Best Tips to Prepare for the Wonderlic Personnel Test

This 50-question pre-employment testing is called the Wonderlic Personnel Test. Due to the short time limit, Wonderlic is a difficult exam to take.

Many job applicants are afraid of Wonderlic, but you don’t have to be. You may practice for Wonderlic and enhance your score. Take a few minutes to examine these recommendations and gain a leg up on your competitors.

Be Aware of Your strength and weakness

The more you practice, the easier it will be to determine the sorts of questions you are most likely to answer correctly. Answer them all as best you can.

In addition, you’ll likely recognize the sorts of questions that are more challenging for you. It’s not uncommon for people to have difficulty with math, reading, or language for a variety of reasons. Move on if you know you’ll need more time to answer a question. To waste time on a question and then decide to move on is a waste of time.

The goal should be excellence, not perfection

Your ultimate objective should be to successfully answer a sufficient number of questions so that you do not get a perfect score. Taking the exam is difficult for most individuals, and even fewer people succeed in completing it and getting all of the questions right. That’s how tough it is!

Only 45% of participants who take the Cognitive Ability Test get the questions right on average. For the great majority of positions, if you manage to get 56% of the answers correct, you are likely to go to the next stage of the hiring process.

Practice tirelessly

Wonderlic is a test that measures. You’ll need to prepare for this exam, just like you would for any other. Practice, as they say, is the key to success.

It’s better to start with a Wonderlic practice exam than to go over random subjects in numerical reasoning and verbal literacy. Doing timed trials can help you get comfortable with the test’s structure and sharpen your ability to manage your time effectively.

Every single one of your questions must be answered.

The full-length Wonderlic exam has an average score of slightly over 21. This suggests that just 42% of the questions are answered correctly by the typical individual. You’re not aiming for perfection, are you? The aim is to rack up the most points possible. Don’t worry about getting every answer correct.

Learn how the Wonderlic test scoring system works.

When you get the right answer, you get one point. Making an educated estimate has no negative consequences. Your ultimate grade is determined by how many of the 50 questions you answered correctly. Guess and move on if you don’t know the answer to a certain question.

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Don’t Waste a Single Second

Make every second count when the big day finally comes. To answer 50 questions in 12 minutes, you have no time to spare. Answering questions as swiftly as possible is critical, so plan your time properly. Making an educated guess about which questions to tackle first and which to keep for later is not an option.

Avoid working down complicated, multi-step equations while attempting the real question. There are just four factors separating a salesperson from an engineer. Skipping around the exam for 10 seconds might save you enough time to add a few more points and significantly improve your score.

A lot of individuals are afraid of the Wonderlic exam. If you fail, you’ll lose your job. This is a critical test. Because of the timing constraints, it is also difficult. To ensure that you’re prepared for the exam, take note of these pointers.