WordPress vs Squarespace for Small Business in 2021

As a start-up or beginner if you want to build a professional website without coding or no-deeper in the technical part then WordPress and Squarespace are the fastest growing platforms that you can use to build a professional website with desired designs. Both the platforms are enriched by advanced features, to help you understand which is best for your website, let’s take a look at Squarespace vs WordPress to see how each provider stacks up.

WordPress.org:- Best CMS for making up complex websites with unique requirements and specs.

Squarespace:- Best for small business or professional blog seeking an affordable and easy-to-use website builder that is highly reliable.

Prime for Price: Squarespace/WordPress

Pricing is one of the prime reasons while discussing WordPress vs Squarespace. As an advantage the WordPress CMS is free, and the Squarespace begins with $12 per month. But, there are various costs involved with WordPress. Actually, the cost of building and maintaining a WordPress site might actually cost you more as it seems because WordPress comes with nothing and you need to purchase your own domain name, SSL certificate and get your own web hosting.

Prime for use: Squarespace/WordPress

When we talked about sites easy to use Squarespace is the first name to use as it was designed to be easy to use and it has been very successful in its mission. It needs zero codings and web design skills. Squarespace alternatives WordPress, you need the experience to build up your own website.

Building up a website with WordPress

WordPress is not user-friendly CMS, and there is a reason why businesses spend lots of money to have WordPress websites developed. And it is impossible to build a professional WordPress website without experience with the help of tools and plugins such as premium themes and page builder plugins.

Building up a website with Squarespace

The advantage of Squarespace is that you can build beautiful websites in a short period of time. Because it is an all-in-one site builder, everything you need is in one place, and its editor is designed to make web design very easy and simple regardless of experience. It comes with more than 100 pre-built templates, broken out by dozen categories so that you can easily find a site that looks the way you want.

Prime for Ecommerce: Squarespace

The process, security, and costs of online stores vary at different levels between Squarespace and WordPress. Anyone can build a professional-looking, secure, and functional online store with WordPress alternatives which is squarespace. With WordPress, only a professional person can build up the website. With Squarespace, you can select a prebuilt eCommerce template with an eCommerce plan to easily build a functional online store for $26 per month and no fees to sell online, beyond the fees your chosen payment processor such as Paypal or Stripe charges. For small businesses, Squarespace is the most reliable and excellent platform to build a website with security.

Prime for functionality: Squarespace

The functionality for WordPress comes down to the level of experience and expertise of the person building it. Squarespace sites always function how you want them to. Because Squarespace sites are created to be nearly foolproof in that if say you make an error in setting up your online payment processor it will highlight this and need you to fix it. With WordPress sites are very fragile and not only are easily broken but frequently broken.

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