Younique’s After-Party Glow Will Leave You Wanting More

Running online popup deals is a great technique to increase your sales over the holiday season. This strategy involves boosting your discount or offering an exclusive deal for a limited time, such as increasing a 45 percent off discount to 50 percent off for three to six days only.

People use the internet, particularly Google, to find the greatest presents for their significant others, children, parents, friends, and relatives. You may aid your audience members and attract more buyers by developing gift guides.

Offering something for free is a terrific way to increase sales. People are in the Christmas shopping/spending mood, so providing anything for free will be like a breath of fresh air and may even motivate them to buy from you!

One such company that has adopted these methods in the best way possible is the cosmetics brand, Younique.

What Is Younique?

You’ve probably heard of Younique as they are infamous not only for their cosmetics but also their mission to support women through their business model.

Younique is a multi-level marketing organization established in the United States that sells skincare and beauty goods.

The MLM firm, situated in Lehi, Utah, was launched in 2012 by CEO Derek Maxfield and Co-Founder Melanie Huscroft.

Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, a brother and sister duo, formed Younique intending to make it a mission-driven firm that would finance The Younique Foundation, which assists survivors of childhood sexual trauma to find healing and hope.

Melanie cooperated with her brother to create a whole new direct selling experience. Melanie’s skills in advertising, art, marketing, purchasing, and sales, as well as her passion for fashion and beauty, have helped Younique since its start.

The company takes pleasure in producing items inspired by three things: nature, love, and science.

Through this creative process, Younique has come up with Holiday bundles trending through November and December.

They offer the best deals, right in time for the holidays, so that you can get the makeup geek in your life a range of high-quality products that complement each other and make for the ideal holiday gift.

Holiday Bundle #10

Here are the products that Holiday Bundle #10 will include in Younique’s Holiday sale. Bundle #10 is happening on December 13th-19th.

This particular bundle is called “After-Party Glow,” which starts at $39 and offers savings of up to 32%.

You must order during the first or second day for on-time shipping for Christmas.

Here’s why:

1. Customers who want a dewy foundation look instead of matte will love this cream and powder in one hybrid product. It’s the perfect highlighter for brow line and face.

Younique Touch à la mode Cream to Powder Luminizer, a highlighter with a naturally glowy finish, will let you create your spotlight.

These days, highlighters come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, stick highlighters are unrivaled for strobing on the fly.

No tools are required to apply it directly from the tube. It’s a breeze to combine and overlay this cream/powder highlighter.

And most importantly, they’re portable, easily fitting into your tiniest cosmetic purse or even your pocket. To summarise, strobing sticks are the sole thing you need for naturally dewy skin.

This luminizer is in handy stick packaging, which enables accurate highlighting. It goes on like a cream but has the sensation of powder with a gentle but powerful brightening impact.

2. Something Worth Celebrating may be winding down, but you can still bask in the after-party glow and highlight the holidays ahead with a limited edition YOUNIQUE TOUCH fusion highlighter and a MOODSTRUCK sculpt and style brow pencil.

Get dazzling with the YOUNIQUE TOUCH fusion highlighter’s creamy and highly pigmented texture, which will add just the right amount of radiance to your whole face.

This highlighter gives you a gently iridescent sheen and makes you appear radiant. Its revolutionary recipe adds a silky touch to the face.

Its softening ingredient mix produces an extraordinarily soft and gliding powder that gives a long-lasting sensation of comfort.

It creates a perfect finish with a soft, focused appearance when it touches the skin.

The high pearl concentration aids in the creation of points of light and ensures optimal color release with a buildable effect for all types of makeup, from gentle contouring to a more dramatic impact.

3. MOODSTRUCK sculpt, and style brow pencil is incredibly user-friendly, with a smooth glide-on application. The product applies easily, giving you a very natural, non-overdrawn look.

It’s the greatest eyebrow pencil for making your best face for any occasion. Simply framing your brows will make you appear more alert and professional.

You may appear instantaneously rejuvenated with only one step. The cream is firm enough to pull individual hairs without hurting, and it isn’t oily or shiny.

It also comes in universal shades that match most skin and brow tones, so you will be able to find the perfect match.

4. Increase your savings by adding the all-new YOUNIQUE angled fan brush.

Buy After-Party Glow Now

Holiday Bundle #10 will be available December 13–19, while supplies last. Enjoy up to 32% savings with bundle varieties ranging from $39–$59.

Shopping for your makeup lover, friend, family member, or partner has never been easier than with the Younique Holiday Bundles!

All you need to do is visit Younique’s website and keep your cards ready for the Holiday Bundle #10, After-Party Glow, as soon as it drops!

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