?

3. What To Consider When Designing Your 3-Bedroom Home Kits?

We have mentioned the 8 most important things to consider when designing your 3-bedroom home kit appropriately.

1. Size

The size of your home depends on many factors, such as your budget and the number of people living there. 3-bedroom home kits usually range from 1000 sq. ft.- 3000 sq. ft. in size.

2. Flat/Ranked Ceiling

If your 3-bedroom house kit has a flat ceiling, you may want to consider a trussed roof. On the other hand, a skillion-style roof will be perfect for a ranked ceiling.

The height of the ceiling must also be appropriate for those staying in the house kit. You could select one that is 2.4m, although the height may be an issue for tall people if you install fans. In this case, ceilings that are 2.7m in height or higher will be a wiser option.

3. Dimensions

The size of your site will determine the overall dimensions of your house kit. So consider the size of each room carefully so that it goes with your lifestyle.

4. Special Fittings For The Disabled

Consider ramps, handrails, larger bathrooms, special floor coverings, fitting light switches, and door handles at a lower height for any disabled member staying with you.

5. Age And Needs Of Occupants:

Arrange a nursery next to the master bed if you have a toddler/infant. Even the older children need space to study and socialize, which you can build inside the home kit. And if you work from home, you will need an office 

6. Lifestyle 

When designing your home, it is essential to do it according to your lifestyle for comfortable living. Remember your hobbies, room size, garage, play areas, and whatever will help you build the perfect home.

7. Heaters And Coolers:

Make sure to install heaters, ceiling fans, and air conditioners to keep you comfy in all the seasons. And yes, your home kit should have cross-flow ventilation to let in fresh air.

8. Position Of Entry For Vehicles

If you own a vehicle and live outside town, you may need a garage attached to your 3-bedroom home kit. But if you build your home on town blocks, then you can use the streets as a car parking area.

4. Steps To Follow Before The Construction Process Of Your 3-Bedroom Kit  Home

Here is a step-by-step guide to the procedures you must follow to reach the construction stage of your 3-bedroom kit home

Step 1: Consult a professional kit home designer or choose a standard plan according to your requirements.

Step 2: Clearly mention all the materials and products you want the kit to contain to the seller.

Step 3: Take an estimate of the total expenses required to build a 3-bedroom home kit from the supplier. If you can bear the cost, then draw up an agreement with the supplier and pay an initial deposit to confirm your purchase. 

Step 4: Show the home kit supplier the foundation and construction plans that you got prepared by an engineer. 

Step 5: Get your supplier to make a final quote of the total cost of the home kit you will finally purchase and pay the remaining balance, subtracting the amount you paid for the deposit.

Step 6: You must submit the construction plans to the local certifier/council for approval to build your home kit.

Step 7: As soon as your plans get approved by the council, you can ask your home kit supplier to deliver the primary building materials to your site so that you can start the construction process.

Step 8: Start constructing foundations and footing to floor level to prepare for the wall frames.

Step 9: Once the frame is constructed, ask your electrician and plumber to install the required wiring and pipes in the frame.

Step 10: Arrange for the rest of the materials of your home kit to be delivered to you from your supplier. Then, complete the construction of the window, door, and roof, and think about the interior design and footings you want to install.

Step 11: If your kit comes with plasterboard, deliver it. Otherwise, install materials such as plasterboards, wardrobe shelving, insulation, and internal doors in your home kit.

Step 12: Now, it’s time to install the cabinets. Then, ask your plumber and electrician to install all the bathroom and kitchen fittings along with connecting the stoves, heating, cooling, and lighting in your home.

Step 13: Now that everything is done, you can move into your new home!

5. Pros and Cons of 3 Bedroom Kit Homes

Go through the pros and cons carefully before finalizing your decision to purchase a 3-bedroom kit home. 

Pros Of 3- Bedroom Kit Homes

1. Less Costly

3 bedroom house kits will cost a lot less than buying a home that is already fully built on fresh land.  DIY products are always less expensive, and home kits are a good choice for those with financial restrictions who need a place to live.

2. It Takes Less Time To Build

Once you purchase the home kit, you can expect the delivery within a few weeks and complete the construction process in a few weeks. A traditional home sometimes takes at least 7 months to build or more.

3. Customizations

The 3-bedroom home kits can be customized according to your likes and needs to build your dream home.

4. Newly Built Home

Although you are building a 3- 3-bedroom prefab home, it will still be a brand-new house. Plus, all the doors and other fittings will also be new, so you don’t have to worry about replacing anything soon.

Cons Of 3- Bedroom Kit Homes

1. Expensive For Those Living In Rural Areas

A home kit is less costly if you live in the city or town. But for those who reside in rural areas, building a kit home may cost the same as making a traditional house. This is because finding the perfect location to construct a home kit and get all the necessary paperwork increases expenses.

2. More Energy Needed

Building a DIY home will take more time and energy, especially if you plan to do it all yourself.

3. Delivery Issues

Those of you who live in an area where manufacturers are unwilling to deliver you may not be able to purchase a home kit. Or if the supplier does provide delivery services, then you may have to pay extra for the longer drive.

4. Mediocre Quality

Since home kits have yet to become popular, no minimum standard must be met before selling them. Hence, the mediocre quality of these 3-bedroom house kits may not meet your expectations and fulfill your requirements.

6. Where Can I Find 3- Bedroom House Kits?

There are several online shops where you can purchase your desired home kits.

1. For 3-bedroom tiny house kits, you can check out the Desert Spring View kit. This 908 sq. ft tiny home kit made of steel frame has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, which you can build in 5 days. 

You can also find a variety of more extensive 3-bedroom house kits on Plus 1—the sizes of the house range from 1022 sq. ft to 14.27 sq. ft. Contact them for the correct information about the total expenses of buying a home kit.

2. American Made House Kits has a wide range of 3-bedroom house kits you can choose from. They range from 1030 sq. ft to 2856 sq. ft., which will cost you anything from $ 13,400 to $37,150 or even more. All you need to do is choose the floor plan that goes with your requirements, and they will provide you with all the necessary materials to build your home.

7. Home Kits vs Traditional Built Homes

Here are the key differences between home kits and traditional-built homes to help you decide which option is better.

Home KitsTraditional Built Homes
The price of home kits starts from $40 per sq. ft.It costs a minimum of $163 per sq. ft to build traditional homes.
Steel frames are used to make home kits, which you can do by yourself and save labor costs.Traditional homes are made with a number of materials, such as bricks, cement, etc. Plus, you need to employ professional builders to construct your house.
It takes only a few weeks to build a 3-bedroom home kit.Building a traditional house with 3 bedrooms can take months to a few years.
In the case of cyclones and earthquakes, home kits are less likely to be damaged as they are mostly made of steel.Traditional houses built with bricks are more likely to be damaged or collapse during earthquakes.


Is it easy to build a 3-bedroom home kit?

Building a 3-bedroom home kit takes plenty of time and brainwork as you must assemble all the parts perfectly. But at the end of the day, you can be proud of your self-built new home.

How long does a home kit last?

A home kit can last as long as homes that are built traditionally. Some home kits have a warranty of 30-40 years. But it all depends on the materials used and the construction process of the homes.

Can I build my home kit on a slab or construct it on a raised floor?

A slab is recommended for thermal reasons and is cheaper than a raised floor. 

Summing Up: 3- Bedroom Kit Homes

3-bedroom kit homes are less expensive and easy to build, allowing you to construct a new customized home without spending a fortune. But then again, finding the perfect land and getting construction approval from the council can also be somewhat of a hassle. 

That’s why we have added all the information you need to help you decide whether 3-bedroom house kits will suit your lifestyle and meet your expectations.