Simple Ways to Tell Your Pipes Have Been Damaged

Water is an essential element of life. The pipes in your house carry water to meet your needs. You entrust them with the responsibility of delivering water to your household. Such loads can cause them to break down or cause them to be damage. Therefore, finned copper tubing is the most effective solution to prevent this issue. Hence finding out damage in your pipe is very important. If you don’t know about the damage, then you can’t fix it either. 

Here we are going to talk about simple and easy ways of telling that your pipe is damaged.

Some Symptoms That Represent That Your Pipes Have Been Damaged

Water Bill

Click to read more– If there is damage to your pipes, you will see a sudden spike in your water bills. You might blame your running toilet tap for it, but it might be severe damage in the pipeline. If not taken care of, this might result in the flow of water and your money.

A rapid growth in the water bill is an alarm for you. It is time to take some professional help and you can find a plumber by simply googling a repipe specialist near me.

Constant Noise

If you can hear the burbling of water near tanks, even if the washrooms are unoccupied then this is your pipeline yelling for help. Your pipe will give you such small hints that you must decipher before it’s too late. If you can hear such noises on the regular basis then immediately call a plumber and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

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Fight Between your Pipes

Yes, you heard it right, your pipes might be fighting. If you are able to hear screeching sound from your water main, then this indicates that your pipes are loose and they are banging against each other. You will also hear the same noise when water flows through them. Loosen pipes are considered a big issue in plumbing.

If they aren’t repaired in time then this clanging sound can convert into breakage, bending, or even leakage. If you got this sign from your pipeline, then call a plumber and save yourself from costly plumbing issues in the future.

Reduced Water Qualities

A corroded pipe will decrease the quality of water. You will notice contaminated water which will have a brownish-red color with a lot more foam. If the water coming out of your tap looks like this, then this is high time to change the corroded pipes. Corrosion in pipes happens due to the oxidization of its material. Call a professional and change the pipes.

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Inconsistent Water Pressure

The pressure of water flowing from your taps and shower drops down, then this is a huge sign of pipeline damage. This can be a result of the blockage, severe leak, or a break in the pipes. This can cause severe damages to the entire water system. This needs to be fixed immediately. 


If your house is packed with unbearable odor, then there is a chance that your pipes are either clogged or leaking. This fills the surrounding of the pipeline with sewage. If no taken care of, this can grow into an even bigger issue putting a load on your pipeline. This will end in leakages at several parts of the pipeline. Try to counter it before it is out of your hand. Help from a plumber will always work in such scenarios.

Your house is a swimming Pool Now

There would be water at every other place in your house. Near sinks, bathtubs, and every other place where it shouldn’t be. Then this is the indication that your pipe has a leakage. 

Such leakage will also cause moist and damped walls, which can be very harmful to the walls and the ceiling. If you have noticed such spots on your wall then go and call your plumber before the pipeline and the walls are completely demolished by leaking water. Such damped walls can be harmful to the health of your house.

Different Types of Leakage

Sewer Leak

These types of leaks are often very hard to find. They go unnoticed unless there are some clear signs like damage to the floor. This should be treated very quickly as it can be very terrible for the sewer line.

It can be cleared and fixed with professional help.

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Elusive Leak

This leak requires some hi-tech types of equipment like sonar and infrared cams. This is the most difficult one to be noticed. There is a long hectic process to figure out the position of such a leak.


Find out here now – These were some ways to find out that your pipeline is damaged and needs to be taken care of. These damages can vary from being severe to normal blockage. If you don’t have any knowledge of plumbing dynamics, then call a plumber and let him do his job. 

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