Your Ultimate Japanese Streetwear Style Guide

Japanese streetwear is a blend of traditional Japanese fashion and international or western fashion. The result is a unique style that borders on eccentric or unconventional – the likes of which now grace fashion runways across the globe. 

Typically, Japanese streetwear can be described as a subcultural trend that has evolved to what it is today. To this day, young Japanese boys and girls garb themselves in these attires and can be seen in some urban districts. Even non-Japanese are basking in the trend. 

Japanese streetwear is usually characterized by several color and style extremes. For example, Japanese streetwear often features bright neon or monochrome colors, skinny or loose-fitting styles, short or long designs, etc.

Also, Japanese streetwear finds a way to revive fashion trends that have faded or introduce new mind-blowing trends. If you want to join the trend, below are some popular combinations you can try. 

Fashion Style Options for You

Pants And Shorts

Gone are the days where pants and shorts were only made as jeans or dress clothing. Nowadays, Japanese streetwear has created a niche to suit the lifestyle of everyone who indulges. Ever the trailblazer, Japanese streetwear fashion lovers can choose from a variety of pants and shorts, including camo, techwear, etc. All Japanese streetwear pieces come as unisex or differentiated pieces and appeal to both traditional and Bohemian fashion lovers.

The most popular choices among Japanese streetwear lovers are high-rise pants, traditional, cargo and techwear pants and shorts, etc. You can find Japanese streetwear shots on this shop

The Shoe Game 

When it comes to shoes, Japanese streetwear raises the bar when it comes to originality. All footwear sported by Japanese streetwear lovers have distinct, unique designs that portray that subtle hint and respect for culture. Japanese streetwear lovers can choose from a collection of footwear including sneakers, durable rubber shoes, techwear shoes, etc.

More often than not, people who want to make a fashion statement often go for footwear with sophisticated and complicated designs. Others typically go for simpler, lighter footwear, usually due to their ranges of motion.

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T-shirts And Hoodies

Whether it’s cold or warm, Japanese streetwear fashion caters to all seasons. Fabrics are made to accommodate people in different lines of work. For example, Japanese streetwear clothes are made of cotton, lightweight materials, waterproof and insulating linings, etc.

More often, the most common choices of Japanese streetwear lovers are T-shirts and hoodies in neon colors, black or grey. Most times, they pair their bold choices with equally loud/ accentuating makeup and hairstyles.

What makes Japanese streetwear unique is its inclusivity of people from different walks of life, while retaining certain cultural aspects. This is what makes it attractive to many different kinds of people.

Your Dresses

When it comes to dresses, Japanese streetwear often features either throwback designs or modern ones infused with bits of culture. An example is the “Lolita” or “Gothic Lolita” look.

The Lolita combines designs and accessories from the Elizabethan era and modern traditional elements. The Lolita features a petticoat, lace trimmings, stockings, bows, matching sling purses, etc. The “Gothic Lolita“, however, is all-black, with morbid or scary embellishments.

Another well-loved look is the “Uniform” look. This consists of short, pleated skirts or pinafores, paired with plain white tops, usually white.

What are you waiting for? This might just be the best time for you to join the trend.

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