Women’s Football’s Popularity Has Grown in Brazil: Tamires

The world is finally catching up to the headway that women’s sports spirit has made across sports and around the world. A very legible example of this fact comes from Brazil’s women’s football team that recorded a tremendous performance in both the 2015 and 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament editions. So, it is not surprising to know that women’s football has gained a lot of popularity over the last decade.

Here are excerpts from the interview between FIFA.com and Brazilian left-back footballer Tamires Cássia Dias Gomes, best known by her mononymous name Tamires.

Tamires’ Thoughts on the Profession

Tamires is 33 years old, which makes her one of the oldest footballers to be around. She says that age has given her an upper edge when it comes to handling emotions and dealing with stress. Sure, the body ages when you get old, but you also learn a lot of psychological skills to beat the odds. Having a strong mental balance while playing is super important, according to Tamires who also plays for the Corinthians, a Brazil-based football club.

Tamires has been a left-back most of her career, but she also loves to play forward and be in the middle field sometimes when she plays for the Seleção.

Tamires thinks highly of her contemporaries and other teams in the local Brazilian league football club circles. She talks about Arthur Elias, Avai Kindermann, and other contemporaries who have together helped the sport be on the world map. Till a few years ago, the world used to go gaga over men’s football matches and tournaments, but that is changing rapidly now. With more women’s sports matches happening around the world and being telecast, people are learning and talking more about them.

According to her, other than the Corinthians, Avai Kindermann, Internacional, Ferroviaria, Santos, Sao Paulo Palmeiras are highly able teams who can take the trophy anytime now.

Talking About Her Family

It is popular news that Tamires took a long sabbatical when she became a mom in 2011. She took time to care for her son, Bernardo, and focus on her marital life while she was away. But now that she’s back, all her focus is on the sport.

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When Tamires first started to go out for football, her son would not approve of it. But then he apparently realized his mother’s love and commitment to the sport and began to warm up to the idea of football. “At first, when I returned to playing football from being a mum, he felt it a bit, he didn’t want to know about football. But then he began understanding it and liking football, enjoying going to the stadiums,” she told FIFA.com.

Women’s Football in Brazil

It may come as a surprise but Tamires reminds that football was banned for women in Brazil between 1941 and 1979. She talks about the legends of Sissi and Pretinha who showed her the way and made her want to be a footballer. The 2004 Olympics was another turning point in women’s football betting in Brazilwhere the girls snatched the runner’s up position. But Tamires stresses that women’s football rarely got the recognition that it deserved, which is finally changing.

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“The Pan-American Games in 2007 – 70,000 in the Maracana for the final against the United States. That was a huge moment. I think the Women’s World Cup last year gave a big boom to women’s football. We went from having one reporter covering our matches to having this immense visibility. That was another wow moment. It’s helped rocket the popularity of women’s football in Brazil, but it’s important that we continue growing the sport year by year,” she quips as she hopes for the women’s faction to scale many more heights in the future. The world, the society, and the press taking women’s sports seriously is a definite positive sign, Tamires signs off.

Lastly, when asked who she thinks should be the FIFA best women footballer, she replied with a grin on her face and put her bets on Delphine Cascarino or Vivianne Miedema. Announced on 17 December, Lucy Bronze was given the honor.

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