Your Complete Guide to Use Ahrefs

Global marketers go beyond a variety of guides to resolve problems they face in projecting a good website content link building efforts. Once they are firm on their goals and have the right tools for the marketing ideas, all the rest is easy and it gives them a competitive sense to do business marketing and optimizing it. Ahrefs is a platform that keeps eye on your daily website progress. But Ahrefs is not an easy tool to use. For that, you might need a complete guide to use Ahrefs.

It is an international system that is a reliable and solid backlink checker tool that provides detailed backlink profiles for your website. This backlink application gives users a clear and of any website or URL’s background. So many users are confused about using Ahrefs, don’t worry because here we are presenting Your Complete Guide To Use Ahrefs:  

Ahrefs tools (Complete Ahrefs Glossary)

Before going further beginners need to first understand the language of Ahrefs. Every software has its own function and language which make the particular software different from other websites. Ahrefs is also one of the top ranking and reliable site which introduces its own language. Before using Ahrefs, first, you need to understand its particular language. So here is your own Ahrefs glossary so that you will be able to understand this website properly: 


Backlinks are the link of one website taken from other websites. Backlinks are considered to be the important tool for SCO because it improves you’re your website SEO ranking. It makes a major impact on any website’s search results on Google. 

URL Rating

Ahrefs URL Rating is denoted as UR in the matric option which measures the quality pointing to a given URL on the scale of 1 to 100. 

Domain Rating

Ahrefs is also used to measure the quantity and quality of links pointing to a whole domain. Link quantity and quality relates with higher rankings for all URLs on a domain in search engines.

Ahrefs Rank

Ahrefs Rank is the list of all the websites on the internet ordered by the size and quality of their backlink profile.

Referring Pages

Referring pages is the number of URLs pointing to your site. A page can have multiple links. 

Referring Domains

The amount of exceptional domains with a hyperlink pointing to a URL is proven to be referring domains. A domain can also have multiple referring pages and backlinks. 

Referring Content

Ahrefs includes a unique content feature that measures the relative traffic that an exceptional piece of content sends to a given URL based on the popularity and acceptance of the referring content.


 The anchor means the text used within a URL’s backlinks. For eg, if Michael Jackson Costume is making a link on Best Michael Jackson Costume then their anchor appear on Ahrefs will be Best Michael Jackson Costume.

Sitewide / Not Sitewide

This feature means Ahrefs’ categorization of a link showing whether it displays in the same location on every page of a referring domain or not.

Fresh Index/Live Index

Ahrefs have introduced an exclusive feature which is an effort to maintain a historical index of links.

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Top Pages

A given URLs’ top pages based on the criteria that you have selected.
After going through this exceptional dictionary from Ahrefs, let’s know about why digital marketing agency use Ahref for the betterment of your website.

Ahrefs Dashboard

The Ahrefs Dashboard is the prime feature you need to understand. It is the column where you keep track of all your data. You can add any URL in this fabulous feature in order keep a running snapshot of a domains health. It is helpful in showing any technical faults and new links. It is also helpful in showing the new referring domains, and a snapshot of Ahrefs’ domain rating with URL rankings. A dashboard is a supportive feature through which you can also keep track of the ranking of keywords and provides you content alert. 

Key Features

Ahrefs Dashboard has key features like content alerts and keyword rankings. Rankings are the most important part of the website which helps in boosting up your website’s traffic. It also helps you in the making of amazing keywords that can be useful for your HTML. It alerts you when your keyword ranking changes. It is useful because it helps you in planning outreach and competitive analysis. You can set several phrases that are directly relevant to your website so that you can get an update whenever a new piece of content is published around that phrase or that keyword.

Site Explorer (Link Data)

Site Explorer is a fantastic feature available on Ahrefs that allows you to enter any URL and check that URLs backlinks.  Ahrefs is able to get this data by running a crawler around the Web just like Googlebot.

Key Features of Ahrefs Site Explorer

Inbound Links

Inbound Links is the first key feature included on-site explorer. Search engines use Inbound Links as a proxy for human ratification. When you have more links from the trustworthy websites on appropriate pages then it will surely increase your organic traffic. 

Top Content

It is considered the second best feature of the site explorer named Top Content. This feature enables you to look at how a specific page on a URL is performing. You can also sift and sort links, shares, or Ahrefs weighted importance score. 

Referring Content

Introducing you the third and the most important key element is Referring Content. This component demonstrates to you what content on the Internet that has a connection to the URL you are investigating has the most connections/shares or assessed movement. 

Broken Links

Now it’s time to present the fourth and last key component that shows up in both Inbound and Outbound Links. This element demonstrates to you which joins are linking to or linking out to a specified URL that never again exists.

Abe to keep eye on your competitors

Competitors are those who play an important part in the growth of your business through many ways because you can learn many things from them such as their marketing strategies, their content and product advertising but to find out what they are doing is really difficult. Ahrefs has an amazing solution for your this problem too.

Now you can check what your competitors are doing no matter they are doing it on a big scale or small scale. You are able to see that from where they are getting their links from. You can also go and try to get the same links. You can use the information and try to develop your own unique technique in order to meet the desired goals. You can look at Referring Domains, which will group the links by domain.

How Your Content Does Well by using the top content report

Those who write content they always put effective and informative writings for the website visitors in order to impress them with the content but it happens a lot when you want your blogs to rank high and get more views but it cannot be able to meet your expectations.

Numerous advertisers feel that the substance that creates offers will likewise straightforwardly produce links but this is not true. You can use the top content report which is a feature available on ahrefs will help you in understanding exactly that what works well.

You can figure out that which pages actually get links if you are building your organic presence. Try to understand which kind of content get more shares. It will also help you in understanding what type of content gets picked up and liked by peoples. There are thousands of questions about content can be easily answered by using the Top Content report.

Explore Wikipedia & Top Publishers

Wikipedia is the top ranking portal you can Pull link metrics on Wikipedia URLs related to your own business remember that you can search by subfolder. You can create more marketing ideas. Take a look on publishing focused site either related to your business or related to your industry and take a top content report. This will allow you to skip the content that you are sure about that it will work well. 

Perform Keyword Research

As ahrefs is able to perform so many things together you will be glad to know that you can also use ahrefs as your own keyword searching tool as well, This tool has become one of best feature for finding keywords and best content ideas. 

Use the Content Gap Tool

Here is another tool which will help you in keeping eye on your competitors.  This is an astonishing tool will show what keywords you are NOT ranking for, but your competitors are ranking. All you need to do is copy your competitors URL in to the Show keywords that any of the below targets rank for section. You can add more than one or two competitors, then, put your URL into the provided area. Now you will have access to keywords and content ideas that you are not able to use but others are using them and are targeting on that keywords. Now it’s your turn try to make contents unique and try to use strategies which can lead to Google search results 

Backlink Audits

Ahrefs has an incredible feature named backlink audits which is the useful and the best feature. By using this tool you can audit your existing link profile because it is a good first step for any new SEO campaign. Ahrefs will provide you the data you need to make informed decision about your link profile.

Easy to Find Writer by Using Ahrefs

Writers are on high demand these days because every SEO writer knows what to write next for their website, they are having a complete experience in the field of content marketing. The tool name Content Explorer will help you out in finding authors. On Content explorer results, you can click through to look at a specific writer. This is helpful for finding guest post openings or finding an independent writer who can compose at a scope of productions.

Understand Platform Types & Goals

Those who are confused about social platforms sharing techniques they don’t need to worry because content explorer have introduced an effective way through which you can check your marketing goals , links do not always relate with shares. Furthermore, shares on one stage don’t constantly correspond with different stages, e.g., Facebook Shares versus Twitter Tweets. You can utilize Content Explorer to make sense of what content accommodates your advertising objectives. For example, if it’s a movement to drive organic traffic, sort by links – not by overall shares.

Here is the complete guide in which we have delivered you how to use Ahrefs properly. There are so many companies exist which produces different products and merchandises that uses unique marketing strategies to make their products ranks higher. One of the leading online stores is working to good on its product Mens Leather Jackets which is the best-selling product you must buy.

It isn’t mandatory what business you do has to be your “top notch passion” or goal for lifetime. It is possible to have multiple likable priorities and small businesses at the same time. But you don’t need to make things complicated by aspiring forcefully or the stuff you don’t really care about, before you even begin to start a business. 

There are few points you need to remember before using Ahrefs. It is an international website who monitors all your website affairs like ranking, keywords and content. First read its glossary so that you will be able to understand it properly. This website owns so many tools which will help you know more about your website plus this fabulous webpage assists you in learning more about search engine optimization, content marketing, uses of backlinks and many more so we strongly recommend you to use Ahrefs in order to learn more about your website.