Working from Home – 6 Pieces to Add to Your Office Space

The remote work movement has grown rapidly in recent years. It’s also becoming clear that the semi-independent arrangement is just as productive as the traditional on-site setting, except it’s more beneficial to the workers.

If you’re now working from home, whether employed or self-employed, the first thing you have to prioritize is a fully functional workspace.

While preparing your home office, keep in mind that aesthetics matter. A dull office with bare essentials is going to be just as depressing and all-business as some corporate offices you’ve worked in before.

You may not have complete freedom to arrange an on-site office as you’d wish. But that’s not the case with a home office.

Check out these pieces to add to your home office space for ultimate comfort and productivity:

Repaint the Walls

Have you ever walked into a room and found it somehow off and only realized later that you didn’t like the paint job?

You may find certain colors boring or depressing, and while you can’t change that in someone else’s office, you can do whatever you want with your space.

Basically, your office doesn’t have to be white or sparkly if it’s not your thing. If you like your walls black or green, paint the walls that.

Install an Area Rug

Area rugs aren’t that popular inside offices. These decor pieces are usually associated with the comforts of home and are not part of the professional look of an office.

Well, you no longer have to follow any rules but your own. Considering rugs are beautiful items that can uplift your moods by making your office warm and inviting, get one installed.

While shopping for area rugs, you may want to go for colors and patterns that strike a contrast in your space. You want your office to look and feel interesting and not monotonous.

Rethink Window Treatments

Plain-looking blinds are some of the oldest and most popular window treatments for offices. They do serve their purpose, which is to regulate light and limit distractions.

But you can still create a professional office with more appealing window treatments that have some depth.

Your office design plays a role in determining the window treatment you adopt. Still, if you want to maintain a bit of the traditional office look, patterned roller blinds or wood shutters are great options.

But if you want to experiment with unconventional looks to spruce up your office, try curtains or even drapes.

Install an Artwork

Pieces of art are perfect for bringing a space to life, and since you can’t have too many decorative items in your office, one prominent piece of art will be enough to add texture and create balance.

Any form of art can go on your office wall, from abstract to illustrative pieces. It comes down to your interests. A painting is fantastic, but so is a framed picture, a statue, or decorative mirrors. 

Artwork can be motivational or relaxing. Whatever you choose, make sure it makes your space personal and inviting.

Bring in a Plant

As drab as your workspace may look, a plant can make all the difference.

One of the ways to make your space feel as exciting and lively as the outdoors is to bring in plants. There are all kinds of indoor plants you can set up on your windowsill, on the side of your desk, or elsewhere in a hanging basket.

Plants never disappoint as decorative features, but what makes them valuable is their benefits for your well-being. 

Work can be stressful. Having plants in your space, however, can help you combat stress.

Add a Resting Feature

On-site offices are generally meant for work and nothing but. At times it may feel like you’re trapped in a cube with little to do besides sit in a chair and stare at a screen. 

Well, you need a break, especially the short ones that allow you to brainstorm, take a phone call or just relax without leaving the office.

You could bring in a pouf or hang a swing chair or hammock. These stunning additions provide you with a place to recharge right in your office.

Final Thoughts

An ideal office should be minimalistic without being too plain. It can be a challenge since you’re working with limited options. If you go overboard, your office may end up looking cluttered.

You should be selective with what you add to your workspace, which can mean narrowing down your list to absolute must-haves. Hopefully, our list inspires you to create a stunning home office.