Win an iPhone 13 128GB and Airtime Top-up with ACE Money Transfer & AZA Finance

The Ghanaian expatriates have a chance to win one of four brand-new iPhone 13 (128 GB) and an airtime top-up of 10 Cedi for the beneficiaries if they send money to Ghana to AZA Finance through ACE Money Transfer from the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Switzerland. 

ACE Money Transfer and AZA Finance, one of Ghana’s most significant financial institutions with a reach in 115+ countries worldwide, have partnered to launch a campaign to reward their valued customers. 

The campaign is valid from September 1st till the 30th. If you make a transaction to Ghana using these two channels from the listed countries during the entire month of September, you stand a chance to win the prize. 

Background in perspective

Ghana is the world’s 75th largest African economy, with a nominal GDP of $74.26 billion. The country’s economic distress forces about 3.5 million Ghanaian expatriates to live in other countries for work.

Estimates suggest that about 600,000 households depend entirely on remittances, whose volume in 2020 was $4.29 billion and projected to exceed $4.50 billion in 2022.

Remittances help the Ghanaian expatriates and their respective families to a) eradicate poverty, b) ensure a decent financial living and c) afford quality education for their children either at home or abroad. 

The campaign details 

In September 2022, any transaction to AZA Finance in Ghana through ACE Money Transfer from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland will qualify for the campaign and subsequent lucky draws. Sending 1,000 Cedi or more will help your recipient win a free airtime top-up of 10 Cedi on each transaction.

This campaign is valid for Ghanaian expatriates who send money to Ghana online to AZA Finance through ACE Money Transfer only.

Making many transactions daily will increase your chances of success instead of making several transactions in one day, as they will be counted as one. 

The dates for the four lucky draws will be announced and conveyed to the participants soon. 

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Necessary steps to follow to secure your participation

  • All paid transfers to AZA Finance in Ghana through ACE Money Transfer will qualify for the campaign.
  • The promotion’s validity stretches from the 1st of September till the 30th.
  • The prizes include four iPhone 13 (128 GB) and an airtime top-up of 10 Cedi. 
  • A total of 4 winners will be selected through 4 lucky draws to be held at ACE Money Transfer’s office. 
  • This offer is valid for the customers of ACE Money Transfer, barring its employees. 
  • Calls and emails will be the mediums used to inform winners. 
  • If a winner does not show up within 7 days of contact, the company will conduct a redraw to nominate another winner. 
  • ACE Money Transfer bears no responsibility whatsoever if a winner becomes liable to pay taxes for winning the prize.       
  • Processing of prizes will be done within the tax regulations of the concerned country if these apply. 
  • The company can hold or redo the entire process if it finds any transaction doubtful or violating company policies. 
  • Winners’ identities can be used for marketing, inspirational or promotional purposes. 
  • Prizes can neither be transferred nor cashed. 
  • The company reserves the right to change the dates of the lucky draws, verify the processing of prize distribution or reset the conditions for reasons it deems appropriate, and its decisions shall be binding on all. 

Send money to Ghana online and win exciting prizes

Going to ACE Money Transfer for a money transfer to Ghana will be beneficial as the transactions are fee-free! Besides, you will get speed, competitive currency exchange rates, wider and 24*7 service availability, and safety.

All you need to do is to follow the steps above and ensure your remittances initiate with ACE Money Transfer and land in AZA Finance in Ghana to stand a fair chance of winning a brand-new iPhone 13 (128 GB) and airtime of 10 Cedi.